Thursday, May 17, 2018

Doing the Work to Wake-up

If we accept that we are the beginning and ending of everything in our lives, then it follows that we are responsible for creating and solving our own problems. Many powerless victims may find this statement strange, because of a history of believing others should take care of them by solving their problems.

When we're unwilling to recognize and accept responsibility for creating the problems in our lives, we  continue searching for solutions from those anointed by society as  problem solvers. In other words, we focus on changing them rather than ourselves.

Similarly, we cannot become creators until we define a creator for ourselves. It's unfortunate, but many individuals don't know how to define a creator, much less accept ourselves as creators. Most of us have been taught to believe creators only exist outside our comprehension.

Nevertheless, if we continue to accept what others taught us about creativity and great power, then we will undoubtedly remain victims for the rest of our lives. It is this victimization that prevents us from waking-up and discovering that the Greater Power of Enlightenism is within.

Meanwhile, when we stop focusing on solving problems outside, then we can devote more time to unlearning what others taught us about creators.  Enlightenism is our freedom from the illusions. It is our way out of pain and suffering. It is what prevents us from permanent victimization.

This change in awareness requires work and a commitment to self-awakening to the Greater Power of Enlightenism within. All changes within this consciousness are expressed through a cleansed awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

We can all benefit from the insights in a powerful new "Enlightenism" book that describes a formula for self-awakening power. This book breaks with victimization and powerlessness by presenting workable solutions for overcoming the pain in our lives.

           "To develop your mind to express great power, you must first repair the estranged relationship between your illusion-ridden mind and your freethinking mind. Anyone who has become victimized by the illusions feels powerless to think of himself or herself as being greater than the illusions. The illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle are very powerful when they interfere with your actions to change the way you think and live.

         "The moment you conquer the illusions in your life, you immediately change the way you act. These new actions reflect a new person. This type of behavior is similar to what some people say is being 'born-again.' And in a certain sense, at least consciously, you are birthing a new person into the world. The new person you are creating will no longer think of himself or herself as a victim of unforeseen circumstances. Once you free your mind of the illusions, you will be able to see clearly where you are going."
                                                          ---"Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

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