Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Miraculous Power of Consciousness

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

We are sharing insights on the miraculous power of Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the clarity to perceive life  without toxic distortions. This is the clarity we need to free ourselves from toxicity.

There are many in toxicity who believe it will take a miracle to achieve clarity. They are the defenders of their limitations.

When we become too comfortable accepting our limitations, we become blinded by the darkness of toxicity. The mere thought of our existence outside of toxicity seems impossible. We strongly believe that total freedom is only achieved in our death.

Similarly, it's this type of thinking causing our powerlessness and unwillingness to believe the Greater Power is our Consciousness. All miracles come from Consciousness. Unfortunately, many believe this Consciousness exists outside, not inside.

Some have discovered Unconditioned Consciousness as the source of miracles.  We believe that all actions from this Greater Power are extraordinary, remarkable, and unbelievable. These  phenomenal events come from  a Consciousness  that accepts itself as the Greater Power.

Nevertheless, events that appear impossible to those in toxicity become possible with understanding how Consciousness works. The clarity required to understand Consciousness begins with understanding our current Awareness-of-Being.

Our Awareness-of-Being is our Master. We obey the Consciousness we conditioned with others' beliefs and values. These beliefs and values have become our Master. We don't believe we can overcome our toxic Master and become our own toxic-free Master.

There is a way to create a miracle in our life and become our own Master. This miracle comes from an Awareness-of-Being -- one cleansed of toxicity -- that's unknown to us in toxicity.

Meanwhile, regardless of how we're feeling today, we have many miracles within us. We can accomplish great feats simply by accepting our Awareness-of-Being as whole, perfect, and complete. This is the colorless, formless, and faceless Consciousness of miracles.

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Greater I is Consciousness

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

We don't have to remain powerless, we can do something about it ourselves. We can change our Consciousness and construct a new Awareness-of-Being with toxic-free beliefs and values.

Consciousness is power. It is that which we can change on our own. We don't need permission from others to recondition our consciousness.

The change begins with our current  Awareness-of-Being: The person we believe we are now. This Awareness-of-Being was constructed primarily from others' -- parents and society -- beliefs and values.

Whenever we feel the need to change, we frequently forget that real change begins with our Awareness-of-Being. For this change to occur, we must relinquish our confidence in the sense-certainty of what others taught us. This is quite a hurdle to overcome, because we have deep faith in our current beliefs and values. .

Similarly, we don't want to let go of all the information. We want to keep the parts considered good or virtuous. In other words, we want to change only parts of ourselves so that we remain connected to our foundational beliefs and values.

All change is limited to our Awareness-of-Being. When we accept powerlessness, we seek changes from this prism, which limits the power of imagination and visualization.

The power to change requires a cleansed consciousness: One that has unlearn toxic beliefs and values. If our consciousness has not been properly cleansed, then we will not be able to clearly visualize ourselves with a new Awareness-of-Being.

Unfortunately, many of us know very little about our Consciousness  and how it works as a change agent in our lives. For most of our lives, we have been taught to think of the Greater Power existing outside of us.

We define the Greater I as unconditioned Consciousness that exists in all of us. This Consciousness is whole, perfect, and complete. It's colorless, faceless, and formless and unmoved by the teachings of others.  It is the primordial Awareness-of-Being.

When we discover Consciousness for ourselves, we understand that it's changeable. For us to change it, we first must discover and accept it as the Greater I. This means we must be committed to unlearning what others taught us about the Greater I.

Most of us cannot wrap our minds around unlearning something we already know. Yet that's what required of us if we desire freedom from toxicity.

Meanwhile, the seemingly daunting task of unlearning toxicity loses its power over us when we remember it occurs in our consciousness. This work is not a search for answers from others, but the confirmation that our Consciousness is the Greater I..

"Change your Consciousness, Change your life"

Saturday, July 13, 2019

An Alternative for Achieving Freedom

"Change your Consciousness, change your Life"

Finally, after centuries of searching for freedom from others' domination, there's an alternative.  This alternative is the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism. It provides us with the power to change our lives without seeking permission from others.

Regardless of the current conditions in our lives, we can change them. This process begins with our understanding of how we became the person we're aware of being. Our Awareness-of-Being is responsible for the lack, limitation, and struggle in our lives.

Similarly, the source of our Awareness-of-Being is Consciousness. We, unfortunately, conditioned it with others' beliefs and values. When we understand this truth about ourselves, then we can solve our own problems.

When the desire for change is strong, and our commitment firm, we focus our work on changing our Consciousness, not on changing others. This self-awareness is the inner-awakening to end our outward search for freedom and begin our inward one for it.

When we unlearn toxic beliefs and values, the changes in our Consciousness become ones of clarity. These are alternatives that  lead us to Enlightenism. This unconditioned consciousness within is whole, perfect, and complete. It's colorless, faceless, and formless.

The acceptance of our Consciousness as the Greater I is the acceptance of our Awareness-of-Being as the Greater Power. This means we are Greater than all of our Awareness-of-Beings. In other words, "I am Greater than the I that I created."

When we truly believe we can overcome the conditions in our lives by changing our Consciousness, then we know we can achieve freedom without seeking permission from others. This is the Awareness-of-Being that provides the power to be lord and master of our actions.  It's the clarity to know we are truly lord and master of our life.

Nevertheless, for us to become lord and master of our actions and lives, we must first recondition our consciousness to create a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being. This new person must be born-again from the Consciousness aware of itself as being whole, perfect, and complete.

Enlightenism exist in this consciousness. This is the Consciousness that provides the power and clarity we need to free ourselves from others' beliefs and values.

Our Consciousness is changeable, which means we have the power to change it.

"Change your Consciousness, change your Life"