Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Power to Live with Enlightened Minds

When the road is rough, dusty, and full of obstacles, we can use our Powers of Mind for safe passage.

Each day gives us the power to understand why we do the things we do. This awareness is not given  to only a few individuals, it's given to anyone who seeks it.

For us to achieve power over our actions, we must focus our attention on our own behavior. In other words, we have to move metaphorically and literally beyond reality television.

This means we must refrain from becoming caught-up in what others are telling us about what's happening in the outside world. The outside world, or others' behavior, tie us to our own toxic beliefs and values, which are responsible for our judgments of others and their actions.

Similarly, whenever we view the outside world from the prism of our toxic beliefs and values, we don't feel good about the illusions we see in the world. We become fearful for our own lives. This makes us feel like we need to do something about ridding the outside world of its illusions.

The more fearful we become the angrier we feel towards others who are reflected as our enemies in the illusions. Oh, we wish others could see how their actions are causing so many people to suffer.

When we reach this point in our lives, we have the opportunity to begin our inner search for Powers of Mind. This is the point where we all must begin our Powers of Mind journey. It's our moment of clarity to see the illusions as they are without the powers we give to them.

In many instances, many of us continue to give power to the illusions and, armed with our toxic beliefs and values, we create a vision from this darkness to make the world a better place to live. We believe we can overcome the illusions existing in others without first removing them from our own minds.

When we remove the illusions from our own minds, we know there's no need to believe we can remove them from others. We clearly know they must do the work for themselves. We can only expose them to Powers of Mind, and encourage them to seek it within their own minds.

Nevertheless, the journey to enlightenment is an inner-mind one. It is one that requires no assistance from others. It cannot be found in history, psychology, religion, economics, language and so forth. It is found beyond the limitations of human creations.

When the road is rough, dusty, and full of obstacles, we can use our Powers of Mind for safe passage.

Meanwhile, the world will always have its illusions of power and suffering. We must understand how to live in this world without having been born of it. This is a secret only our Powers of Mind can reveal to us

Friday, July 19, 2013

Powers of Mind is our Birthright

We are not born to be powerless. We choose to be powerless.

It's important for us to remember that we were not divinely created to suffer in this world. We suffer because of our lack of understanding about our Powers of Mind, and how this is our clarity to enlightened minds.

Many of us get too caught-up in the machinations of trying to decide right and wrong, good and bad by using beliefs and values we received from society, our parents, and confirmed by our experiences. We can never know what's right and wrong until we know and understand the beliefs and values we are using to make our decisions.

Whenever we have faith in what others teach us about enlightenment, we most surely will embody their suffering. The path to enlightenment is paved by our Powers of Mind. It's in our minds, not somewhere else.

Powers of Mind is the light within us that never stops shining. It's shining even when we cover it tightly with our toxic beliefs and values.  

Powers of Mind is greater than religion, and it's greater than our definition of spirituality.

We are not born to be powerless. We choose to be powerless.

Today, too many of us are perpetuating toxic beliefs and values. We want these beliefs and values to give us the peace and clarity they don't have to give. This world can give us only what it has to give. We must give ourselves the power that the world cannot give us.

Some of us understand the origins of our beliefs. We understand, at least intellectually, that they come from society, parents, and experience. However, it's difficult for us to accept the existence of something -- Powers of Mind -- that's greater than what we already believe about ourselves.,

We are not born to be powerless. We choose to be powerless.

Those who are willing to accept the origins of our beliefs, must also be willing to lose them and redefine ourselves with our Powers of Mind.

Powers of Mind is our birthright. It is the light we need to guide us to enlightenment.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Powers of Mind Can Overcome Tragedy

We are always greater than what our beliefs and values tell us.

Powers of Mind cannot be stopped by outside events. The power to overcome tragedy, anger, and powerlessness is always available to us, whether we recognize it or not.

The events that we label tragedies are reflections of our beliefs and values. And when we rely on these toxic beliefs and values, we inevitably become powerless.

Similarly, when we think of ourselves as powerless, we conversely think of others as powerful. In other words, we devalue our own power by giving it to others. This causes us to feel anger toward others, because we have played a mind-game of devaluing ourselves.

We are always greater than what our beliefs and values tell us.

 Nevertheless, when we recognize that  Powers of Mind is the only power to enlighten our minds, then we are able to free ourselves from the powerlessness created by the vicissitudes of societal emphasis on events and people. 

For many of us, suffering from the victimization of toxic beliefs and values, the greater the event, the greater our powerlessness. However, if we rely on our Powers of Mind, we can change this to: The greater the event, the greater our commitment to Powers of Mind.

Powers of Mind is our ability to perceive ourselves and others without our toxic beliefs and values, which are nothing more than illusions. We are created to live successful in this world, because we have within us Powers of Mind.

Whenever we feel powerless, we also feel anger, hopelessness, and inadequate to handle the problem created by our beliefs and values.This causes us to express great anger whenever we feel outside sources have violated them. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that our beliefs and values came from outside sources -- parents, society, and experience.

The path to enlightenment begins with Powers of Mind. With Powers of Mind we are free from the toxic beliefs and values causing us to perceive ourselves as powerlesss.

We are always greater than what our beliefs and values tell us.

Meanwhile, we must remain mindful of our Powers of Mind. This means we must perceive and express this power regardless of what our senses (beliefs and values) tell us about tragedies and events.. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enlightening our Minds to see the Unknown

I am always that person I confirm myself to be.

The known and unknown are states of awareness. It is our awareness, without distortions, that allow us to remove the barriers limiting our Powers of Mind. It is also our awareness causing us to limit our worthiness to use our Powers of Mind.

Our awareness or consciousness is always guiding our actions. This limitless power gives us everything we are aware of being. It makes no excuses for our self-limitations, nor for our unwillingness to seek Powers of Mind.  

We have the power to live as prisoners of our illusions. This choice is available to all of us. It is not a good or bad choice, but a just one. In other words, it is just because we are responsible for limiting our own Powers of Mind. 

Many of us are unwilling to explore new beliefs and values, because we're content with our current ones. Even though we spend much of our lives complaining about our suffering from them, we, nevertheless, believe they represent all that we can ever know.

Powers of Mind represent that which we are not currently aware of its existence. The laws we have established for ourselves in this world are responsible for our limitations. They represent the generational toxicity of limited awareness.

It's important to remember that when we cling to our beliefs and values, we limit our intuitive powers or unconditioned consciousness. This limits our Powers of Mind. And without the use of Powers of Mind we cannot free ourselves from the suffering and confusion in our lives. 

We are always greater than what has been created in this world. And when we empower ourselves to seek the unknown or the undiscovered, we become aware of our Powers of Mind.

I am aware of being that I am aware of being. 

The key to understand this statement is to know what we are aware of being. Who do we believe we are now?

Meanwhile, when we decide to use our Powers of Mind to unlock the enlightenment existing in us, we will know that the known and unknown are one, but we are greater than both of them.