Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Enlightenism Consciousness is Authentic Change

Most of us never change. And in a real sense, we don't know how to change. We just continue to follow our illusions from one awareness-of-being to another one.

Similarly, some of us change our behavior without changing our core beliefs and values. We do this by changing our allegiance to a different illusion. This is analogous to our changing from a political party, a religion, a social view, or any other types of illusions available to us.

Nevertheless, when we do feel the desire to change, most of us are then willing to at least listen to something different than our current beliefs and values. This usually happens after a failure or some type of calamity in our lives such as, death, illness, unemployment, divorce, bankruptcy, and so on.

The moment we realize that consciousness, Enlightenism consciousness, is limitless power, then we're in the position to change our lives. This is the awakening that's necessary for us to understand the process for change.

When I wrote "Seeds from the Ashes," I felt a burning desire to change my life. I wanted to know why I had reached a point in my life that caused me to doubt my worthiness to go beyond my current awareness-of-being. 
      "The desire to change is a powerful force that you must reckon with if you want to change the way you think, act, work, and live. The undercurrent of power producing your desires connects you with a much higher power (Enlightenism). If you search for this power, it will not only transform your life, it will lead you to your unconditioned, uncluttered, intuitive consciousness (Enlightenism): a place where all things are possible. Unfortunately, far too many people believe this consciousness (Enlightenism) exists outside of them." ---Seeds from the Ashes

Many of us continue to ignore our desires. We cherry-pick them with our doubts and fears. Yet, they belong to us. They represent our current feelings on life.

      "Whenever you feel powerless to do something that you want to do, stop and ask yourself why. Why don't you have the power to achieve the things that you desire to have? The obvious answer is that you don't believe you are strong enough to achieve them. If this is the case, then the solution to your problem is attaining the necessary strength or power to solve your problem." ---Seeds from the Ashes

Most of us envision our changes based on the illusions we inherited from our parents, society and experience. We haven't discovered the Enlightenism consciousness within us. So whatever changes we create from our beliefs and values, we validate this as change.

Meanwhile, since the illusions are not reality, whatever changes we make in our lives using them as our power source only dooms us to make more and more of the same changes. In other words, we are working in the dark using a heuristic process to make our changes.

Nevertheless, when we finally understand that consciousness is our awareness-of-being, we will then know that Enlightenism consciousness is the only possible way for us to make authentic changes -- ones without relying on toxic beliefs and values -- in our lives. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Enlightenism is Beyond our Illusions

Many of us believe our mind and consciousness are the same. We have forgotten that our consciousness existed before our minds. And before we became aware of being a self, we existed as a formless, colorless, and faceless consciousness.

Enlightenism is the awareness-of-being beyond sense-certainty or the empirical interpretations of ourselves and others. Even though we rely on sense-certainty to develop our understanding of the world, this process is not free of its illusory creator. And, unfortunately, it only makes us more dependent on what we have been taught by others.

Nevertheless, whenever we decide to abandon our three-dimensional-spatiotemporal perspective of the world, we are able to travel deeper into the fourth dimensional time continuum of spaciousness without form and toxic beliefs and values. This is the awareness-of-being where we are able to discover The Creator or the unconditioned consciousness.

In the Enlightenism realm, we are beyond the powers of our parents, society, and the toxic experiences we're using to define our awareness-of-being. This is the realm where we have authentic power and clarity.

Enlightenism consciousness is what Jesus, the Enlightened One that many of us refer to as the Son, meant by "to lose yourself is to find yourself." In other words, we must lose our attachment to our current awareness-of-being and transform it into our natural awareness-of-being, which is Enlightenism consciousness.

With our Enlightenism consciousness, then we understand the meaning "The Father and I are one, but the Father is greater than I."

In other words, the unconditioned consciousness (Father) is greater than the conditioned consciousness (Son). It is only when the Son (conditioned consciousness) becomes one with the unconditioned consciousness (Father) that the Son has all of the Father's (unconditioned consciousness) power.

For us to experience this great power within us, we must be willing to give up or let go of all of our beliefs and values. And when we do, we will discover  our formless, colorless, and faceless awareness-of-being to be  our unconditioned consciousness. 

Nevertheless, when we realize that The Creator, our unconditioned consciousness,  communicates to us within our Enlightenism consciousness, then we will understand the Creator exists in all of us. But for us to effectively understand the language of our unconditioned consciousness, we must be "born-again" or condition our awareness-of-being to exist in this Enlightenism consciousness.

This means we must let  our toxic beliefs and values (Mind) die so that we can recreate ourselves from a colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being (Consciousness). This is the awareness-of-being where transcendence becomes our awareness-of-being immanent.

Similarly, we haven't yet discovered how to teach someone about consciousness. We cannot teach others that which we don't possess ourselves. Only those of us who have discovered the Enlightenism consciousness within us can discuss it as we discuss mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, physics, science, and so on.

Meanwhile, our minds exist for this transcendent, three-dimensional spatiotemporal world. This is where others teach us how to use our minds to live in a self-created world of illusions.  We should not confuse this process with Enlightenism

Monday, June 1, 2015

Enlightenism is Authentic Power

Many of us believe we're powerless because others have taught us to think this way. We have immersed ourselves into a powerless, self-created world of illusions, and don't even know it. 

While we're immersed in our illusions we're unwilling to search for enlightened perspectives. We're too willing to believe that our collective illusions contain all the power we can ever achieve.

Fortunately, some of us have been willing to search for another perspective. And we have found it in Enlightenism; the Powers of Mind self-awareness consciousness

This Enlightenism perspective exists  in all of our individual consciousness. It is our awareness-of-being that comes from our unconditioned-intuitive-consciousness. 

Regardless of the current state of our powerlessness, Enlightenism is a power greater than the illusions currently creating our beliefs and values about power.

Nevertheless, when we are powerless, it's difficult to think about another perspective. Our attention is focused primarily on surviving with the power we have. In other words, how to live successfully as powerless victims in our own illusions.

Similarly, we live in a society that demands self-abnegation of consciousness for the greater good of society. This means the powerless must remain powerless in order for our society to remain free for all of us. This means we must do whatever we can to obey the laws - just or unjust - so that our way of life continues.

Many of us, particularly those labeled as black by society, are uncomfortable with the positions society have created for us. We want more. We want change. We want power. And most importantly, we are working to redefine our awareness-of-being.

Some of us have discovered that Enlightenism is devoid of societal labels of race, gender, class, religion, and so on. Our starting point in overcoming powerlessness and victimization is to understand that our awareness-of-being is colorless, faceless, and formless. And with this awareness we're able to create a new, enlightened awareness-of-being to perceive ourselves and others without societal toxic beliefs and values.

With Enlightenism we clearly know that our beliefs and values are responsible for the illusions in our lives. We know that consciousness contains within it the expression of authentic power. This power of clarity gives us all the power we need to overcome our reliance on illusions.

The illusions make all of us powerless regardless of our awareness-of-being of a certain race, gender, class, religion, and so on. Unfortunately, many of us don't understand how the illusions control what we think about ourselves and others.

Nevertheless, at our current awareness-of-being powerless, we can still do something about overcoming the illusions causing our powerlessness.  With Enlightenism we can overcome our toxic beliefs and values and express the authentic power that's already within us.

Enlightenism  begins and ends in our consciousness. It's not found in a place, thing or person. It is God, not the man-made God, within our consciousness. It's not God in another place, away from us. It is in us now while we're alive in this world.

Moreover, as long as we believe great power exists only outside of us, then we cannot discover and use the Enlightenism that's in us. All great power exists as consciousness. We have this power in us now. And it's all the power we need to live with clarity in this world.

Enlightenism is greater than the beliefs and values created by this world. Enlightenism is greater than the illusions we're chasing in our search for power. Enlightenism is authentic power.