Thursday, December 7, 2023

Overcoming the Trauma of Generational Toxicity

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

There are millions of African Americans and others in this country suffering from the trauma of generational toxicity. Most of us are too busy trying to "make it" in society than believe we have been severely traumatized by depending on generational beliefs. 

Regardless of whether we recognize it or not, the trauma of generational toxicity impacts us in ways we don't realize or understand. We find it difficult to identify trauma on our own. It seems causally untraceable to any known problems facing us. 

Most of us live with trauma without ever identifying it as a problem. Nevertheless, it is as life-threatening as COVID-19. It kills the freedom in us. 

Meanwhile, unlike COVID-19, we don't prioritize it as an illness. We believe the symptoms of violence, anger, poverty, self-hatred, dependency, and so on, exist because of race and color and environmental issues. 

Whenever we seek answers for overcoming our societal behavioral problems, trauma is not identified as a problem.  We believe our current problems are not new because we have been dealing with these types of problems for generations.  So, like previous generations, we seek solutions from others, rather than ourselves.  

Many African Americans, and others suffering from generational trauma, are in denial about the pernicious effect it has on how we think and live. We are also waiting on others to tell us it is a problem, before we treat it as one. 

Most of us believe psychology, psychiatry, and theology can effectively treat our trauma. We, unfortunately, cannot depend on traditional science and religion to cure our trauma, because they deal with generalized trauma.  

We must cure ourselves with treatments that focus directly on overcoming our attachment to the trauma of generational toxicity.  There is an inner-mind philosophy treatment that focuses on African Americans, and others taught beliefs of generational toxicity. 

Enlightenism is the new inner-mind philosophy of self-acquired intuitive knowledge. The power of the mind to discover Unconditioned Consciousness.     

Unconditioned Consciousness is both universal and individual. It is the power and clarity to recognize our dependency on past beliefs as the cause of our trauma. And to understand how to overcome these beliefs and stop embodying them as our own. 

When we understand the Consciousness within, we can perceive ourselves and experiences without relying on others' interpretations. We know we created our trauma by identifying with past experiences of trauma and imagining ourselves experiencing the same trauma.

What we think about who we are and our relationship to others determines our trauma. When we use Enlightenism to change the way we think and live, then our trauma will no longer exist.

To learn more about Enlightenism Consciousness and the power of the mind, I recommend you read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes."

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Overcoming our Dependency on Others

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

I am Consciousness. I create all my awareness of beings. I am always greater than my creations.

We are divinely born with Consciousness and powerful minds. When we forget our divine birthright, we condition our Consciousness to create powerless minds. 

There are two Consciousness within us. The first is unconditioned Consciousness. The second is conditioned Consciousness. One is the Greater Power of God while the other is powerless and toxic. 

Many don't realize that Consciousness is the source of their power. They have been taught by others to believe The Greater Power of God exists outside of them. So, they look toward the stars in search of this power. Unfortunately, they have never found God in the stars.

When we accept the Greater Power of God within us, we search and discover the power existing in us as Consciousness. Consciousness is an invisible power that's whole, perfect, and complete. It is formless, colorless, and faceless, which we cannot see with human eyes or mechanical instruments. 

When the powerless victims of toxicity hear that they already have the power, they distrust the information. They react with a barrage of doubts about God existing in a way different from what others taught them in toxicity.

Toxic interpretations come from those living in the past. We are living in the present with the Greater Power of God. We don't need others to teach us how to understand this power based on their interpretations of hearsay information. In other words, they teach us about God of the past, because they don't believe we're capable of having direct knowledge of God in the present. 

When we depend on others to teach us about Consciousness, we remain victims of their interpretations. When we stop depending on others to interpret God for us, we begin interpreting Consciousness for ourselves.

We cannot allow toxic interpretations to destroy our power to exist freely in the present. When we let go of the past, we let go of others' interpretations of it. We must let go of past beliefs and create a new way to think and live in the present. 

The present is where we're feeling powerless because of past experiences. And it's in the present that we must let go of past experiences and create a new way to think and live. 

I don't believe in the past, nor do I believe I must rely on the past to live in the present. I have the power to change my awareness of who I am to a more powerful awareness.  

When we're willing to let go of the past and our dependency on it for power, we're ready to work with self-acquired intuitive knowledge. Self-acquired intuitive knowledge leads us to the Consciousness of Truth, which reveals itself as the Greater Power of God.

Self-acquired intuitive knowledge reveals that there's no distance between you and the Greater Power of God. In other words, God is not separated from you by great distance.   It's important to know that by removing the distance between God and us, we stop begging, hoping, and wishing for God to answer our prayers. We know that we're one with the Power we seek.

When you experience this knowledge for yourself, you can never return to depending on others' interpretations about the Greater Power of God. You will have direct knowledge of the Consciousness of Truth.

To learn more about Consciousness and the powers of mind, I recommend you read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes."

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Shining Light on the Illusions

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

I am free in my Consciousness. No one has the power to take my freedom from me. 

Millions are powerless because they believe in illusions. I don't believe in illusions. 

Illusions exist only in toxicity. They have no power over my awareness of being the greater power.

The powerless are powerless because of illusions. 

Many believe the illusions are greater than themselves. The illusions appear stronger because we have forgotten we created them with our beliefs.

When we shine light on the illusions, we deny them power over us. We're no longer afraid of lack, limitation, and struggle.  

When we see the truth, we can no longer deny its existence. The truth reveals itself as Consciousness. 

The Consciousness of Truth is whole, perfect, and complete. It's colorless, faceless, and formless.

The power of visualization and imagination is all I need to create a powerful mind. A powerful mind is the gateway to self-acquired intuitive knowledge and Consciousness.

Self-acquired intuitive knowledge is the power to know the truth. The power to know the truth overcomes our beliefs that toxicity is the truth. 

Toxicity's truth makes us powerless victims. Toxicity teaches us how to compare ourselves to others and how to judge ourselves as less than the great ones. We glorify the dead as examples to follow and compare ourselves to.  

When we discover that Consciousness is the source of self-acquired intuitive knowledge, we stop searching in the illusions for the truth about who we are. We overcome our beliefs in illusions. 

We know that we're greater than our current awareness of being. 

We know we're greater than the past because the present reveals itself as the truth. 

We know that we are divinely created with powerful minds. 

We know that Consciousness is greater than toxicity. 

We know that freedom exists in our Consciousness. 

We know that with this new knowledge, we can create a new way to think and live.


To learn more about the powers of mind and Consciousness, I recommend you read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes."

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

"Seek, and you Shall Find"

 "I am greater than the I that I created." 

Working in the mind is challenging for most of us. Many judge the mind's power based on what's in it. In other words, how much we know about Psychology, Philosophy, and other fields of knowledge determine our power. 

When our pain becomes unbearable, we distrust our powers to overcome it. When this happens, we typically seek solutions from someone we believe is more knowledgeable about how the mind works.

Sometimes we try to run from our pain.  "Move on." "Forget about it." Regardless of how hard we try; we cannot forget what we learned in toxicity.  

Generational toxicity, passed on to us by our parents and society, taught us to seek pleasure and ignore pain. They taught us that focusing too much on understanding our pain will cause depression. Depression causes us to seek refuge in drugs, alcohol, anger, and other illusory toxins. 

Most of us are victims of generational toxicity and don't realize it. We pretend that toxicity is harmless because it comes from a history that excludes us. In other words, we were not slaves or slaveowners. 

Regardless of our beliefs, toxicity is deadly. It kills power and clarity. Toxicity reinforces beliefs about running from pain and seeking pleasure from new people, places, and things. Some examples of this toxic mindset: We seek pleasure from unhappy jobs with vacations, we buy new houses, jewelry, expensive clothes, and begin new intimate relationships in efforts to make us feel better.   

The benefits of working in the mind are invaluable for achieving power and clarity about how to use Consciousness to overcome toxicity.  Consciousness is self-acquired intuitive knowledge. Self-acquired intuitive knowledge frees the mind of toxicity and our dependency on it as the primary source of power.

Generational toxicity is the source of our pain, but it's not the freedom from it.  Enlightenism is the freedom we seek from toxicity. With Enlightenism Consciousness, we are empowered with unstoppable power and clarity. At this level of Consciousness, no one can stop us from expressing freedom in all aspects of our lives.

When we elevate our Consciousness with self-acquired intuitive knowledge, we know that what we seek is within our minds. We also clearly understand the statement, "seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened unto you." 

Many believe this statement is a metaphor for seeking God and asking him to let us into the special place he has prepared for us to live pain-free lives.  We want something magical to make our pain disappear from our minds. 

When we go beyond the metaphorical interpretations with self-acquired intuitive knowledge, we discover why we try so hard to run from our pain. We also understand why we're afraid to go deeper into the mind. 

Many who work in the mind, continue to use toxic beliefs to try to go deeper into the Consciousness of Truth. They, unfortunately, don't understand that toxicity cannot enter into the Consciousness of Truth.    Toxicity keeps us searching for the door, but never finding it. 

When the mind is cleansed of generational toxicity, the metaphorical door will open without a knock because we have the Self-acquired Intuitive Knowledge key that opens it. 

To learn more about Consciousness, you can read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes."

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Friday, July 28, 2023

How to Create a Free Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

Self-acquired intuitive knowledge is Consciousness of Truth. Self-acquired intuitive knowledge is also the Consciousness that is greater than human knowledge. 

The truth about us is that we are born free of societal labels. Others -- parents and society -- teach us to believe we are of a certain race, color, and so on. And when we accept these beliefs, we nurture them into a powerless mindset. 

Powerlessness is not caused by God but by toxic beliefs. Toxicity affirms our trust in societal labels. The greater our trust in societal labels, the less we trust intuitive consciousness.

When we are blinded by toxicity, we lack the clarity to perceive a power that's greater than toxicity. The darkness from toxicity overwhelms the mind with doubts about who we are. The doubts are responsible for the distrust we have about ourselves.

We learn to trust ourselves again by unlearning toxicity. When we unlearn toxicity, we achieve the light from intuitive consciousness that reveals the truth about who we are without labels. This light is the clarity that guides us on our intuitive consciousness journey.

A free mind is created by self-acquired intuitive knowledge. Intuitive knowledge frees the mind of toxicity and the sense-certainty of societal labels.  When our minds are free, we are unstoppable in achieving our goals. Our imagination is free to express the limitless new ideas in Consciousness. 

Intuitive knowledge is different from sense-certainty knowledge. With intuitive knowledge we teach ourselves to live with labels-free minds. Our minds are free of victimhood and powerlessness. 

A free mind express only the power and clarity from intuitive consciousness. Victimhood and powerlessness cannot exist in a free mind because there's no darkness for them to hide. 

Nevertheless, many powerless individuals dream about having free minds. They, unfortunately, cannot achieve this mindset. So, their dreams die in toxicity. 

Now is the time to stop dreaming and start working towards creating a free mind.

A free mind is achievable by everyone with a mind. All that's required is for you to unlearn toxicity and embrace self-acquired intuitive knowledge. The power we have been dreaming about is achieved with a free mind. 

A free mind exists only in Consciousness. We must use the intuitive knowledge from this Consciousness to create a new way to think and live. 

To learn more about "How to Create a Free Mind," you can read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes."

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Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Unstoppable Power of a Free Mind

Self-acquired knowledge is unstoppable power. We are greater than what others taught us to believe about ourselves.

We are not divinely created powerless, but with the unstoppable power of free minds. The more we believe in others, the more we believe in their power. After a while, we believe we must seek power from them.

When we rely on others to teach us about acquiring power, we continue to search outside for power. We focus on pleading and begging others to share their power with us. It is only when we decide to focus on achieving power from ourselves that we search within our minds for the power. 

When we search in our minds for power, we discover something alien to what others taught us about power. We discover self-acquired knowledge. The knowledge we were born with.  

Self-acquired knowledge exists in a special place in our minds. It's a space cleansed of others' beliefs and values. 

When we perceive ourselves without toxic descriptions, we understand how to let go of our dependency on others. We stop pleading with them to teach us how to achieve powerful minds. We also stop analyzing their behavior and stop trying to make them act the way we want them to.

Working in the mind is a lonely adventure with remarkable rewards. Our minds contain so much untapped knowledge and power. Things that are unimaginable to toxic minds.  

We are unaccustomed to having powerful minds that are greater than the powerless ones we have been using all our lives. Yet this is what you discover with self-acquired knowledge.

When we quiet our minds of outside chatter, we experience the knowledge that we were born with powerful minds. This is our awareness of being someone different than what others taught us to believe. We are now experiencing the death of powerlessness. 

Powerlessness must die in order for self-acquired knowledge to work in the mind. When the powerless victim dies, we can birth self-acquired knowledge.  

In other words, we must cleanse the mind of powerlessness and replace it with beliefs created by self-acquired knowledge. The light from self-acquired knowledge makes it uncomfortable for powerlessness to exist in us. We are shining too much light for powerlessness to hide.

We know with self-acquired knowledge that powerlessness is comfortable living in darkness. So, when we remove the darkness, there's no place for powerlessness to exist. 

The powerless mind doesn't die easily. Powerlessness continues to search for light in others. 

We must cleanse the powerless mind daily with self-acquired knowledge.   Self-acquired knowledge is the only way to stop us from searching for power in others. 

The truth is that we are born whole, perfect, and complete. We are born with powerful minds and unstoppable power. No one can stop us from expressing our power, except our toxic beliefs.

When we discover this immutable truth about power, we have acquired self-acquired knowledge. We have acquired the unstoppable power of a free mind. 

Self-acquired knowledge reminds us to never forget we are born with powerful, unstoppable minds.  

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes" to learn more about Enlightenism and Self-Acquired Knowledge.

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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Things our Parents and Society Didn't Teach us

 "I am greater than the I that I created. "

We are not divinely created as victims.  We are divinely created with a powerful mind. 

A powerful mind is not a goal to achieve, it is something we already possess, but fail to recognize. When we recognize that the greater power is the mind, we stop treating it like a stranger.

"To develop your mind to express great power, you must first repair the estranged relationship between your illusion-ridden mind and your freethinking mind. 

"Anyone who has become victimized by the illusions feels powerless to think of himself or herself as being greater than the illusions. The illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle are very powerful when they interfere with your actions to change the way you think and live. "

Our Parents and Society taught us a system of thought that's designed to victimize us. They, unfortunately, believed it was to mitigate our suffering and improve our chances for success. Nevertheless, the system of thought only taught us to distrust our divine power to create a new system of thought.

The more we learned about the greatness of others, the less we learned about the powerful mind we were born with. The greater our trust in others, the greater our victimization. 

The powerless victimized mind cannot find the power to overcome the illusions distorting reality. When the mind is overwhelmed with illusions, reality is an illusion and a illusion is reality. 

The less we know about inner-mind power, the greater our faith in the sense-certainty of illusions. Many have great faith, but little or no power. Faith without power is an illusion. 

We are responsible for the conditions in our lives. Regardless of the information our parents and society taught us, we have the power to unlearn the information and create a new system of thought. 

The faith legacy we inherited from previous generations is a stumbling block we must overcome. Faith in illusions retards our inquisitiveness and willingness to work in the mind. 

Trust in the greater power of the mind releases us from the sense-certainty of illusions. Trust also frees the mind to understand how to use self-acquired knowledge and clarity to create a new awareness of being. 

When we use self-acquired knowledge and clarity to work in the mind, we understand how the mind creates a powerful mind and a powerless one.  We are working to understand the mind, not control it.

When we understand how the mind works, we understand the causal relationship between powerlessness and powerful. The cause and effect of powerlessness and powerful come from the mind. 

"After a while, and with years of mindless actions, it's easy to forget that your mindless, seemingly innocuous actions, are representations of what you think of yourself."

Meanwhile, we can unlearn what others taught us. The unlearning process begins with Enlightenism.

The first three principles of the Enlightenism philosophy represent the self-acquired knowledge and clarity to overcome generational toxicity. They also represent a new mindset for those who seek a powerful mind.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life.

I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life.

I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values. 

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes" to learn more about Enlightenism and Self-Acquired Knowledge.

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Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Path to a Free Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created." 

The path to a free mind is self-acquired knowledge and clarity. The mind is free when you cleanse it of generational toxicity. 

When you work in the mind, this doesn't mean you control the mind. You are working to understand how the mind causes you to think and act, and how you became powerless.

When you accept that consciousness is the mind, you understand consciousness is the greater power you've been searching for in toxicity. It also is the power you already possess. 

When you discover that you already possess the greater power, you stop believing it's a goal not yet achieved.  You have already achieved this power; all you need to do is reconnect and use the power to change how you think and live.   

The work to change your life is a personal decision. It's one that requires you to be a willing participant.  Change is not magical; it takes time to cleanse the mind of generational toxicity.   In other words, you must participate in the emancipation of your mind.

The greater power is Enlightenism.

    "Enlightenism is a 21st Century holistic philosophy about self-acquired knowledge and clarity of the mind. When I began my work in consciousness, I wondered if I could ever overcome what others had taught me about power and my worthiness to possess it. This inquisitiveness led me on a journey through the deepest realms of consciousness within me. I felt like so many who sought solutions to overcome their problems but didn't know where to look.

    "My first instinct was to do what I had always done and ask someone to tell me what to do. I didn't think of myself as being powerful or knowledgeable to solve my problems. It's a powerless feeling to want power and don't know where to find it. ...

        "I am sharing insights with you from my work that led me to Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the colorless, faceless, and formless unconditioned consciousness within you and me. You may have heard others refer to it as the spirit or greater power. ...

"Regardless of how Enlightenism is described by others, if you want to know how it works, then you must discover it for yourself. I am defining it as unconditioned consciousness. 

    "When you stop accepting yourself based on race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education, you will discover that you're naturally whole, perfect, and complete. In other words, you're nothing like the person you've been cultivating all your life."

The path to a free mind is the self-acquired knowledge and clarity of Enlightenism.

Quotes are from my book, "Enlightenism."

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes" to learn more about Enlightenism and Self-Acquired Knowledge.

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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Power to Overcome the Social Construct Mindset

 Self-acquired knowledge and clarity comes from within the mind. 

You must be a willing participant to change your life. There are no magical solutions to overcome powerlessness without your participation.

Many try to change their lives by faith alone. Some believe faith in toxic beliefs produce freedom. While many others believe we can only do so much to change the conditions in our lives. They also believe powerlessness is a way of life for the victims of the social construct.

The inner cities in our country are filled with people of great faith and little power. Their lack of power comes from their faith in the sense-certainty that others have taught them the truth. Moreover, their lack of awareness about self-acquired knowledge and clarity prevents them from understanding they were taught illusory beliefs.    

The illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle are too powerful for them to overcome. So, they give up on knowledge and clarity and replace them with faith.  

        "Human illusions appear the moment you accept human limitations. Once you perceive the world as greater than you are, you focus your thoughts on survival, not on achieving empowerment and conquering the world.

        "Human survival is an illusion, which draws its power from human guides. The guides (parents, teachers, and society) teach you that they have the knowledge and clarity you need, which cause you to depend on them for your freedom.

        "No, you have the knowledge and clarity within your consciousness. Look for it; it's there."

Most powerless believers think and live with socially constructed beliefs. They accept human limitations as part of their faith in a greater power. Many don't realize the power they already have with Enlightenism. 

Enlightenism is a greater power that exists in your mind. When you search within the mind, you discover this power and clarity. You also discover that you're changing, letting go of your dependence on others for power and clarity. 

        "Sometimes we become confused about who we are because we are changing our beliefs, conditioning our thoughts to function in a new, higher level of awareness. I call this new awareness God Access Process, or GAP, consciousness.

        "GAP consciousness is a transitional state of consciousness one enters into after several years of disciplined self-discovery. You enter into GAP consciousness when you become uncomfortable being victimized by human illusions."

We need more than faith, hope, and a desire to overcome a socially constructed mindset. We need the self-acquired knowledge and clarity of Enlightenism to overcome this mindset.

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "Let There Be Life" to learn more about Enlightenism and Self-Acquired Knowledge.

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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Self-Acquired Knowledge Overcomes Powerlessness

We are divinely created with the limitless power of imagination. The indefatigable power of imagination can transform powerlessness into power. 

Who are you aware of being? Do you believe you possess limitless power or that you're powerless to overcome what others taught you? 

Regardless of your answer, there are millions powerless in our society. They are hidden from us. They live in the places (mind) where we are afraid to go. So, we never see them face-to-face. We only see them as they want us to. 

Who are these people? How did they become powerless victims?

Most powerless victims are in denial and don't understand powerlessness. They believe powerlessness is determined by race, education, religion, and status. These are beliefs passed on to them from previous generations.

We don't pay much attention to how these beliefs impact us, because we now claim them as our own. Similarly, it's difficult for us to criticize our parents and others for teaching us these beliefs.

When we desire to change, we must first understand we are responsible for our own powerlessness. We cannot blame our parents and society for powerlessness. They taught us what others taught them. 

The primary thing we can do for ourselves is to let go of these toxic beliefs. We can stop believing in illusions and giving them power to keep us powerless. 

Illusions of racism, poverty, illiteracy, self-hatred, and so on, cause you pain. Our fate is determined by these beliefs. When we change our beliefs, we create a new fate. 

Whatever the mind creates, the mind can uncreate. The key to understanding how to create new beliefs begins with dissecting the mind. 

Dissecting the mind is not magical. Dissecting the mind requires knowledge and clarity. The knowledge and clarity that comes from a self-acquired philosophy of Enlightenism. 

Enlightenism is a philosophy of direct knowledge and clarity of the Self. 

Enlightenism exists in a realm of consciousness that's free of powerlessness. So, regardless of what others taught you, you can overcome these beliefs with Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the knowledge and clarity you need to overcome powerlessness. 

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism. 

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Clarity to Distinguish Between Illusion and Reality

 The illusion of victimization imprisons the mind in a cycle of endless pain. We are constantly searching for answers to overcome our pain. Most of us never find the answers. We give up and accept pain as part of our culture.  

Some search within for answers. They discover we are not divinely created as victims. 

We are divinely created whole, perfect, and complete. We are created with Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the clarity to distinguish between illusion and reality.  With clarity, we let go of past generations' beliefs. We stop relying on others to define who we are.

When we rely on others, we intrinsically distrust ourselves.   Distrust of inner-mind power is the cause of powerlessness. 

Powerlessness is victimization. Victimization is a disease of the mind. And as victims, we feel helpless to overcome the pain of never-ending powerlessness.

When we feel powerless, we lose our clarity to distinguish between illusion and reality. We perceive life from a prism of eternal darkness. 

When the darkness prevents you from overcoming pain, trust Enlightenism to guide you. Enlightenism overcomes pain with clarity. 

When the darkness disappears, the victim seeks a new sanctuary. The victim's beliefs die in the light.

Many try to keep the victim alive with victimization. Victimization is the only philosophy they know. 

There is another philosophy other than victimization. This new philosophy is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is a philosophy of direct knowledge and clarity.  Enlightenism is a philosophy for overcoming generational illusions. 

Enlightenism is a new spiritual awareness.

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

Cleanse the Mind of Toxicity

 Trust the power in you to overcome the pain in you. Unlock your mind with clarity.

Change your consciousness, change your life.

Many are fearful of change. They have closed minds.  When we close our minds to new ideas, we're victimized by toxicity. 

Toxic beliefs are illusions passed to us from past generations. Generational victimization is an illusion masquerading as reality.  It is an illusion that you overcome with Enlightenism. 

I created Enlightenism to overcome generational victimization. I couldn't accept that we're divinely created as victims.  

I also couldn't accept the beliefs that we must endure intense pain all our lives. 

When we search for solutions within, we let go of the victim's belief system. We know others taught us to think and live as victims. 

When you're ready to search within the mind for solutions, you'll discover a new way to think and live. You discover Enlightenism. 

Self-discovery is the gateway to freedom. It is the consciousness that frees the mind of generational victimization.  

You must trust Enlightenism to guide you in self-discovery. Regardless of what you hear and see, you must trust Enlightenism absolutely.  

The pain you feel doesn't come from Enlightenism, but from your unwillingness to let go of toxic beliefs.  When you trust Enlightenism, letting go of toxicity becomes easier to do.  

Enlightenism illumines the mind to see that generational victimization is toxicity. Toxicity is the source of our pain. 

We don't have to live with toxic pain.  Enlightenism is a pain-free life.   

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Trust the Power in You

 Trust the power in you to overcome the pain in you.

One of the scariest and most difficult challenges we face is ourselves. We're demonstrably afraid to look in our minds.  

The source of our pain is our minds. When we condition our minds with toxic beliefs, we empower them to create pain. We victimize ourselves.

On the road to clarity, you perceive insights to overcome pain. You discover pain is an interpretation of your awareness of being. Our interpretations, unfortunately, are illusions.

The illusion of pain is intense. We typically find it unbearable. When it reaches this level of intensity, an unbearable level, it becomes a boogeyman. 

The boogeyman is frightening to children. They are frightened of an illusion that doesn't exist. 

When we become adults, the boogeyman illusions continue to frighten us. We seek succor from society.   

The mind has the power to heal itself. This self-healing process requires us to let go of our fears. We must be unafraid of what's in our minds. 

I developed the Enlightenism philosophy to assist me and others with overcoming pain. In my case, pain from toxic victim beliefs.   

I sought a way to overcome the pain of victimization. The Enlightenism philosophy provided me with the clarity to do this. 

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Spiritual Realism

When we live as victims for too long, we believe it's clarity. Victims even believe religion is separate from secularism.  

When we lack the clarity to understand religion and secular dualism, we remain confused about who we are. In other words, which belief system is our priority? 

Many try to condition their lives with this separatism illusion.  Some convince themselves to believe one is superior to the other. Yet we remain undeniably unconscious victims of secularism. 

Whenever we try to deny our secularism, we keep religion in our secular rituals. 

When we're eating dinner, attending a political event, or killing someone with a lethal injection of poison, we seek God's blessings. We cannot shake the feeling that God is watching us.

The purpose of  Enlightenism is to provide us with clarity. This philosophical approach to understanding dualism is vital to our freedom. The freedom and clarity to stop playing secular games with spiritual realism.  

Spiritual realism is not a game or subordinate power to secularism. Spiritual realism is unconditioned consciousness. It is always the greater power.  

Unconditioned consciousness is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the clarity to discern the difference between spiritual and secular beliefs. Enlightenism removes the veil of doubt about the greater power. When we remove the doubt, we know it's unconditioned consciousness.

When we know the greater power is consciousness, we know religion and secularism are not separated. We also know which one is the greater of the two. When we know this, we're no longer victims of this dualism. 

When we let go of the sense-certainty that religion and secularism are separated, we trust our clarity to guide us to freedom.  Most of us are too tired to engage in inner-mind warfare.  We have given up. 

Our war-weary minds remind us of the lost battles with secularism. The lost battles against secularism are not permanent. 

We have to find the will to recapture our minds. Regardless of how we feel, we must preserve until freedom is achieved. 

When we trust Enlightenism, we are guided by clarity. We know dualism is an illusion. 

We can never give up on Enlightenism. This is our connection to unconditioned consciousness. 

Many of us are confused because we don't want to change our beliefs. We believe the current system of thought works.  

We're afraid to believe religion is the greater power. We abhor thoughts of being compared to Middle Eastern countries. 

Many believe we cannot exist without secularism. When we understand spiritual realism, we know it's a greater power.

We then know we have the power and clarity to transcend the confusion between spirituality and secularism. We also know that with unfettered clarity, we can create a society that expresses this clarity. 

When we change our consciousness with clarity, we free the mind of toxicity.  

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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Sunday, January 15, 2023

How to fix the Mess in your Life

 The path to clarity is traveled in the mind. It's a clear path free of darkness. Darkness causes pain. 

When your pain becomes unbearable, turn inward for the light to treat it. You will discover the cause of your pain is inside the mind. 

Many find it difficult to search for solutions in consciousness.  We are too frightened by the cesspool of toxic beliefs. . We perceive too many failures and regrets in toxicity.

Most victims peek briefly into the mind. They find toxicity too daunting.  So they stop and return to their toxic lifestyles. 

When you give up on freedom, you maintain the status quo of victimization. You learn to live with pain.

Many believe pain is divinely created by God.  There is nothing divine about pain. 

Our pain is caused by toxic beliefs. When you overcome toxicity, you will notice changes in your pain levels.  

Enlightenism is a philosophy that's greater than your pain.  Enlightenism is the power that turns pain into clarity. 

Clarity illumines the mind to perceive causes and effects. Clarity changes how pain impacts you.

Clarity provides you with pain-free moments. 

When we experience pain-free moments, we know it's possible to extend their duration. Daily meditations focused on freedom provide this succor.    

Many are unwilling to work on themselves. They scoff at daily meditations. 

Those who desire freedom don't dismiss Enlightenism meditations. They believe in the efficacy of meditations to overcome pain.

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms:  "I acknowledge I am responsible for the current conditions in my life." When you accept responsibility for your pain, you stop blaming others.  

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms: "I acknowledge my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life."

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms: "I acknowledge I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms: "I acknowledge that for me to change my beliefs and values, I must first be willing to enter into self-discovery."

Self-discovery is where you learn how to work with Enlightenism. Self-discovery is where you dissolve toxicity.   

Self-discovery is where your thoughts become one with Enlightenism.  You become the gatekeeper of your mind. The gatekeeper decides which beliefs enter the mind and which ones don't. 

A disciplined toxic-free mind affirms you as the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper focuses on fulfilling the desires of Enlightenism.

When the mind is toxic-free, the victim dies in clarity.  When the victim dies, so does your pain.   

Enlightenism is a philosophical approach to achieving freedom. 

Please, read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn how to use Enlightenism.

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