Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Enlightenism is the Power Beyond Confusion

During moments of great pain and intense suffering, we struggle to find the power to escape from the darkness of our illusions. Deep within us we feel some unknown awareness-of-being waiting patiently to be awaken.

These are the moments we know that there is a power in us that's greater than the one we're using to define ourselves. Even though we only experience this feeling for a few moments, we know that it's there, in us, and if we want to find it, we must be willing to trust and depend on ourselves.

Most of us are unwilling to trust ourselves. We have created a Self that distrusts its inner power. This is the perspective we use to sustain our beliefs and values that power exists outside of the Self. 

This type of thinking about power is the starting point for all of us. We all begin our journey in this world by submitting ourselves to others to teach and guide us on how to live in the world.

Unfortunately, they teach us to believe that what we're being taught is reality. They fail to teach us in clear terms that we're being taught to live in a make-believe world, an illusion.

Nevertheless, it is in this self-made illusion that we will devote our lives searching for something outside of us to make us feel whole, perfect, and complete. The conditioned Self, our awareness-of-being, is now imprisoned in an illusion without the power to free itself from itself.

Many of us try to create a Self with comforts in the illusion. We cloak ourselves with things of value and prestige. Then we give power to the things so that they become greater than the Self.

After awhile, the illusions becomes everything to us. We then rely on illusory beliefs and values to define our awareness-of-being. At this point in our development, we distrust ourselves and any others who attempt to provide us with unfamiliar beliefs and values.

Similarly, our conditioned I, the Self we created from the beliefs and values of others, believes lack, limitation, and struggle are virtues bestowed on us to ensure we remain loyal to the teachings of others. The only freedom available to free us from our suffering are  our beliefs in the existence of an after-life.

Nevertheless, there is another way to free ourselves from the illusions. We have within us our unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism, which is greater than our illusions.

This is a power that provides us with the clarity to recognize that everything we have been taught came from the beliefs and values in the illusion. And for us to be free, we must be willing to stop depending on others for our power.

When we decide that we've had enough pain in our lives, and we're tired of searching for power outside of ourselves, then we are in a state of awareness to search for the Enlightenism within us.  We begin this search with  "I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

This first step of accepting responsibility for having created the conditioned I, the Self, releases us from blaming others for what's happening in our lives. We are now working from the inside of our consciousness, not from inside of the illusions.

Meanwhile, when we work on discovering the Enlightenism in ourselves, we understand that our attachment to our beliefs and values prevent us from trusting the invisible power within us that is Enlightenism.