Friday, May 31, 2013

Going Beyond Self-imposed Limitations

It's difficult to believe we are greater than what we are now perceiving ourselves to be.  Many of our childhood dreams have vanished and become lost in the vivid childhood memories of oppression and abuse. And now, in our current state of awareness, it seems impossible to believe that we ever had dreams of greatness.

Many of us believe our current conditions are caused by unknown sources in the outside world. This makes it easier for us to blame others for our toxic beliefs and values. Unfortunately, this blame-game keeps us searching outside of ourselves for answers to the nightmarish conditions we have created in our lives.

Whenever we face the nightmarish conditions in our lives, we are then compelled to do something about them. This begins when we acknowledge that we are responsible for creating all of the conditions in our lives.

We create problems by our thoughts and actions, which are exact expressions of our beliefs and values. In other words, we think and act according to the beliefs and values we are using to think and act.

We have the powers to conjure up all sorts of images of ourselves and others. We can imagine and confirm that we are poor simply by embodying beliefs of poverty. Conversely, we can imagine and confirm that we are wealthy by embodying beliefs of wealth.

This state of imagining and expressing is how we create all the conditions in our lives and the power we give to them. Many of us don't possess what we want or deserve because we don't understand the beliefs and values we use to create things.

It is our lack of understanding of Powers of Mind that causes us to accept less, rather than using our minds to create abundance. This limited thinking inextricably ties us to unpleasant or undesirable conditions that cause us to give power to our beliefs and values.

Similarly, the confusion we have about our Powers of Mind keeps us locked into toxic beliefs and values distorting our true powers. And from this confusion, we create judgments about things -- money, religion, employment, food, alcohol, and drugs -- that we believe exist outside of our beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, what we think are problems are nothing more than reflections of our beliefs and values. When we limit our power or when we doubt the existence of Powers of Mind, we place more limitations on our abilities to overcome our problems.

Powers of Mind is the portal to our enlightenment. It exists in all of us. It is the awareness to know that there are no limits on our powers, except those we place on ourselves.

Nevertheless, before we can access our Powers of Mind, we must first understand the power we give to our beliefs and values. When we do this, we free our minds of self-imposed limitations.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Playing with our Desires

We seem to always desire something that we don't need.

The more things -- money, status, houses, jewelry and so on -- we see other people with, the more we want what they possess. So we are constantly imagining ourselves having all sorts of things. And frequently we set out to get them for ourselves.

Some of the things we desire are harmful to our minds. Unfortunately, if we have too much toxic junk (beliefs and values) in our minds, we're unable to differentiate between toxic and enlightenment. This causes us to believe our toxic desires are actually enlightened ones.

Nevertheless, we are ruled by our desires. They dictate what we feel and think about ourselves. And, in most instances, they seem to exist independently of us.

Whenever we recognize that our desires come from our beliefs and values, whether we're aware of this or not, we are in the position to empower our minds to not act on all of our desires. We can choose not to chase after our desires.

Similarly, we have the power of illumination in our Powers of Mind to know that we are the creators of our desires. They exist only in our minds. And if our minds are filled with toxic beliefs and values, then most of our desires come from this foundation.

Meanwhile, when we rely on our Powers of Mind, we begin to experience non-toxic beliefs and values. And as we grow in confidence with our Powers of Mind, we create desires with the clarity of enlightenment.

It's important for us to remember that Powers of Mind is our unconditioned consciousness or intuitive awareness. It's the awareness of something other than what we have limited ourselves to believe.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Images of Power and Clarity

I am, who I accept myself to be.

During our lifetimes, we create all sorts of images of ourselves. Among them are ones where we have very little power over our lives.

Whenever we embody our minds with images of powerlessness, it's difficult to pivot to images of ourselves with great power. And from a practical perspective, most of us will remain trapped in the miasma of self-deflated images of powerless until we recognize there are other ways to think about ourselves.

It seems the more we live with our self-created images, the more we become enamored with beliefs and values that portray us as powerless. And in most situations, we are not fully cognizant of our roles in creating the images we have about ourselves.

Most of us believe someone other than ourselves is responsible for the images we have of ourselves. This illusory interpretation of our inner-power makes it difficult for us to believe we are victims of our thoughts, beliefs and values.

Although most of us are victims of our beliefs and values, we struggle with accepting that we created our own victimization. In many instances, we blame society or others for our powerlessness. Unfortunately, we forget that we have the power to overcome what we have been taught by others.

Nevertheless, regardless of our current status in life, we have many opportunities to use our Powers of Mind  to change the way we think and live. Yet we continue to disown our  Powers of Mind and embrace societal definitions of our power. This makes us victims of others' beliefs and values.

Similarly, the power of clarity to recognize that we were born with Powers of Mind is the origin of change.  This awareness of power enlightens our minds to go beyond images of victim or powerless. It's the moment we know that we are greater than what we currently know about ourselves.

Meanwhile, the world changes when we change the perceptions of our own images of power. In other words, we need to spend our time working on changing ourselves before we try to change the world.

When we become clear about who we are, and our Powers of Mind, we remove the illusions creating images of ourselves as victims or powerless. At the deeper level of understanding, what we think about ourselves and others are nothing but expressions of our current beliefs and values. 

Now is the time to WAKE UP our minds and accept that we have the  Powers of Mind to create images of ourselves with great power.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Consciousness of Enlightenment

We are the same as our awareness of being.

For many of us it's difficult to accept responsibility for our current conditions. We cannot seem to find the power to move beyond the unemployment, home foreclosures, out-of-control debts, unhappy relationships, psychological and emotional abuses, fears and doubts about who we are, and a lack of vision to overcome the thoughts and actions responsible for these problems.

Well, it's time for us to realize that we are the beginning and ending of everything in our lives. And without our minds there is no beginning or ending.

So our awareness of being something (black, white, oppressor, victim, poor, rich, obese, attractive, unattractive, an addict, abusive, violent, and so forth) is exactly the way we act all the time. Whatever we are conscious of being is exactly the way we act.

Some of us do a lot of play-acting. We create roles and images within our consciousness to conform to the illusions we are relying on to interpret our worthiness or unworthiness to have power over our lives.

After we spend most of our time relying on illusory interpretations of what is real or unreal, we become comfortable with accepting ourselves as victims of unforeseen circumstances. This causes us to rationalize our suffering as just being a part of living. In other words, we are powerless by happenstance.

It's important for us to remember that we are powerless because we choose to be. We make the choice to ignore our Powers of Mind and continue to rely on the beliefs and values from our parents, society, and experience. Unfortunately, this reliance on others is what distorts what we think about ourselves and others.

Similarly, many of us are always perceiving ourselves with different images. On some days, we are powerful, happy, and feeling untouchable by outside forces. While on other days, we cannot seem to overcome the simple things causing us to feel unhappy or dissatisfied with ourselves.

The vicissitudes of our interpretation about who we are come from our beliefs and values. And within every interpretation is the opportunity for us to use our Powers of Mind to express something new.