Monday, May 14, 2007

Dying Black Culture

This is a new blog page that focuses on issues of importance to African Americans. I plan to use it as a forum to generate interest in exploring thought-provoking discussions that will encourage individuals to look first at their own behavior and then take the action to ensure that their behavior promotes black cultural unity and respect for new ideas to change the way we think and live.

The issues that we discuss here are not for the faint of heart nor for those who believe nothing can be done to stop the murders, chemical dependency, dysfunctional social interaction, and personal avarice.

This is a web campaign to overhaul the fabric of the Black culture in this country. I believe the number one priority for blacks in this country is to completely change the black culture. And unless this change happens soon, we will become socially and morally embroiled in a fratricidal class war.

The core stumbling blocks to changing the black culture are blacks' misinterpretation of the roles religion and government play in solving behavioral problems. We have been taught to rely too much on prayer and politicians than on ourselves to solve our own problems. Prayer is a tool that motivates you to take the necessary action to solve the problems in your life. It is not the final solution to the problem, you are.

The current cultural disunity in cities throughout the country begs for someone do something about the growing class schism between poor, uneducated blacks and well-to-do educated blacks.

Even though these issues are related primarily to African Americans, I encourage others to send thoughtful and respectful comments. This is not a forum to promote ignorance, racism, and disrespect for the viewpoints of those whom you disagree with.

Let me hear from you on this topic.