Saturday, November 20, 2021

Moment of Truth

 I am whole, perfect, and complete. My Consciousness is colorless, faceless, and formless. This is my truth. 

Today, we must face our moment of truth.  Enlightenism is our moment of truth.

We must remind ourselves that we are empowered.  This means we stop believing we are victims. 

For those seeking a new way to think and live, we can choose clarity over confusion.  Enlightenism produces clarity.  Victimization produces confusion.

If you desire this clarity in your life, then discover how Enlightenism can work in your life. When you let go of the victim's mindset, you free your mind of victimization.

This is the moment you know that your mind is precious.  This is the moment the truth is revealed to you.  The truth is clear that you have to power to stop thinking like a victim. 

 Nevertheless, you need the desire and strong commitment to overcome the victim's mindset. This is the moment your Enlightenism work begins. 

Many find the Enlightenism journey empowering. We feel this way because of our freedom to think and live a victim-free lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you can do whatever you want with your life.  I choose Enlightenism because it has saved my life. 

It has revealed a new Heaven to me. This new Heaven exists within my mind.

"Heal yourself to reveal yourself."


Thursday, November 11, 2021

Understand how the Mind Works

 Your mind is precious. It contains everything you know. Unfortunately, you don't really know where this information came from.

Nevertheless, you have the power to not only know what's in your mind, but you can also remove it.  This power is clean, clear, and usable. It's Enlightenism. With it, you can cleanse the mind of its victim proclivities.  

Enlightenism is all the power you need to change how you think and live. It's available whenever you feel powerless or victimized by problems. Whenever you feel this way, it's time to turn to Enlightenism for solutions. 

The Enlightenism mind is filled with solutions for all problems. It contains all the power you need to fulfill your divine purpose. 

The three Cs of Enlightenism: clean, clear, and create are expressions of the greater power,   1. Clean. Cleanse your mind of toxicity. 2. Clear. Clear a path to freedom. Create. Create a new way to think and live.

Meanwhile, the work to change begins and ends in your mind. This means your Enlightenism work is within your mind.

For more information on how the mind works, I recommend reading the book Enlightenism and listening to