Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Power of Free Will

 Whenever you feel powerless, beaten down by others, and seemingly with no place to turn, search within your Consciousness for the power to overcome this mindset. It's within your mind where you have the power to say, "I am greater than the I that I created."

Many never discover this great power. They are too concerned with trying to survive, trying to fit in, and trying to make sense of a victim's lifestyle.  

Regardless of the conditions in your life today, there is another power you can use to overcome them. This power is Enlightenism. It is Unconditioned Consciousness that exists as whole, perfect, and complete. This is all the power you need to overcome dependency on others' beliefs and values.

Similarly, there are Enlightenism insights described in the book Enlightenism that you can use to solve your problems. The following is a quotation from the book: 

"If you're willing to stop tolerating the pain from societal definitions in your life, then it's important to first understand who created the pain. The book's main thesis is to unravel misinterpretations about who is responsible for the pain and problems in your life.  

"My goal is to first shine a light on the distortions preventing you from recognizing that you are the creator of your own pain.  I do this by describing the process for creating pain, and then presenting a formula (Enlightenism Treatment Plan) for overcoming it."

Meanwhile, the power to change begins and ends with Consciousness. If you're willing to change your Consciousness, then you can change your life. 

 "I acknowledge that I was born with everything I'll ever need for my journey. The source of my power is Enlightenism. My Awareness-of-Being is colorless, faceless, and formless."

Friday, May 21, 2021

The Journey from Victimhood to Manhood

I believe Unconditioned Consciousness is the greater power.  This powerful Consciousness exists within you as a separate life entity unmoved by your conditioned actions.

The journey to our wholeness occurs in the deeper realms of Consciousness. This is where we understand that "I am greater than the I that I created." This is also where our work begins to change how we think and live by embodying a new system of thought.

When we desire change, we desire to open our minds to perceive things unknown to us. We must be willing to let go of our dependency on the sense-certainty imprisoning our minds in a web of illusions. 

Unconditioned Consciousness is the cornerstone of the Enlightenism way of life. It is the power that frees us from complacency and dependency. It is that place within you that you can go to without seeking permission from others.

"Enlightenism is a 21st Century holistic philosophy that describes a power greater than societal limitations of race, color, gender, religion, age, education, and status.  When I began my work in consciousness, I wondered if I could ever overcome what others had taught me about power and my worthiness to possess it. 

"This inquisitiveness led me on a journey through the deepest realms of consciousness within me.  I felt like so many others who sought solutions to overcome their problems but didn't know where to look."

When you are prepared to make the journey from victimhood to manhood, you must decide for yourself whether you're willing to let go of your toxic beliefs and values. Enlightenism is available to you. It has always been available for your use.

Please support Enlightenism by purchasing one of my books that describe my journey from victimhood to a new and different type of manhood. 


Thursday, May 13, 2021

How to Create an Independent Mind

 The ability to think is a divine act. When we stop thinking for ourselves, we become victims of others' beliefs and values.

When the mind is clear, we can express our independence from others. This is our freedom. This is our divine edict to question the meaning of long-held teachings on individual power. 

Similarly, a good example of this mindset is a quotation that seemingly doesn't apply to our individual power at all. Nevertheless, after a closer look, we can discern our own power of expression in the statement.   

"I am the way, the truth, and the life." (Original interpretation that applies to a divine being).

The following is a 21st-century interpretation of the same quotation that now applies to all individuals as divine beings:

"I am the way because I create my own way based on my beliefs and values."

"I am the truth because my truth is determined by my beliefs and values."

"I am the life because I live my life according to my beliefs and values."

Regardless of our faith in others, we still have the power to think for ourselves. For many, t's primarily our fear of ridicule from others that we choose not to.  

Meanwhile, I am sharing the "Ten Principles of Enlightenism" to add further clarity on how to create an independent mind.


1.  I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life.

2.  I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life.

3.  I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values.

4.  I acknowledge that for me to change my beliefs and values, I must first be willing to enter into self-discovery.

5.  I acknowledge that self-discovery is the gateway to my unconditioned Awareness-of-Being.

6.  I acknowledge that I have the power to express peace, love, and compassion to others and to myself.

7.  I acknowledge that I have the power to live my life free of toxic beliefs and values.

8.  I acknowledge my responsibility for engaging in mindful parenting relationships with my family.

9.  I acknowledge that I have the power to live my life free from all forms of addictions.

10. I acknowledge that I have the power to express happiness and mindfulness in all my actions.

"I am greater than the I that I created." Brother Malcolm Kelly


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Enrich your Life with Enlightenism

 "I am Greater than the I that I created"

"Set your thoughts on the Vision and think of nothing else.  Relax your consciousness to accept that you were born colorless, faceless, and formless.  Accept that you are the Greater Power and when your vision is manifested into the world, it will be the new you the world sees."

We have the power to change our beliefs and values. The power to change comes from Unconditioned Consciousness.   

Similarly, when we believe in Consciousness as the greater power, we understand that this is all the power we need to enrich our lives.  This is the mindset we need to create a new beliefs and values system to change how we think and live. 

Meanwhile, the time to change is now. It's not next week or month. It happens when we become fed-up with living illusory lifestyles devoid of clarity and reality. 

We cannot depend on others to enrich our lives with a toxic system of thought. Enlightenism is the pure, authentic, and clear reality of individual power and transformation. This is our birthright.

On the road to Empowerment and Enlightenism, we discover how to search within Consciousness for the power and clarity to overcome powerlessness and helplessness.  And when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems, we use this power to overcome them. 

We can always enrich our lives with power and clarity as long as we accept ourselves as the Greater Power. When we believe others control our enrichment, we must seek succor from them. Unfortunately, this action only moves us further away from our wholeness.    

The goal here is to overcome the current conditions in our lives by embodying a new system of thought. This new system frees our minds of victim proclivities. We can then accept that we are whole, perfect, and complete. 

"Enlightenism and Empowerment are the power and clarity to create a "New Way to Think and Live."