Thursday, October 19, 2023

Overcoming our Dependency on Others

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

I am Consciousness. I create all my awareness of beings. I am always greater than my creations.

We are divinely born with Consciousness and powerful minds. When we forget our divine birthright, we condition our Consciousness to create powerless minds. 

There are two Consciousness within us. The first is unconditioned Consciousness. The second is conditioned Consciousness. One is the Greater Power of God while the other is powerless and toxic. 

Many don't realize that Consciousness is the source of their power. They have been taught by others to believe The Greater Power of God exists outside of them. So, they look toward the stars in search of this power. Unfortunately, they have never found God in the stars.

When we accept the Greater Power of God within us, we search and discover the power existing in us as Consciousness. Consciousness is an invisible power that's whole, perfect, and complete. It is formless, colorless, and faceless, which we cannot see with human eyes or mechanical instruments. 

When the powerless victims of toxicity hear that they already have the power, they distrust the information. They react with a barrage of doubts about God existing in a way different from what others taught them in toxicity.

Toxic interpretations come from those living in the past. We are living in the present with the Greater Power of God. We don't need others to teach us how to understand this power based on their interpretations of hearsay information. In other words, they teach us about God of the past, because they don't believe we're capable of having direct knowledge of God in the present. 

When we depend on others to teach us about Consciousness, we remain victims of their interpretations. When we stop depending on others to interpret God for us, we begin interpreting Consciousness for ourselves.

We cannot allow toxic interpretations to destroy our power to exist freely in the present. When we let go of the past, we let go of others' interpretations of it. We must let go of past beliefs and create a new way to think and live in the present. 

The present is where we're feeling powerless because of past experiences. And it's in the present that we must let go of past experiences and create a new way to think and live. 

I don't believe in the past, nor do I believe I must rely on the past to live in the present. I have the power to change my awareness of who I am to a more powerful awareness.  

When we're willing to let go of the past and our dependency on it for power, we're ready to work with self-acquired intuitive knowledge. Self-acquired intuitive knowledge leads us to the Consciousness of Truth, which reveals itself as the Greater Power of God.

Self-acquired intuitive knowledge reveals that there's no distance between you and the Greater Power of God. In other words, God is not separated from you by great distance.   It's important to know that by removing the distance between God and us, we stop begging, hoping, and wishing for God to answer our prayers. We know that we're one with the Power we seek.

When you experience this knowledge for yourself, you can never return to depending on others' interpretations about the Greater Power of God. You will have direct knowledge of the Consciousness of Truth.

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