Saturday, August 20, 2022

How Inner-Mind Power Works

 The victim in you dies with clarity. When you stop believing what others taught you, you discover there's a new mindset available. 

The Enlightenism mindset is free of victim consciousness. Enlightenism is the rebirth of clarity. The clarity you were born with.

The truth about you is that you were born whole, perfect, and complete. Enlightenism guides you to this awareness.  

Many are victims because they lack a new perspective. There's no other way to think and live. This is our destiny unless we create a new perspective. 

I encourage those feeling victimized by life to create a new perspective.

To create a new perspective requires visualization of the unseen. We must visualize something unknown to us. 

The visualization of the unknown is the discovery of Enlightenism. Visualization and imagination are processes of the mind. 

We have the opportunity to change how we think and live. 

We have the opportunity to transcend the victim's legacy of lack, limitation, and struggle. 

The era of victimization is over. The Enlightenism era begins.

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Free the powerless mind of victimization with Enlightenism!

Saturday, August 13, 2022

The 3 Cs of Enlightenism

 The 3 Cs of Enlightenism are clean, clear, and create.

1.  Cleanse the mind of toxicity.

2.  Clear away the illusions with clarity.

3.  Create a new toxic-free mind.

When you decide to stop believing in victimization, you inevitably discover consciousness as transcendent power.  

Transcendence liberates you from self-imposed limitations on the mind. The ones that cripple you. 

When you cripple the mind, you become a victim.  The victim lacks the power to transcend victimhood? 

The way to power is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the power greater than a victim. 

Enlightenism is the freedom of mind. 

All that's required of you is the desire to be free.  The desire for authentic freedom is your birthright. 

You were not born to be victimized by lack, limitation, and struggle.  You were born with the power to transcend the victim's primary beliefs. 

"There is nothing magical about changing your life. You don't need college degrees, great wealth, a deep religious faith, or public approval.

"You need only a strong, committed, untainted desire. The desire is your vision for freedom. Desires confirm you have the power to change your life.

"Yes, this simple desire is what all great people have used to achieve their greatness. You have the opportunity to use this power."

Please read "Seeds from the Ashes" for additional information about desires.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Power to See the Unseen

 Our invisible thoughts become ideas. The ideas become actions. 

 Our actions create toxic results. The results victimize the mind.

When we don't know the original cause of toxicity, we also don't know the cause of victimization. 

Victimization is a lack of awareness. The awareness of being victimized by others. 

Victimization is toxicity. Toxicity is an illness that you must cure. 

The toxic mind is lost in the abyss of toxicity. Toxicity is the darkness preventing you from seeing life clearly. 

When you don't see things as they are, you don't see them clearly. You're seeing distortions,  illusions of clarity. 

There is a way to clearly see consciousness. Enlightenism is the way.

Many seek clarity, but few discover it. Most search outside for clarity in people, places, and things.  

For those seeking clarity, clarity is within. Unconditioned clarity is whole, perfect, and complete. It is colorless, faceless, and formless.

When you let go of mind-dependency on toxicity, you discover Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the power to see the unseen. 

The Enlightenism mindset is all the clarity you need to be yourself. 

Purchase my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes" and learn how to change how you think and live.

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