Thursday, May 26, 2022

Are Your Beliefs Working for You?

 Are your beliefs working for you? Are you pain-free?

I am sharing Enlightenism insights on how to overcome pain. Enlightenism is the greater power. This is all the power you need to overcome pain.

The trouble with pain is we don't know how to get rid of it. Pain is not only treatable but curable. Enlightenism is the cure.

When you live with pain for too long, you forget its origins. You forget the mind is the source of pain. 

Many feel victimized, neglected, and imprisoned in an endless cycle of pain. This cycle of pain impacts how you think and live.

Enlightenism is a problem-solving philosophy. You can change your life with this belief system. 

For Enlightenism to work in your life, you must be committed to change.

I'm defining change as the transcendence of the powerless belief system. 

The autodidact mind is the essence of change. This is the mindset that produces clarity and self-enlightenment. 

You are a victim because of your beliefs. When you transcend victim beliefs, you free the mind of dependency on sense-certainty.

The mind confirms what you believe. 

Most of us feel powerless because this is what we're accustomed to. We struggle with lack and limitation because of our belief system. 

The toxic belief system produces suffering from lack and limitation.

We suffer because we lack the power to not suffer.

I am sharing Enlightenism insights with you to overcome beliefs of suffering. When the victim's mindset is cleared of toxicity, the suffering disappears.

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Repairing the Toxic Mind with Enlightenism

 The truth about who I am is determined by my mind. 

Every now and then, we have to do some repair work on our minds. The long-term damages from toxicity are deleterious. 

I recommend repairing the mind daily with Enlightenism. Daily insights to cleanse the mind of doubts will produce unbelievable results in your life. You will not only feel great, but you will also feel successful. 

When we reach the point in our lives where we stop trying to repair or solve others' problems, we focus on our minds. The focus on removing toxicity is doable. We can change ourselves, but not others. 

The repair work is on the mind exclusively. The laser-focused work on repairing and replacing with new beliefs is the formula for achieving clarity.

When we discipline our minds with Enlightenism, we see our goals clearly. A clear vision is the one created from a cleansed mind. 

During times of intense stress, it's easy to forget that you're powerful. It's also easy to forget you were born colorless, faceless, and formless. 

When we forget who we are, we lose our authentic power. We become powerless. The powerless person is lost, blinded by illusions.

Enlightenism is transcendence power. This is all the power you need to transcend powerlessness. 

Enlightenism is the silent, invisible, limitless power within. This is all the power you need to live successfully.

When you transcend the toxic lifestyle, you create the Enlightenism mindset. This is the one where you're a creator.  

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live.

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Secret Powers of Visualization

 The mind is powerful enough to move mountains. You have this power. 

When you cleanse the mind of toxicity, you experience the freedom of creativity. The creative mind is pure visualization. Visualization is the power of conception.

 Enlightenism is authentic visualization. This is the power that makes the unknown known. 

When you visualize a new person, you ignite the mind to act. There's a causal connection between the conception of an invisible idea and its visible result. There's also a causal connection between the powerless mindset and the Enlightenism one. 

If you want power, you have to envision it in your mind. Your vision must be free of self-imposed restrictions. 

The desire for freedom is something you feel. It is the embodiment of the vision as reality. When you embody the conception as reality, you transcend the illusory doubts. You stop doubting the power of visualization.

When you trust the power of visualization, you can transcend any problem.  The power of visualization is the resurrection of a dead mind. This is authentic transcendence.

The way out of toxicity is clarity. Clarity is achieved by transcendence. You must first transcend the sense-certainty of toxicity.

The secret to inner-mind power is clear Consciousness. Clear consciousness is Enlightenism.

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live. 

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