Saturday, January 20, 2018

Enlightenism: 21st Century Power For Overcoming Toxicity

"I am greater than the I that I created."  "Who are you aware of being?"

When we feel powerless, it's difficult to believe we are the greater power. During moments of intense pain, we try to seek refuge in a toxic sanctuary.

It's during the dark hours of pain that we desperately want someone to tell us what to do. That's when we feel an intense urge to blame others for our pain. Regardless of how much we try to accept personal responsibility, we cannot seem to believe we're responsible for our own pain.

When we hear others encouraging us to accept personal responsibility, the words are hollow, meaningless to us. All we can think of when we hear them is our powerless awareness-of-being.

Personal responsibility is the key action for waking-up to accept ourselves as both the creator and liberator of our pain. When we can accept we are the creator and liberator of our problems, we can do something about changing our beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, to accept ourselves with power, me must become responsible for giving ourselves power. This transformation of mind comes from accepting ourselves as colorless, faceless, and formless. This is the awareness-of-being that frees us from toxicity.

Meanwhile, many individuals find it difficult to wake-up and free themselves from dependency on others for power. They have become too dependent on the societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status. These are the beliefs and values responsible for the lack, limitation, and struggle in our lives.

Similarly, whenever we accept ourselves by societal definitions, we perceive the world from the prism this awareness of being.  This is the awareness of being where we learn to struggle and succumb to powerless beliefs and values.

The more comfortable we are with our toxic awareness-of-being, the less likely we are to wake-up and free ourselves from struggling to become someone overcome with self-blindness. Our freedom comes from the awareness that we need to discover a way to become self-enlightened.

Some of us have discovered a way to free ourselves from societal definitions. There's a new holistic philosophy that's changing the way powerless people think of themselves. This new philosophy is Enlightenism. It differs from traditional definitions of enlightenment, because it addresses 21st century solutions for achieving greater power.

Enlightenism is the clarity to free ourselves from societal definitions. With this clarity we stop struggling to live in toxicity and fighting for freedom with a powerless awareness-of-being. The greater power of Enlightenism is discussed more fully in my forthcoming book, Enlightenism.

"One of the primary misinterpretations about how to change your life is believing that it takes too long, and you don't have enough time and power. When the desire is strong enough and the commitment firm, then you always have enough time and power.

"To take the first step to change your life, you must first believe you can do it. This belief in yourself confirms to you that you have the time and power to do it. It's important to remember that time is a relative term used to place you in a niche of complacency and mediocrity. Your life is only time-based because of your beliefs and values on permanence. 

"When you are creating a new person from Enlightenism, time has no power over you. It doesn't matter how old you are today or what type of condition you are in, you are still alive, which means you can change your awareness-of-being."
                                             ----"Enlightenism" Scheduled Release Date: February 2018