Saturday, December 17, 2022


 You have the opportunity to change how you think and live. It's an opportunity of a lifetime. You don't want to miss out on this great, life-saving opportunity.

When you clear the mind of confusion and doubt, you see what you've been missing: The countless opportunities to express your divine purpose.

The power to change is invisible. You cannot see this power. It is colorless, faceless, and formless. It's unknown to victims.

The victim's mindset prevents you from perceiving life clearly. Things are cloudy, fuzzy, and questionable in victimization. Regardless of how much you try to change your life, you cannot do it with toxic beliefs.

Many bemoan the missed opportunities of adolescence. You think things would have been different if you had only stayed focused.  

When we introduce the should've into our minds, they appear as missed opportunities. They are not. 

The adolescent mindset makes adolescent decisions. What you think in hindsight wasn't available to you then. The mind wasn't cleared of toxicity. 

When you clear the mind of toxicity, new opportunities become available. These opportunities were not available in the past. 

A clear mind is free of victimization and powerlessness. You have more space to search with a clear mind. When you clear your mind, you stop working outside.  

On the inward journey is where you perceive life more clearly. This is the path of clarity.

When you stop working with toxic beliefs, you stop believing you're powerless. This is the opportunity you have missed out on.  

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Monday, December 5, 2022

God's Chosen People

 Many racial and ethnic minorities claim they are God’s chosen people. They believe God, at least the one created by man, is anthropomorphically guided by human beliefs.   God, like man, favors some over others.

When you live and think as a minority, you seek God’s blessings for your actions. You want God to bless you for being victimized by others.

The inner cities are filled with those seeking God’s blessings and favoritism. Churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and other religious facilities believe they know what moves God. 

They pray, sing, and meditate hoping to get God’s attention. Some go so far as to think God will punish their oppressors. Many believe they are God's chosen people. Unfortunately, the Bible, which they believe is God's word, doesn't agree with them.  

The Bible has already authenticated the Jewish people as God's chosen people. These beliefs have been sustained as legitimate for over two thousand years. No other group, especially African-Americans and Latinos, dared question the claim publicly. Although privately, they believed otherwise. 

Many accused Kyrie Irving of publicly questioning this claim by promoting a link to a documentary “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America!” Was his reference to the documentary antisemitic or a reference to Blacks’ historical claim of being God’s chosen people. Perhaps he only wanted us to discuss publicly what we discuss privately. 

The King James Version of the Bible in Deuteronomy 7:6 states, “For thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” (Note: Some historians believe the first five books (Pentateuch) of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy were written by Moses, an Egyptian Prince and later a self-proclaimed Hebrew Prophet.)

It is obvious that Moses, an Egyptian prince, was unaware of the existence of God prior to his conversion to Judaism. He later claimed to have had personal interactions with God and thus was able to write the five books of the Bible.

Similarly,  many African-Americans claimed to have had similar conversations with God. Since their arrival in this country in 1619, and their conversion, similar to Moses, to Christianity, they believed God freed them from slavery, 20th-century lynchings, Jim Crow segregation, and other deleterious forms of treatment. Were they correct or delusional? Did God free them because they are the chosen people? 

Meanwhile, if God favors or blesses one group over another, then God is limited to human interpretations of God. When God exists outside of you, you cannot know what God feels or desires. 

Similarly, when God exists within you as unconditioned consciousness, you know this power exists in all people, not some. 


Saturday, November 19, 2022

How to Overcome Illusions

We are not divinely created as victims. We learn from others how to be victims.  We are divinely created with power.

When you accept your divine birthright, you let go of powerless beliefs. The divine truth is you are created whole, perfect, and complete. 

You have the power to express your divine purpose. You are divinely unstoppable.

When you think of yourself as unstoppable, you are unstoppable. Enlightenism makes you an unstoppable power. 

Enlightenism restores the mind to its original divinity. When the mind is cleared of toxicity, you perceive life without limitations. 

When you let go of self-imposed limitations, you accept yourself as a creator. 

When you think of yourself as a creator, you rely on a new system of thought. You release the doubts dogging you about who you are. Ones caused by a powerless mind.  

A powerless mind belongs to a victim. A victim believes in illusions. 

Illusions distort your ability to perceive yourself as the creator of pain. They represent the scope of your knowledge about powerlessness and freedom.

It takes time for the illusions to victimize you. It also takes time to free your mind of these beliefs. 

Time is an illusion. When you discover time is an illusion, you can do something about it.  

When you focus on Enlightenism, time is an ally. You have the time to change.

Enlightenism is an asset, not a liability. 

You cannot overcome illusions without mastering your time. 

You cannot free the mind without mastering time. 

You must be willing to devote the necessary time to restore your mind to its divine wholeness. When you do, you will know that you are greater than illusions. 

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Thursday, November 3, 2022

How to Overcome Generational Victimization

 When you learn how to survive with a victim’s mindset, the desire to struggle is a way of life. 

Those taught generational victimization believe the victim’s lifestyle is worthwhile.  

Generations of victims believe victimization is an honorable system of thought. One that must be preserved at all costs. They trust it absolutely and defend it against all others.

When you have the courage to let go of victimization, you discover there’s a new system of thought. 

The new system of thought is Enlightenism; the inner-mind power that’s greater than toxicity.

Enlightenism contains the desire for freedom. 

Desire is a seed that produces freedom. A freedom that is diametrically different than the one pursued by victims.

When you follow victims' methods for achieving freedom, you remain a prisoner of their generational victimization beliefs.  

It is only when you let go of victimization that you perceive freedom; one that is unknown to victims.

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Divine Succor

 When we feel powerless, we seek succor from a greater power. Many believe this power is outside.

The victim is taught to believe power is outside. The greater power within is unknown to the victim.

During moments of intense pain, some search for solutions within. When we do, we feel close to the power within.

We feel a kinship with unconditioned consciousness. When we trust consciousness, we're greater than our problems.   

When you desire a solution to your problems, you must believe the desire is the solution. Solutions come from desires.  Desires come from inner-mind power.

Many doubt that inner-mind power is a solution to their problems. When we doubt inner-mind power, our desires die. We kill them without realizing we're doing so. 

When we kill our desires, we remain victims of a belief system created by victims.   We are victims of generational victimization.

When you desire to create a new belief system, you must plant your desire in a fertile consciousness. Desire is a seed you nurture with a vision.  

The vision must be victim-free.  You must cleanse the mind before visioning.

When we nurture our desires with a victim-free vision, the desires grow and become the vision. A clear vision is what you need to create a new person. 

When you envision a new person, you stop believing you're a victim. The new person must be born within Enlightenism consciousness.  

Enlightenism consciousness is where you're aware of being colorless, faceless, and formless.  It is where you feel whole, perfect, and complete. 

It is where you find the clarity to create a victim-free vision. 

When the mind accepts a victim-free vision, you're free of generational victimization.  You are blessed with divine succor.

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

A Powerful Mind is Unstoppable

"I am greater than the I that I created."

 We are divinely created with power and clarity. We need these two qualities to make a powerful mind.  The absence of these qualities is a powerless victim's mind.

When we are blinded by illusions, we cannot see clearly what's beneath the pain. When we dare to look beneath the pain, we feel powerless.  We see layers of darkness and powerlessness.      

 The powerless mind makes you trust societal interpretations of power.  You trust society but distrust your inner-mind power. 

You believe societal interpretations of you as a powerless victim is the truth. In other words,  you accept societal labels of race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education as the truth.

 Many find it difficult to let go of societal labels.  Their unwavering loyalty to previous generations makes them believe you're born a victim.  You suffer because previous generations suffered.

 Generational victimization is passed from one generation to the next. When we become victimized by others, the experiences have a deleterious effect on the way we think and live. 

When we free the mind of victimization, the victim's beliefs die. When the victim dies, let the victim remain dead. 

 When the victim dies, we have the power and clarity to create a victim-free mind. We can now create a powerful mind consistent with our divine birthright.

 Many don’t want the victim to die.  They accept generational victimization as part of their culture. They believe it's their birthright.  

There is a way to overcome generational victimization.  You begin by unlearning toxicity and accepting Enlightenism as the greater power. When you unlearn, you’re not forgetting, you're unlearning generational victimization.

 When you let go of the belief that you were born a victim,  you empower the mind to search within for a new system of thought. You discover that within you is the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

The authentic, Enlightenism consciousness within is whole, perfect, and complete.  Enlightenism is the source of a powerful mind. A powerful mind is unstoppable. 

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Birth of a Powerful Mind

We are divinely created with a powerful mind, yet we accept powerlessness. The insatiable need to disown our birthright victimizes us. 

When we disown our birthright, we learn how to be victims. We feel powerlessness is the way we should live.  Those suffering from victimization feel powerless all the time. 

We don't have to feel this way, but we do. We can't seem to let go of victim beliefs.  The harder we try, the deeper we go into the victim's illusion. 

The victim's beliefs exist because we chose them. We might not know that we chose them, but we did when we accepted a victim's mindset.

When you overcome the victim's mindset, the victim dies. When the victim dies, don't try to resurrect him. You focus on conditioning the mind to unlearn the victim's beliefs.  

When you unlearn the victim's beliefs, you open the mind to see the light. The light shines brightly into the darkness that's distorting clarity. 

The road to freedom is paved with clarity. It's unfortunate, but many inner-city dwellers lack clarity. 

The lack of clarity makes them victims of violence, poverty, and racial imprisonment.  The beliefs responsible for the victim's illusion of believing others have a powerful mind. 

We create illusions to help us not face what's happening in our lives. When we don't see solutions,  we believe we lack power.  We give up and continue to live as victims.  

Don't ever give up on trusting inner-mind power.

The indefatigable powerful mind sees everything. There is no darkness, only clarity. 

Many seek power, but few achieve it. The sagacious,victim-free mind is powerful and filled with clarity.  

When you stop thinking as a victim, you think with a free and powerful mind. You know how to solve the problems victimizing inner-city dwellers.   

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Power to Overcome Generational Victimization

 We are not victims. We are not divinely created to think and live as victims. 

We are taught beliefs from generation to generation that victimize the mind.  These beliefs create a cesspool of generational victimization within. We learn how to think and live as victims. 

We struggle to live freely and creatively but feel helpless and powerless.  

Creativity is alien to our way of life. We then claim the victim's mindset as our own. 

Our minds are trapped in victimization with nowhere to go. We desire to overcome victimization, but we don't know how. 

When we decide to overcome the victim's mindset, we search in consciousness for alternatives. We learn how to trust inner-mind power.

We also clearly know we don't have to remain victims. We can do something about it. 

The unlearning work begins with a commitment to change. We unlearn the sense-certainty of toxic beliefs.   

When we remove the illusions concealing who we are, we see freedom. The cleansed mind is freedom. 

When you cleanse your mind, you don't depend on others for guidance. You are a free-thinker.

Freedom is within the mind. Freedom is the fulfillment of one's purpose.

Freedom is eternal joy. Most victims never experience the joy of freedom. They are content with toxic lifestyles. 

When they hear the truth about inner-mind power, they refuse to search within for freedom. You don't have to remain fearful of inner-mind power. Trust yourself and look within for solutions.

The search within reveals a new awareness of being. One that is independent of toxicity. 

Look within for your freedom. Your freedom is consciousness. Consciousness is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is all you need to overcome generational victimization.

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Saturday, September 3, 2022

How to use the Mind to Create Success


 I have the power to change my life. This power exists within as consciousness.

We cannot continue to ignore this power and suffer in silence. While millions are dying in the inner cities,  society remains apathetic and powerless to solve the problem.  

Loud and sorrowful voices of despair and powerlessness shout for someone to help. Yet their voices wreaking of generational powerlessness are heard and ignored. 

The powerless victims of violence and societal neglect believe help is on the way. They continue to search outside for answers to toxicity. 

They also faithfully await and believe a powerful leader will free them from crime, poverty, illiteracy, and so forth. The leader never comes.

Even though the leader doesn't come forth, many are unwilling to search within. Their faith in mythology is deeply rooted in toxicity. The toxicity of self-victimization.

We have the power to solve powerlessness. 

The power to change is consciousness. 

Consciousness is changeable. We change it with clarity. The clarity to create a new mindset. 

 The powerless mindset disappears with Enlightenism.  Enlightenism is inner-mind power. 

Inner-mind power is alien to victims of toxicity. 

When we make the inner-mind journey, we arrive at the authentic Enlightenism consciousness. Our destination is complete freedom of toxicity. 

Those suffering from the powerless mindset can find solace in Enlightenism. Enlightenism is peace.  

Authentic peace is found in consciousness. 

Meanwhile, generations suffer from external events. The things outside cause the mind to suffer. 

Change your beliefs and change the way you suffer. When you do, you reclaim the power to stop suffering. 

Enlightenism is the personification of power. The Enlightenism mind expresses success all the time. 

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Free the powerless mind of victimization with Enlightenism!

Saturday, August 20, 2022

How Inner-Mind Power Works

 The victim in you dies with clarity. When you stop believing what others taught you, you discover there's a new mindset available. 

The Enlightenism mindset is free of victim consciousness. Enlightenism is the rebirth of clarity. The clarity you were born with.

The truth about you is that you were born whole, perfect, and complete. Enlightenism guides you to this awareness.  

Many are victims because they lack a new perspective. There's no other way to think and live. This is our destiny unless we create a new perspective. 

I encourage those feeling victimized by life to create a new perspective.

To create a new perspective requires visualization of the unseen. We must visualize something unknown to us. 

The visualization of the unknown is the discovery of Enlightenism. Visualization and imagination are processes of the mind. 

We have the opportunity to change how we think and live. 

We have the opportunity to transcend the victim's legacy of lack, limitation, and struggle. 

The era of victimization is over. The Enlightenism era begins.

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Free the powerless mind of victimization with Enlightenism!

Saturday, August 13, 2022

The 3 Cs of Enlightenism

 The 3 Cs of Enlightenism are clean, clear, and create.

1.  Cleanse the mind of toxicity.

2.  Clear away the illusions with clarity.

3.  Create a new toxic-free mind.

When you decide to stop believing in victimization, you inevitably discover consciousness as transcendent power.  

Transcendence liberates you from self-imposed limitations on the mind. The ones that cripple you. 

When you cripple the mind, you become a victim.  The victim lacks the power to transcend victimhood? 

The way to power is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the power greater than a victim. 

Enlightenism is the freedom of mind. 

All that's required of you is the desire to be free.  The desire for authentic freedom is your birthright. 

You were not born to be victimized by lack, limitation, and struggle.  You were born with the power to transcend the victim's primary beliefs. 

"There is nothing magical about changing your life. You don't need college degrees, great wealth, a deep religious faith, or public approval.

"You need only a strong, committed, untainted desire. The desire is your vision for freedom. Desires confirm you have the power to change your life.

"Yes, this simple desire is what all great people have used to achieve their greatness. You have the opportunity to use this power."

Please read "Seeds from the Ashes" for additional information about desires.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Power to See the Unseen

 Our invisible thoughts become ideas. The ideas become actions. 

 Our actions create toxic results. The results victimize the mind.

When we don't know the original cause of toxicity, we also don't know the cause of victimization. 

Victimization is a lack of awareness. The awareness of being victimized by others. 

Victimization is toxicity. Toxicity is an illness that you must cure. 

The toxic mind is lost in the abyss of toxicity. Toxicity is the darkness preventing you from seeing life clearly. 

When you don't see things as they are, you don't see them clearly. You're seeing distortions,  illusions of clarity. 

There is a way to clearly see consciousness. Enlightenism is the way.

Many seek clarity, but few discover it. Most search outside for clarity in people, places, and things.  

For those seeking clarity, clarity is within. Unconditioned clarity is whole, perfect, and complete. It is colorless, faceless, and formless.

When you let go of mind-dependency on toxicity, you discover Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the power to see the unseen. 

The Enlightenism mindset is all the clarity you need to be yourself. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

How to Prepare the Mind to Meet new Challenges

 What's happening with your mind? Are you prepared to meet new challenges?

The power of clear imagination prepares the mind to meet new challenges. Enlightenism is clear imagination. 

Enlightenism is all the power you need to meet new challenges. You were born with this power. It exists within as unconditioned Consciousness.

When you stop searching for power outside, you discover it's inside. You discover Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the clarity to perceive life outside toxicity. When you perceive life beyond toxicity, the self-imposed limitations disappear. The mind is free. 

Some have discovered the free mind is Enlightenism.  The Enlightenism mindset is authentic inner-mind power.    

On the other hand, many believe the toxic mindset is authentic power.  Well, it's not. You overcome toxicity with an Enlightenism mindset.   

The path to clarity is within. There's no other way to find a toxic-free mind.  

When you discover this truth, you stop following others. You revalue yourself.

Whatever challenges you're facing, you can overcome them. You must first condition the mind to accept you as master.  You must also prepare the mind to obey you. 

Preparation is the key to freedom. You must prepare the mind for freedom.    

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

How to Determine an Illusion from Reality

 We were born into a man-made illusion. This illusion prepared us to live dependent lives. Our Guides taught us to trust the sense-certainty of the beliefs supporting the illusion. 

Whenever we trust sense-certainty, we become dependent on others. We condition the mind to believe our beliefs and values are consistent with reality. 

Regardless of our desires not to think this way, we remain convinced the illusion is reality. 

The primary difference between an illusion and reality is authentic clarity. Illusions change with our perspective or awareness of being. On the other hand, the reality remains as it is with or without observers or participants.

The independent mind is free of dependency on others for clarity. We must discover clarity in consciousness.  

The clarity to transcend illusions comes from a toxic-free mind. One that has been cleansed of sense-certainty. 

Illusions imprisoned the mind with distortions of reality. We struggle to find the light when the mind is filled with illusions.   

Enlightenism is the light. 

What's really happening in our lives is unknown to us. We think one thing is happening when it's something else. 

Illusions are distortions.

Let's make a commitment to overcome illusions. Let's create a new reality. One with the clarity to know how to determine an illusion from reality.

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

How to Recondition the Mind

What is the condition of your mind? Are your beliefs working for you? Are you willing to try Enlightenism?

 The cornerstone of the Enlightenism philosophy is clarity. The clarity to recreate a new, toxic-free mind. 

Clarity comes from unlearning what others taught us. We also must understand how the mind was created with toxic beliefs and values. 

The birth of the mind begins with our parents. They teach us how to think and act like them. 

We imitate how they talk, walk, behave, and so on. We respond to the names given to us. 

When we condition the mind to think and live like our parents, we become like them. We embody their pain. We affirm a similar mindset. 

They teach us how to protect ourselves from others. Sometimes they teach hate, racism, victimization, and dependency.  

These illusory beliefs are mind-altering. They lack authentic clarity.  

Clarity is in the unconditioned mind.    

Many are unwilling to let go of their childhood beliefs. They defend these beliefs as if they created them. 

When we're introduced to clarity, it's difficult to understand or believe. We are fully vested in our upbringing and unwilling to change.  

There is a way to overcome this defensive mindset. Enlightenism is the way. 

Enlightenism changes how we think and live. 

We must be open to new ideas and beliefs. 

We must be willing to let go of sense-certainty. We must also decide how to recondition the mind. 

Enlightenism is the clarity to recondition the mind. The clarity of transcendence.  

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Are Your Beliefs Working for You?

 Are your beliefs working for you? Are you pain-free?

I am sharing Enlightenism insights on how to overcome pain. Enlightenism is the greater power. This is all the power you need to overcome pain.

The trouble with pain is we don't know how to get rid of it. Pain is not only treatable but curable. Enlightenism is the cure.

When you live with pain for too long, you forget its origins. You forget the mind is the source of pain. 

Many feel victimized, neglected, and imprisoned in an endless cycle of pain. This cycle of pain impacts how you think and live.

Enlightenism is a problem-solving philosophy. You can change your life with this belief system. 

For Enlightenism to work in your life, you must be committed to change.

I'm defining change as the transcendence of the powerless belief system. 

The autodidact mind is the essence of change. This is the mindset that produces clarity and self-enlightenment. 

You are a victim because of your beliefs. When you transcend victim beliefs, you free the mind of dependency on sense-certainty.

The mind confirms what you believe. 

Most of us feel powerless because this is what we're accustomed to. We struggle with lack and limitation because of our belief system. 

The toxic belief system produces suffering from lack and limitation.

We suffer because we lack the power to not suffer.

I am sharing Enlightenism insights with you to overcome beliefs of suffering. When the victim's mindset is cleared of toxicity, the suffering disappears.

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live.

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Repairing the Toxic Mind with Enlightenism

 The truth about who I am is determined by my mind. 

Every now and then, we have to do some repair work on our minds. The long-term damages from toxicity are deleterious. 

I recommend repairing the mind daily with Enlightenism. Daily insights to cleanse the mind of doubts will produce unbelievable results in your life. You will not only feel great, but you will also feel successful. 

When we reach the point in our lives where we stop trying to repair or solve others' problems, we focus on our minds. The focus on removing toxicity is doable. We can change ourselves, but not others. 

The repair work is on the mind exclusively. The laser-focused work on repairing and replacing with new beliefs is the formula for achieving clarity.

When we discipline our minds with Enlightenism, we see our goals clearly. A clear vision is the one created from a cleansed mind. 

During times of intense stress, it's easy to forget that you're powerful. It's also easy to forget you were born colorless, faceless, and formless. 

When we forget who we are, we lose our authentic power. We become powerless. The powerless person is lost, blinded by illusions.

Enlightenism is transcendence power. This is all the power you need to transcend powerlessness. 

Enlightenism is the silent, invisible, limitless power within. This is all the power you need to live successfully.

When you transcend the toxic lifestyle, you create the Enlightenism mindset. This is the one where you're a creator.  

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live.

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Secret Powers of Visualization

 The mind is powerful enough to move mountains. You have this power. 

When you cleanse the mind of toxicity, you experience the freedom of creativity. The creative mind is pure visualization. Visualization is the power of conception.

 Enlightenism is authentic visualization. This is the power that makes the unknown known. 

When you visualize a new person, you ignite the mind to act. There's a causal connection between the conception of an invisible idea and its visible result. There's also a causal connection between the powerless mindset and the Enlightenism one. 

If you want power, you have to envision it in your mind. Your vision must be free of self-imposed restrictions. 

The desire for freedom is something you feel. It is the embodiment of the vision as reality. When you embody the conception as reality, you transcend the illusory doubts. You stop doubting the power of visualization.

When you trust the power of visualization, you can transcend any problem.  The power of visualization is the resurrection of a dead mind. This is authentic transcendence.

The way out of toxicity is clarity. Clarity is achieved by transcendence. You must first transcend the sense-certainty of toxicity.

The secret to inner-mind power is clear Consciousness. Clear consciousness is Enlightenism.

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live. 

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Power of a Free-Thinking Mind

 There is a power in you that's greater than you. This limitless power is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is free of the powerless mindset. 

Powerlessness is a state of mind. Regardless of how hard you try, you cannot overcome the powerless mindset with toxicity. 

The free, independent, and self-motivated mind is for free-thinkers. Those who have tasted freedom. When you cleanse the mind of toxicity, you let go of the powerless mindset.

Many desire power, but only a few attain it.  If you desire power, you must search for it within.  You will find authentic power in consciousness. 

Consciousness precedes activities.  Consciousness conceives concepts and expresses them as actions. So your awareness-of-being determines the actions -- good or bad -- you take.  

You have the power of transcendence. Transcendence from one awareness to another is the power of the mind. 

Some unlearn toxicity by motivating the mind with daily insights. This autodidact approach to change epitomizes inner-mind trust.  

The mind doubts the unfamiliar and trusts the familiar. You trust the powerless mindset and doubt the Enlightenism one. 

When you doubt consciousness as authentic power, you prevent transcendence. You remain imprisoned in a powerless mindset. 

When you accept Enlightenism, you transcend powerlessness.

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live. 

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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Overcoming a Self-destructive Mindset

 "There is a hollow feeling, an emptiness of purpose, in your mind when you feel powerless to change the way you think and live. 

"Whenever you feel powerless to do something you want to do, stop and ask yourself why. Why don't you have the power to achieve what you desire? 

"The obvious answer is you don't believe you are strong enough to achieve them. If this is the case, then the solution is attaining the necessary power to solve your problems."

Many find difficulty in changing from one mindset to another. When you struggle for power, you devalue the greater power within. You weaken your actions.

The sprawling, vastly superior consciousness in you contains the keys of power. This power is limitless. 

The road to Enlightenism is paved with consciousness. You cannot get lost on this path. It's the road home to authentic consciousness.

Some believe Enlightenism doesn't exist. They call it a fantasy. Yet, it's a reality. The reality of power and clarity. 

Some choose to remain victims. They are comfortable traveling on the toxic road. They believe it's the only way to seek power and clarity.

For those seeking a new way to think and live, the first step is to get off the toxic road. 

Enlightenism is the choice of freedom-seekers. When you desire freedom, you must choose Enlightenism. A cleansed mind is a powerful one.  

Quotations are from my book "Seeds from the Ashes."

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Unmasking Illusions

 The way to clarity is the inward journey. The inward journey leads you to Enlightenism: The limitless power that's colorless, faceless, and formless.

Regardless of what you think of yourself, you're not a powerless victim. You have the power to overcome the problems you create. You have the power of transcendence. 

When you stop thinking like a victim, you start acting from a position of power. Those who lack power claim it with Enlightenism. 

You are greater than the problems. Problems are expressions of your mindset. 

When you have an illusory mindset, you are a prisoner of illusions. Illusions are created from a toxic system of thought.

When you choose Enlightenism, the mind is freed of its toxic proclivities. You claim freedom with Enlightenism. 

Many choose to suffer. Suffering is part of the victim's mindset. It's part of the illusory way of life.

When you have Enlightenism, you don't have to suffer. Enlightenism is clarity and power.  

There's no doubt the greater power is in you.   Search within the mind for this great power.  

The fruitless search in external illusions reveals illusory interpretations of you. This is the search made by those blinded with toxicity. 

You have the opportunity to travel on a different path. 

You discover heaven on the Enlightenism path. Heaven is the clarity and power you need to unmask illusions. 

Enlightenism illumines the mind to see beyond illusions.

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Authentic Power

 There is a greater power in you. It is Enlightenism.

The power you seek is in the mind. Contrary to traditional beliefs about external power, Enlightenism is inner-mind power.  

The power to be free comes from Consciousness. Consciousness is the authentic power of colorless, faceless, and formless. 

Whenever you desire Enlightenism, you will discover the limitless power of transcendence. Transcendence is the birthplace of Consciousness.

Enlightenism transcends powerlessness.  It is free of lack, limitation, and struggle.

Enlightenism is the power to stop doubting yourself.  It frees you from the gloom and doom crowd.    

Enlightenism transforms toxicity into freedom. It is the birth of power and clarity.

Enlightenism is a clean, clear, and usable philosophy. The clearer the Consciousness, the greater the power. 

When the Consciousness is clear of toxicity, you have limitless power. Limitless power is authentic power. Authentic power is expressed by a creator.   

The truth about you is you're whole, perfect, and complete. You have limitless power.  You are a creator. 

When you're a creator, you express authentic power.  

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Self-Healing and Liberation

 You have the power to heal the mind of toxicity. This great power is Enlightenism.

Many desire to heal the mind, but few have the know-how. Those who seek the know-how you find it within you. 

The healing process begins with Enlightenism. When you search within, you discover Enlightenism. When you do, you restore the mind to its authentic wholeness.

Many desire liberation, but few attain it. You can become one of the few. 

The liberation of the mind begins with removing toxicity. Toxicity is removed with a new system of thought. This new beliefs system is available to those who seek it. 

The dark and dreary days of victimization seem to disappear magically with Enlightenism. You become a beacon of life shining brightly in the abyss of pain and suffering.  

There are no obstacles preventing liberation. You freely express the birth of a new mindset. 

Everywhere you turn, Enlightenism is present. You see clearly. You feel liberated. 

When you do the work to heal the mind, you see new results.  

The time to change is now. If you desire new results, you must begin with self-healing. 

Are you ready to use Enlightenism? 

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Defying Expectations

What do you expect in life? Success? Failure? Mediocrity? 

The purpose of Enlightenism is to heal the mind of this mindset. Enlightenism is a self-healing philosophy. It's a new way to think and live.

When we forget who we are, we devalue ourselves. When we devalue ourselves, we lower our expectations. 

With this mindset, we expect problems. We expect powerlessness.  

When we feel powerless, Enlightenism uplifts our expectations to a higher level.  We know that regardless of others' expectations, we expect greater ones. 

Enlightenism teaches you how to act with power. Impossible becomes possible.  Lack becomes self-sufficiency. Limitations become limitless. The struggle becomes freedom.

When you discover Enlightenism, your expectations change.  You know Consciousness is the greater power. 

You know Consciousness is changeable. You know Enlightenism is where you stop struggling to be you.

Enlightenism raises your expectations. Enlightenism overcomes self-imposed limitations. With Enlightenism, you stop thinking and acting like a victim. 

Enlightenism transforms powerlessness into power.  When you let go of powerlessness, Enlightenism is there for you. 

Defy your expectations and join me on the Enlightenism journey. 

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Life-Changing Tools

 We have the power to change how we think and live. The only power stopping us is our mind. 

We first must cleanse it of toxicity. We need the right tools, the right mindset, to do it. 

It seems incredulous that people cannot take care of themselves. Somehow we believe in powerlessness because it's what we're accustomed to.

There is a new philosophy of Enlightenism to free the mind of the powerless mindset.  Enlightenism is authentic unconditioned consciousness. 

Enlightenism provides a life-changing formula for treating powerless minds. If you desire to use this formula, the key ingredients are described in the book Enlightenism

1. Toxic-free Beliefs and Values.

2.  Mindful Actions.

3.  Clear Results.

4.  Toxic-free Interpretations and Judgments.

5.  Redefined Desires for Pleasure.

6.  New Awareness of Being.

The process for change begins and ends within the mind. The work focuses on:

*  Creating a new Awareness of Being. 

*  New Toxic-free Beliefs and Values.

*  Mindful Actions and Clear Results.

*  Toxic-free Interpretations of the whole, perfect, and complete.

The formula illustrates the development stages you undergo to free yourself of the powerless mindset. It is proven to work for those with the desire and willingness to overcome powerlessness.

It's also important to know you cannot change your life without first desiring it to happen. You must constantly remind yourself over and over again that Enlightenism is real. You are the only deterrence to its expression in your life.

Purchase my book Enlightenism and learn how to create a powerful mind.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Going Beyond Confusion

 I know a place free of confusion. It is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is unconditioned consciousness. 

Enlightenism is colorless, faceless, and formless. No labels identify you by race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

When you doubt consciousness as the greater power, confusion appears in you. When you are confused, you distrust yourself. 

Meanwhile, you restore trust with Enlightenism.  You find it within the mind. This is also where you find clarity. 

 Clarity is the power you need to trust yourself. You need it to understand the results of your actions. 

Whenever you lack clarity, you must rely on others.  Their clarity is not yours. So, you cannot use it to create a new way to think and live. 

If you want the power to create a new person, then discover Enlightenism. It will set you free. 

When Enlightenism is present, the victim disappears. When the victim disappears, you stop asking others for equal rights.

Those who seek freedom must be willing to let go of the powerless mindset. You cannot be a victim and free at the same time. 

The victim has never known freedom. The victim's life is one of searching for it. 

The time for change cries out within you. When you hear the silent sounds, listen. Don't run toward the loud roars of victimization.  

Victimization is a disease of the mind. It's a cesspool of distrust and confusion. The cornerstone of powerlessness. 

The victim's mindset distrusts itself because it's an illusion.  It lacks clarity. 

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is the best solution for healing the mind of victimization.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

How to Create a Powerful Mind

 I know a place free of pain.  The place is Enlightenism. 

So, when you tire of pain, discover Enlightenism. Enlightenism is unconditioned Consciousness. 

With this power,  you're greater than the victim's mindset. It's the power to create a new way to think and live. 

With Enlightenism, you see the world clearer. No more problems without solutions. No more doubts. Gone is the victim's mindset. 

When the victim's mindset is cleansed with Enlightenism, the victim dies. Let the victim die, don't try to resurrect it. 

When you know the victim lives because of you, then you let it go. You stop nurturing it. And when you do, you let go of confusion.    

A victim lives in a world of illusions. A world of confusion. 

When the mind is free of confusion, the doubts and fears disappear.  Don't resurrect them. 

When you resurrect victim beliefs, you return to the victim's mindset. The confusion returns. You distrust the efficacy of inner-mind power. You want to stop, give up on Enlightenism.

Whenever you doubt yourself, trust Enlightenism.  Don't ever give up on this power. 

The bumps in life are reminders you're letting go of toxic beliefs. They may slow you down, but they don't have the power to stop you. So, keep going. 

Consciousness is the foundation of a powerful mind. Enlightenism is your foundation.

Meanwhile, you have a powerful mind to live freely and see clearly.

Purchase my book Enlightenism and learn how to create a powerful mind.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Mind-Healing Tools

 I know of a new way to think and live. This new way is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is unconditioned Consciousness. It is colorless, faceless, and formless.

Regardless of your present mindset, you change it with Enlightenism. However, to change, you first must cleanse the mindset with a new system of thought.

Most of us fail to understand we experience both heaven and hell events in our life. The choice is ours. Our mindset is determined by Consciousness.

The Enlightenism mindset is heaven. The victim's mindset is hell. 

The Enlightenism mindset is unknown to the powerless. The powerless are victimized by hopes and dreams. 

Meanwhile, it's the lack of clear imagination preventing you from an Enlightenism mindset. You cannot think like a victim and imagine yourself free. 

As a victim, you are victimized by illusions. The illusions confuse you about who you are. In other words, you believe you're powerless when you have great power.

"Similarly, you must understand all actions begin and end with you. This means you cannot exist without beliefs and values.

"When you continue to work on cleansing your mind of toxicity, you reach the point where you accept the Greater Power of Enlightenism as being you. This is intuitive confirmation that you are greater than the conditions in your life.

"The desire to change your life is the first freedom of the Enlightenism formula. This is the desire that motivates you to begin your Enlightenism work. 

"The goal of your work is to free yourself from the pain victimizing you."

Enlightenism provides you with the right tools to overcome the victim's mindset.

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

How to use Inner-Mind Power

I know that inner-mind power exists. I know because I found this power in my unconditioned Consciousness. This discovery led to Enlightenism.

Consciousness is where you discover inner-mind-power.  With this power, you can unlearn the victim's mindset of powerlessness.  

When you stop believing illusions exist, you stop searching externally for power. This is the clarity you need to create an Enlightenism mindset.  With this mindset, you are the greater power. 

Enlightenism is the greater power.  When you discover this universal truth, you have clarity and power. You're free of toxic illusions. This is the Enlightenism mindset.    

The Enlightenism mindset is created by unlearning toxic beliefs and values. If you desire Enlightenism, you must discover and learn how to use it.  

Many believe the unlearning process is impossible. It's not difficult at all if you have the right mindset. In other words, like other things in life, you need the right tools.

When you unlearn, it means perceiving things differently. Enlightenism is seeing things differently. 

When you do, you know you're the greater power. And, as the greater power, you can overcome difficult situations.

The inner-mind work begins with a clear desire.  This desire alone will guide you on the inward journey. 

The inward journey is where Consciousness is colorless, faceless, and formless. This awareness-of-Being (Consciousness) affirms you are the greater power.    

Enlightenism exists only in a cleansed mind.  When you cleanse the mind of toxicity, you can create a new you. 

The Enlightenism mindset empowers you as a creator.  And, as a creator, you create from this awareness of being.   

You stop seeking outside power.  You stop depending on others to create for you. You stop seeking freedom with a victim's mindset. You are the greater power.

Enlightenism is the authentic self. It is a struggle-free and victim-free mindset. 

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