Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Shining Light on the Illusions

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

I am free in my Consciousness. No one has the power to take my freedom from me. 

Millions are powerless because they believe in illusions. I don't believe in illusions. 

Illusions exist only in toxicity. They have no power over my awareness of being the greater power.

The powerless are powerless because of illusions. 

Many believe the illusions are greater than themselves. The illusions appear stronger because we have forgotten we created them with our beliefs.

When we shine light on the illusions, we deny them power over us. We're no longer afraid of lack, limitation, and struggle.  

When we see the truth, we can no longer deny its existence. The truth reveals itself as Consciousness. 

The Consciousness of Truth is whole, perfect, and complete. It's colorless, faceless, and formless.

The power of visualization and imagination is all I need to create a powerful mind. A powerful mind is the gateway to self-acquired intuitive knowledge and Consciousness.

Self-acquired intuitive knowledge is the power to know the truth. The power to know the truth overcomes our beliefs that toxicity is the truth. 

Toxicity's truth makes us powerless victims. Toxicity teaches us how to compare ourselves to others and how to judge ourselves as less than the great ones. We glorify the dead as examples to follow and compare ourselves to.  

When we discover that Consciousness is the source of self-acquired intuitive knowledge, we stop searching in the illusions for the truth about who we are. We overcome our beliefs in illusions. 

We know that we're greater than our current awareness of being. 

We know we're greater than the past because the present reveals itself as the truth. 

We know that we are divinely created with powerful minds. 

We know that Consciousness is greater than toxicity. 

We know that freedom exists in our Consciousness. 

We know that with this new knowledge, we can create a new way to think and live.


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