Sunday, January 29, 2023

Trust the Power in You

 Trust the power in you to overcome the pain in you.

One of the scariest and most difficult challenges we face is ourselves. We're demonstrably afraid to look in our minds.  

The source of our pain is our minds. When we condition our minds with toxic beliefs, we empower them to create pain. We victimize ourselves.

On the road to clarity, you perceive insights to overcome pain. You discover pain is an interpretation of your awareness of being. Our interpretations, unfortunately, are illusions.

The illusion of pain is intense. We typically find it unbearable. When it reaches this level of intensity, an unbearable level, it becomes a boogeyman. 

The boogeyman is frightening to children. They are frightened of an illusion that doesn't exist. 

When we become adults, the boogeyman illusions continue to frighten us. We seek succor from society.   

The mind has the power to heal itself. This self-healing process requires us to let go of our fears. We must be unafraid of what's in our minds. 

I developed the Enlightenism philosophy to assist me and others with overcoming pain. In my case, pain from toxic victim beliefs.   

I sought a way to overcome the pain of victimization. The Enlightenism philosophy provided me with the clarity to do this. 

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Spiritual Realism

When we live as victims for too long, we believe it's clarity. Victims even believe religion is separate from secularism.  

When we lack the clarity to understand religion and secular dualism, we remain confused about who we are. In other words, which belief system is our priority? 

Many try to condition their lives with this separatism illusion.  Some convince themselves to believe one is superior to the other. Yet we remain undeniably unconscious victims of secularism. 

Whenever we try to deny our secularism, we keep religion in our secular rituals. 

When we're eating dinner, attending a political event, or killing someone with a lethal injection of poison, we seek God's blessings. We cannot shake the feeling that God is watching us.

The purpose of  Enlightenism is to provide us with clarity. This philosophical approach to understanding dualism is vital to our freedom. The freedom and clarity to stop playing secular games with spiritual realism.  

Spiritual realism is not a game or subordinate power to secularism. Spiritual realism is unconditioned consciousness. It is always the greater power.  

Unconditioned consciousness is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the clarity to discern the difference between spiritual and secular beliefs. Enlightenism removes the veil of doubt about the greater power. When we remove the doubt, we know it's unconditioned consciousness.

When we know the greater power is consciousness, we know religion and secularism are not separated. We also know which one is the greater of the two. When we know this, we're no longer victims of this dualism. 

When we let go of the sense-certainty that religion and secularism are separated, we trust our clarity to guide us to freedom.  Most of us are too tired to engage in inner-mind warfare.  We have given up. 

Our war-weary minds remind us of the lost battles with secularism. The lost battles against secularism are not permanent. 

We have to find the will to recapture our minds. Regardless of how we feel, we must preserve until freedom is achieved. 

When we trust Enlightenism, we are guided by clarity. We know dualism is an illusion. 

We can never give up on Enlightenism. This is our connection to unconditioned consciousness. 

Many of us are confused because we don't want to change our beliefs. We believe the current system of thought works.  

We're afraid to believe religion is the greater power. We abhor thoughts of being compared to Middle Eastern countries. 

Many believe we cannot exist without secularism. When we understand spiritual realism, we know it's a greater power.

We then know we have the power and clarity to transcend the confusion between spirituality and secularism. We also know that with unfettered clarity, we can create a society that expresses this clarity. 

When we change our consciousness with clarity, we free the mind of toxicity.  

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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Sunday, January 15, 2023

How to fix the Mess in your Life

 The path to clarity is traveled in the mind. It's a clear path free of darkness. Darkness causes pain. 

When your pain becomes unbearable, turn inward for the light to treat it. You will discover the cause of your pain is inside the mind. 

Many find it difficult to search for solutions in consciousness.  We are too frightened by the cesspool of toxic beliefs. . We perceive too many failures and regrets in toxicity.

Most victims peek briefly into the mind. They find toxicity too daunting.  So they stop and return to their toxic lifestyles. 

When you give up on freedom, you maintain the status quo of victimization. You learn to live with pain.

Many believe pain is divinely created by God.  There is nothing divine about pain. 

Our pain is caused by toxic beliefs. When you overcome toxicity, you will notice changes in your pain levels.  

Enlightenism is a philosophy that's greater than your pain.  Enlightenism is the power that turns pain into clarity. 

Clarity illumines the mind to perceive causes and effects. Clarity changes how pain impacts you.

Clarity provides you with pain-free moments. 

When we experience pain-free moments, we know it's possible to extend their duration. Daily meditations focused on freedom provide this succor.    

Many are unwilling to work on themselves. They scoff at daily meditations. 

Those who desire freedom don't dismiss Enlightenism meditations. They believe in the efficacy of meditations to overcome pain.

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms:  "I acknowledge I am responsible for the current conditions in my life." When you accept responsibility for your pain, you stop blaming others.  

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms: "I acknowledge my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life."

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms: "I acknowledge I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

The Enlightenism philosophy affirms: "I acknowledge that for me to change my beliefs and values, I must first be willing to enter into self-discovery."

Self-discovery is where you learn how to work with Enlightenism. Self-discovery is where you dissolve toxicity.   

Self-discovery is where your thoughts become one with Enlightenism.  You become the gatekeeper of your mind. The gatekeeper decides which beliefs enter the mind and which ones don't. 

A disciplined toxic-free mind affirms you as the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper focuses on fulfilling the desires of Enlightenism.

When the mind is toxic-free, the victim dies in clarity.  When the victim dies, so does your pain.   

Enlightenism is a philosophical approach to achieving freedom. 

Please, read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn how to use Enlightenism.

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