Sunday, October 23, 2022

Divine Succor

 When we feel powerless, we seek succor from a greater power. Many believe this power is outside.

The victim is taught to believe power is outside. The greater power within is unknown to the victim.

During moments of intense pain, some search for solutions within. When we do, we feel close to the power within.

We feel a kinship with unconditioned consciousness. When we trust consciousness, we're greater than our problems.   

When you desire a solution to your problems, you must believe the desire is the solution. Solutions come from desires.  Desires come from inner-mind power.

Many doubt that inner-mind power is a solution to their problems. When we doubt inner-mind power, our desires die. We kill them without realizing we're doing so. 

When we kill our desires, we remain victims of a belief system created by victims.   We are victims of generational victimization.

When you desire to create a new belief system, you must plant your desire in a fertile consciousness. Desire is a seed you nurture with a vision.  

The vision must be victim-free.  You must cleanse the mind before visioning.

When we nurture our desires with a victim-free vision, the desires grow and become the vision. A clear vision is what you need to create a new person. 

When you envision a new person, you stop believing you're a victim. The new person must be born within Enlightenism consciousness.  

Enlightenism consciousness is where you're aware of being colorless, faceless, and formless.  It is where you feel whole, perfect, and complete. 

It is where you find the clarity to create a victim-free vision. 

When the mind accepts a victim-free vision, you're free of generational victimization.  You are blessed with divine succor.

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

A Powerful Mind is Unstoppable

"I am greater than the I that I created."

 We are divinely created with power and clarity. We need these two qualities to make a powerful mind.  The absence of these qualities is a powerless victim's mind.

When we are blinded by illusions, we cannot see clearly what's beneath the pain. When we dare to look beneath the pain, we feel powerless.  We see layers of darkness and powerlessness.      

 The powerless mind makes you trust societal interpretations of power.  You trust society but distrust your inner-mind power. 

You believe societal interpretations of you as a powerless victim is the truth. In other words,  you accept societal labels of race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education as the truth.

 Many find it difficult to let go of societal labels.  Their unwavering loyalty to previous generations makes them believe you're born a victim.  You suffer because previous generations suffered.

 Generational victimization is passed from one generation to the next. When we become victimized by others, the experiences have a deleterious effect on the way we think and live. 

When we free the mind of victimization, the victim's beliefs die. When the victim dies, let the victim remain dead. 

 When the victim dies, we have the power and clarity to create a victim-free mind. We can now create a powerful mind consistent with our divine birthright.

 Many don’t want the victim to die.  They accept generational victimization as part of their culture. They believe it's their birthright.  

There is a way to overcome generational victimization.  You begin by unlearning toxicity and accepting Enlightenism as the greater power. When you unlearn, you’re not forgetting, you're unlearning generational victimization.

 When you let go of the belief that you were born a victim,  you empower the mind to search within for a new system of thought. You discover that within you is the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

The authentic, Enlightenism consciousness within is whole, perfect, and complete.  Enlightenism is the source of a powerful mind. A powerful mind is unstoppable. 

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Birth of a Powerful Mind

We are divinely created with a powerful mind, yet we accept powerlessness. The insatiable need to disown our birthright victimizes us. 

When we disown our birthright, we learn how to be victims. We feel powerlessness is the way we should live.  Those suffering from victimization feel powerless all the time. 

We don't have to feel this way, but we do. We can't seem to let go of victim beliefs.  The harder we try, the deeper we go into the victim's illusion. 

The victim's beliefs exist because we chose them. We might not know that we chose them, but we did when we accepted a victim's mindset.

When you overcome the victim's mindset, the victim dies. When the victim dies, don't try to resurrect him. You focus on conditioning the mind to unlearn the victim's beliefs.  

When you unlearn the victim's beliefs, you open the mind to see the light. The light shines brightly into the darkness that's distorting clarity. 

The road to freedom is paved with clarity. It's unfortunate, but many inner-city dwellers lack clarity. 

The lack of clarity makes them victims of violence, poverty, and racial imprisonment.  The beliefs responsible for the victim's illusion of believing others have a powerful mind. 

We create illusions to help us not face what's happening in our lives. When we don't see solutions,  we believe we lack power.  We give up and continue to live as victims.  

Don't ever give up on trusting inner-mind power.

The indefatigable powerful mind sees everything. There is no darkness, only clarity. 

Many seek power, but few achieve it. The sagacious,victim-free mind is powerful and filled with clarity.  

When you stop thinking as a victim, you think with a free and powerful mind. You know how to solve the problems victimizing inner-city dwellers.   

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