Friday, April 17, 2015

Cleansing our Consciousness with Enlightenism

 Consciousness is always power. It contains within itself the expression of power. Unfortunately it accepts, without question, whatever we confirm to it as being our awareness-of-being.

Many of us are aware of being powerless because we have conditioned our consciousness to accept powerless beliefs and values. This acceptance of ourselves as being powerless makes us powerless. 

When we devalue our consciousness with powerless beliefs and values, we are no longer capable of discovering another perspective. We can only be who we are aware of being. And regardless to what others tell us about inner-power, God, and spirituality, we remain powerless.

Nevertheless, this powerless awareness-of-being doesn't stop us from desiring power. Even in moments of great pain and suffering, we seek ways to obtain power. Most powerless people seek power from others rather than believing power actually exist within them.,

Similarly, people who believe they are powerless also believe they are victims of others' power. This means that many of us believe society and its surrogates are somehow endowed with powers greater than out own.

We must remain mindful that consciousness is power and all other power is illusory. This is illustrated by slavery of all types: physical, wages, psychological, spiritual, and so forth.. For people to become slaves, they first must condition their consciousness that their awareness-of-being is that of a slave.

Similarly, this conditioning of consciousness works the same in all of our lives. Our consciousness must be conditioned to accept our awareness-of-being as powerless before we actually become powerless.

Meanwhile, when we cleanse our consciousness of the toxic beliefs and values it's using to create our powerless awareness-of-being, we're then able to understand the power of our consciousness. And it is from this perspective that we understand the difference between the man-made God and the unconditioned consciousness God.

Whenever we decide to use Enlightenism consciousness to create a new awareness-of-being, one that's endowed with power, then we will understand that God is actually in each of us. In other words, we already possess within our consciousness all the power we need to cleanse ourselves of toxic beliefs and values. 

Consciousness is power. Powerlessness is an illusion. They become one when we unite them with our beliefs and values as well as our awareness-of-being.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Opening the Doors of Consciousness

Our consciousness is the beginning and ending of all of our awareness-of-being. We exist because we're aware of our existence.

This means we are fully cognizant of who we are now. It also means we're capable of  knowing that we're  responsible for the current conditions in our lives.

Most of us have not reached the level of awareness where we're able to fully accept responsibility for what's happening in our lives. We continue to focus on our interactions with others and try to assign culpability to them. 

When we're enlightened enough to understand that our problems are caused by our beliefs and values, then we will know that we must work to change them. This requires a new perspective: a new awareness-of-being that is independent of what others have taught us.

Most of us are intrinsically dependent on the beliefs and values we acquired from our parents and society. We've conditioned our consciousness into accepting that we are of such and such race, color, gender, nationality, religion, status, and so on.

Unfortunately, these beliefs and values are responsible for our current awareness-of-being. In other words, we have accepted ourselves and others according to what others have taught us.

Nevertheless, we continue to reshape our consciousness to satisfy our insatiable thirst for happiness or worthiness.In many situations, we're willing to tell ourselves that the even the drudgery of monotonous work fulfills our need for happiness and worthiness.

This type of reasoning locks us into a toxic awareness-of-being. And it's from this prism of toxicity that we attempt to create an enlightened consciousness.

When we reach the point of recognizing that our unconditioned consciousness contains with it the limitless expressions of awareness-of-being, we will then understand that we were born with this power. We will also know that there are many doors within this consciousness.

This means that behind each door is enlightenment. And for us to unlock the doors, we need a Powers of Mind consciousness or a toxic free consciousness.

Meanwhile, when we understand that Powers of Mind consciousness is the toxic mind cleanser, we will have found the keys that open all the doors. And when we open the doors, we will understand that the Creator and Heaven exists in our unconditioned consciousness.

We will also understand that the Bible and many other spiritual books were written from an Eastern perspective, which means our Western perspective frequently lacks the clarity to fully understand its psychological symbolism.

In other words, we're using our Western perspective to explain the relationship between the Father (unconditioned consciousness) and the Son (conditioned consciousness). However, for us to fully understand its symbolism, we must be reborn in our Powers of Mind consciousness.

Similarly, this Powers of Mind consciousness will provide us with the clarity to understand the psychological expressions used by the writers of the Synoptic Scriptures. We will understand why they used symbolism to close the doors to all those who have not cleared their consciousness of toxic beliefs and values.

It's important for us to remember that our unconditioned consciousness exists in absolute time, and is not limited to the spatiotemporal awareness we use to evaluate our lives. This means we can achieve spiritual transcendence in our own lives.

We must continue to reinforce within ourselves that we have the Powers of Mind consciousness to go beyond everything we have been taught by others. And to never doubt that this theosophic awareness-of-being is found only in our own unconditioned consciousness.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Achieving a Powers of Mind Education

 When we're able to accept that consciousness is greater than our current awareness-of-being, then we are able to explore other perspectives currently unknown to us.

Some of us are already aware that there are major differences between spiritual awareness and sense-certainty. Although most of us currently rely on sense-certainty to make sense of what's happening in our lives and in the world, we continue to struggle with our own unknown feelings of "something is missing" in our lives.

We have been taught by others that what's missing in our lives is spirituality or the faith and believe in God, or in a greater power than all of us.  However, they also teach us that spirituality is achieved in a psyche-morphogenetic process that's similar to the one we experienced with our sense-certainty education.

In other words, our spiritual education comes from the myriad religious organizations beliefs and values on spirituality. This is the world's answer to that "something is missing" feeling we cannot escape by relying on our sense-certainty beliefs and values.

Most of us remain confused throughout our lives about the value of a sense-certainty education viz a viz a spiritual education.  We devote tireless energies toward maintaining the requisite religious-spiritual virtues for achieving a desirable level of spiritual acceptability.

As many of us have discovered, that "something is missing" feeling is still there even as we struggle to live virtuous lives. We're still challenged by our anthropomorphic beliefs that our feelings have been assuaged by such and such person or religious beliefs.

Nevertheless, we continue inexorably in our search for the "something is missing." We have been told many stories about where and what it is, and when we can actually find it. In most of the stories, we can only find this "missing" in death. 

Many us find this unacceptable. We need to find it now. We try all sorts of things to make us feel spiritually fulfilled. Unfortunately, most of efforts are in vain.

The challenge for many of us is how do we give equal value to spirituality (faith) and sense-certainty (knowledge). This is difficult for most of us because faith is contradictory to sense-certainty. Faith requires a belief in something that exists outside of our current awareness-of-being.

Similarly, sense-certainty is confined to things like science, mathematics, language, art, and so forth. And while this also requires some faith or trust in what others have said about these things, we believe that there's little doubt that 1+1=2. Our dependency on faith doesn't enter into our thinking about this.

Meanwhile, faith is rooted in the belief that there is a power that's greater than all other powers. Most of us believe this existence with the same faith-certainty as with our sense-certainty that 1+1 = 2.

Nevertheless, when we get off the crowded road of sense-certainty and discover that Powers of Mind consciousness is greater than sense-certainty is when we begin the process of a new education. This education is found only in our consciousness, which is the beginning and ending of our awareness-of-being.

Many of us are so deeply invested in sense-certainty that we're unwilling to acknowledge that we've made a deleterious investment in our spiritual development. This makes it even more difficult to let go of our current beliefs and values and create a new, non-toxic awareness-of-being.

For us to become educated in Powers of Mind consciousness we must acknowledge its existence. We must trust consciousness with the same or greater value as we trust the sense-certainty we achieved from the various universities.

When we discover that consciousness is greater than everything we can imagine, we will have discovered the glorious awareness spoken by the sages and spiritual masters of consciousness. And like them, we too will be educated by our unconditioned consciousness.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

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