Friday, September 16, 2022

Power to Overcome Generational Victimization

 We are not victims. We are not divinely created to think and live as victims. 

We are taught beliefs from generation to generation that victimize the mind.  These beliefs create a cesspool of generational victimization within. We learn how to think and live as victims. 

We struggle to live freely and creatively but feel helpless and powerless.  

Creativity is alien to our way of life. We then claim the victim's mindset as our own. 

Our minds are trapped in victimization with nowhere to go. We desire to overcome victimization, but we don't know how. 

When we decide to overcome the victim's mindset, we search in consciousness for alternatives. We learn how to trust inner-mind power.

We also clearly know we don't have to remain victims. We can do something about it. 

The unlearning work begins with a commitment to change. We unlearn the sense-certainty of toxic beliefs.   

When we remove the illusions concealing who we are, we see freedom. The cleansed mind is freedom. 

When you cleanse your mind, you don't depend on others for guidance. You are a free-thinker.

Freedom is within the mind. Freedom is the fulfillment of one's purpose.

Freedom is eternal joy. Most victims never experience the joy of freedom. They are content with toxic lifestyles. 

When they hear the truth about inner-mind power, they refuse to search within for freedom. You don't have to remain fearful of inner-mind power. Trust yourself and look within for solutions.

The search within reveals a new awareness of being. One that is independent of toxicity. 

Look within for your freedom. Your freedom is consciousness. Consciousness is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is all you need to overcome generational victimization.

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Saturday, September 3, 2022

How to use the Mind to Create Success


 I have the power to change my life. This power exists within as consciousness.

We cannot continue to ignore this power and suffer in silence. While millions are dying in the inner cities,  society remains apathetic and powerless to solve the problem.  

Loud and sorrowful voices of despair and powerlessness shout for someone to help. Yet their voices wreaking of generational powerlessness are heard and ignored. 

The powerless victims of violence and societal neglect believe help is on the way. They continue to search outside for answers to toxicity. 

They also faithfully await and believe a powerful leader will free them from crime, poverty, illiteracy, and so forth. The leader never comes.

Even though the leader doesn't come forth, many are unwilling to search within. Their faith in mythology is deeply rooted in toxicity. The toxicity of self-victimization.

We have the power to solve powerlessness. 

The power to change is consciousness. 

Consciousness is changeable. We change it with clarity. The clarity to create a new mindset. 

 The powerless mindset disappears with Enlightenism.  Enlightenism is inner-mind power. 

Inner-mind power is alien to victims of toxicity. 

When we make the inner-mind journey, we arrive at the authentic Enlightenism consciousness. Our destination is complete freedom of toxicity. 

Those suffering from the powerless mindset can find solace in Enlightenism. Enlightenism is peace.  

Authentic peace is found in consciousness. 

Meanwhile, generations suffer from external events. The things outside cause the mind to suffer. 

Change your beliefs and change the way you suffer. When you do, you reclaim the power to stop suffering. 

Enlightenism is the personification of power. The Enlightenism mind expresses success all the time. 

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Free the powerless mind of victimization with Enlightenism!