Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Awakening With Powers of Mind

"I am that which I know that I am."

Let's face it, many of us are afraid to wake up. We don't want to see the world as it is without our toxic interpretations. So we choose to remain asleep rather than enlighten our minds and change the way we perceive ourselves and others.

Most of us are not fully asleep, we're half-asleep in the miasma of the illusions. And while we exist in this desultory stupor of victimization, we continue to dream and pray for greatness to come to us.

Our toxic dreams reflect in every detail the lethargic behavior associated with our powerlessness. In other words, our vacuous dreams only serve to further confirm our powerlessness.

Whenever we awaken from our dreams, we are still unable to follow through on our desires to attain power.
The world, as we know it, remains unknowable to us.

Unfortunately for many of us, our dreams are only reflections of the beliefs and values we embodied from others. This distorted perspective of our awareness of being keeps the toxic blinders over our eyes. We are then unable to see clearly in the darkness.

Many of us believe the darkness in our lives comes from the outside world. We have forgotten that it comes from our self-created illusions.

This is a bitter pill of mindfulness to accept that we are the creators of our own darkness and limitations. For us to accept personal responsibility for the conditions in our lives, we must be willing to let go of the toxic beliefs and values and seek Powers of Mind.

There are some toxic beliefs and values that most of us are unwilling to let go or change. These beliefs and values are the ones that provide us with hope that someday our problems will go away.

We want to believe in religion, moral principles, judicial and legislative redress of our problems, and the institutions of higher learning. Most of us accept these as being our source for enlightenment or for achieving success.

Nevertheless, whether we're aware of the power of our beliefs and values or not, they are responsible for the current conditions in our lives. Our beliefs and values are also responsible for the way we present ourselves to the world with or without power.

Our awareness of being is determined by how clearly we perceive ourselves and others. When we demean or devalue our power, we perceive ourselves and others from this prism. This awareness of being is not to be confused with Powers of Mind. 

Powers of Mind, our unconditioned consciousness, is greater than our toxic beliefs and values. It is our awareness of being colorless, faceless, and formless. This is the sagacity that's greater than our illusions. 

Similarly, when we accept our illusions as the way the world is, then we remain victims of our beliefs and values. This awareness of being encapsulate us in a toxic quagmire of suffering. Yet is from this awareness of being that we have our greatest opportunity to awaken to the Powers of Mind within.

Meanwhile, an awakened mind can never be powerless or victimized by toxic beliefs and values. When we discover Powers of Mind, we understand that things such as freedom, victimization, materialism, religion, and so forth are within our minds. It is not found it the illusions causing us to devalue ourselves.

"I am always one with my awareness of being."


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creating New Possibilities With Powers of Mind

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

Some of our problems appear to us as impossibilities. They seem so powerful and pernicious. This causes us to forget that we are their creator.

Many of us work strenuously to avoid creating difficult problems. We prefer to create small problems; the ones that cannot cause us too much harm. Our intentions are always focused on things -- people, places, and external gratification -- that will make us feel better about ourselves.

Nevertheless, it's our small, seemingly innocuous, problems that create the ones that we believe are now impossible. When one mindless action joins with thousand of others, we become overwhelmed and afraid of what we have created. 

Similarly, when we devote our lives to fulfillment in things, we not only neglect our self-enlightenment, we actually divorce ourselves from it.  For many of us, this is a costly divorce: one that separates us from the enlightenment within.

Some of us have created enough space in our consciousness to understand that consequences come from our actions. And if we interpret some of our consequences as being impossible for us to overcome, then we become victims of our own problems.

Meanwhile, with Powers of Mind, what we perceive as impossible is simply our lack of understanding about how to use Powers of Mind.   Powers of Mind enlightens us to understand that what we think and believe is  reality is merely our interpretation of it.

This means we understand that our reality exists only in our beliefs and values. And its  existence and power come from us. In other words, we endow our problems with powers greater than their creator.

Nevertheless, when the impossible becomes possible, the toxic mind perceives this as a miracle. Yet what we describe as a miracle comes from the awareness created by our beliefs and values, and from our lack of understanding about how Powers of Mind works.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values." 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Defining Change with Powers of Mind

"I am always aware of being that which I am aware of being."

Some of us believe we are powerless: while some of us believe we have already achieved success.  Regardless of our current perceptions of the conditions in our lives, we are constantly trying to change something  to make it better.

For many of us who are unable to cope with the current conditions in our lives, we  feel imprisoned in a web of illusions. Our illusions keep changing into problems;  keeping us in a perpetual state of powerlessness.  This is the state of mind producing our powerless desires for change.

As we know, there are numerous people who promote programs to change our lives. Most of these programs provide us with information that we're already aware of. Yet we seek them out because we believe we are powerless to do the work ourselves.

It's difficult to admit to ourselves that we believe we are powerless to overcome the problems in our lives. So, many of us don't do it. We hide our problems and try to wish or pray them away. In other words, we vitiate our inner-mind powers by believing we are powerless to solve them.

Nevertheless, many of us, because of our powerless beliefs and values, create changes that reflect this consciousness. We create things according to the way we envision ourselves. Obviously, this type of creativity only produces more problems.

This means we become victims of our own changes without realizing that we're doing this to ourselves. Some illustrations of this type of creativity are expressed in our drinking alcohol to make us feel powerful. And in other instances, overeating and entering into toxic relationships to make us feel better about ourselves.

Similarly, the changes we seek to make us feel better about ourselves only create the need for more changes. So the more changes we make in our lives, the more we seek to redefine our awareness of being somebody other than who we are now.

Meanwhile, when we stop focusing on changing our lives to understanding our awareness of being the person we are now, we extricate our minds from this toxic, cyclical behavior. This is our epiphany moment, the moment we become awake enough to discover the Powers of Mind within.

When we awaken our awareness of being to be Powers of Mind, we create change from an enlightened awareness of being formless, colorless, and faceless. This is the inner-mind power of our unconditioned consciousness.

Powers of Mind is the clarity that guides us to our unconditioned consciousness. It allows us to become one with this consciousness and perceive life without toxic distortions.

This unconditioned consciousness doesn't recognize or acknowledge the existence of limitations. It is always our awareness of being I AM.

"I am always aware of being that which I am aware of being."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Power Over our Problems

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

Who is responsible for changing our beliefs and values? Obviously, the answer is that each individual, regardless of his or her current conditions, is responsible for changing their own beliefs and values.  

Many of us are afraid to examine our lives. In many instances, it's because our actions have created nightmares in our lives. And because of the intensity of our nightmares, we find it difficult to believe we created this much confusion in our lives.

For some of  us, it's better to believe our lives is like a crap shoot: where things just happen without our having any control of them.  And, as such, our lives become nightmarish because of happenstance. In other words, we're not responsible for creating the problems

Nevertheless, like it or not, when we feel the pain caused by our decisions, we feel the pain of failure. It's a bitter balm, laced with guilt, regret, and powerlessness. This pain is what keeps us running away from our problems.

During our search for our purpose in life, we have accrued a load of toxic beliefs and values. And these beliefs and values motivate us to move on after every unpleasant decision. So we continue running away from our problems.

It's only after so many times of moving on, without fully feeling the pain caused by our decisions, do we find the time to suffer. When we suffer, we feel the full effects of the nightmare causing us to suffer. It's an unbearable, lonely pain that we all must endure before we can begin our Powers of Mind work.

We can never find ourselves in the illusion-ridden world of materialism and social and religious superiority. Our true essence is found in the failures we are now seeking to escape from. This means the illusion is our desire to leave our impoverished lifestyles for the opulence envisioned in materialism.

Materialism, or money and capitalism cannot provide us with spiritual clarity. Neither can fame or status. That which we seek cannot be found in the world of illusion. It is found only in our Powers of Mind. 

When we search for the Powers of Mind within us, we become one with our failures and problems. This means we understand them and the power we have given them over us.

Meanwhile, this is our opportunity to move closer to the problems creating the nightmare. And when we do, we will discover our Powers of Mind to overcome them.

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

Understanding Our Free Will

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

In our search for enlightenment, one of the troubling aspects of this search is our understanding of free-will. Many of  us believe free-will endows us with unknown powers to make decisions and create things other animals cannot do.

This free-will or rational power -- the power to think and create -- that separates us from everyone else is not fully understood by most of us.

Whenever we begin to raise questions about the origins of our beliefs and values, we inevitably must accept that free will is one facet of the broader teachings we received from our parents, society, and our experiences. For those who seek understanding, there is no debate that what we know about this world and ourselves came from others.

Some  examples of this mind-conditioning process are expressed in how we learned our ABC's, English, mathematics, history, social studies, and so forth in a structured, systematic fashion  designed primarily to make us like everyone else. This developmental process enables us to share a common identity of citizenship. 

Similarly, what we believe is free-will is not some magical knowledge or spiritual ideals floating in our minds. It is nothing more than what we have all been taught to believe about ourselves and others. It's a living, changeable, knowledge base.

Nevertheless, free-will is much like all our other illusions. We believe it represents the reality or facts of life that we have embodied in our beliefs and values.  Unfortunately, traditional free-will is an illusory freedom.

Meanwhile, it's very difficult to believe we used free-will to create unpleasant situations in our lives. Surely, we don't believe  free-will is responsible for our debts or home foreclosures. Nor do we believe free-will is responsible for our alcohol and drug addictions or for our overindulgence in unhealthy fast foods. And even if we bring ourselves to accept this, that we created all this emotional and psychological turbulence in our lives,  it's still difficult for us to comprehend just how it happened.

The more information we have, the greater our free-will. The less information we have, the more limited our free-will. And some societies create greater illusions of freedom than others.  This is particular obvious in religion and justice.

In religion, regardless of the religious order, most of us believe what we were taught and what's acceptable in our society.  And even when our curiosity is piqued about our religious beliefs,  our beliefs and values prevent us from using our free-will to explore other perspectives. These are the inherent consequences from free-will.

The inequality of justice is another consequence of free-will. We can disagree with something and act on our disagreement, but there are expected consequences from our actions.

This means our free-will extends only so far. It is limited by society and the beliefs and values we have embodied in our lives. We can, however, argue successfully that we have greater latitudes in expressing our free-will disagreements than many others who live in more restricted societies. 

Our free-will is also limited in literature and art. We can write what we want to write, at least to a certain degree of acceptance. Society still places restrictions on what we can write and have disseminated by mainstream media communications outlets.

Meanwhile, we do have the Powers of Mind to change our beliefs and values. And with our Powers of Mind we have the clarity to understand that free-will is based on our awareness of being enlightened.

I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Powrs of Mind Conquers the Darkest Hour

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

When we reach the so-called darkest hour or the time of great struggle and turmoil in our lives,  many of us believe this is the point where it cannot get any worse. And some of us even take this further by believing "God will not place more on us than we can bear."

Unfortunately, many of us are not conditioned to accept personal responsibility for our problems. We have been taught to blame them on outside sources -- both known and unknown -- and absolve ourselves.

So we introduce God and other sources as being responsible for both creating our problems and solving them as well. We actually believe God had something to do with our decisions to live above our means or enter into toxic personal relationships..

Moreover, we rationalize our culpability by denying our willful actions in creating the debt, unemployment, home foreclosure, obesity, food, drug and alcohol addiction, toxic  personal relationships, unruly and disobedient children, and so on. We did it, but someone else manipulated us into doing it to teach us a lesson.

Similarly, whether we have the clarity of mind to recognize our responsibility in creating the current conditions in our lives or not, we did. And if we desire to overcome the current conditions in our lives, we have to stop blaming God and others for our reliance on toxic beliefs and values to make our decisions.

The darkest hour is just another illusion from our toxic beliefs and values. It exists because we empower it to exist. And conversely it ceases to exist when we enlighten our minds.

Many of us continue to create an endless supply of darkest hour moments in our lives. We go from one toxic job to another without realizing or declaring what we really want to see in our lives. In other words, we continue to accept mediocrity in our lives rather than greatness 

Nevertheless, when we stop for a moment and examine the beliefs and values we are using to make our decisions, we create the openness necessary for us to discover other perspectives available to us. This means we are not stuck in the same toxic decisions-making process.

Some of us have discovered Powers of Mind as the perspective or awareness we use to overcome the darkness in our lives. This is the awareness of being that sheds light on the illusions created from our toxic beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, when we discover that Powers of Mind is the actually I Am in us, we free ourselves from the toxic beliefs and values disguising themselves as problems.  We clearly know that all of our problems begin and end in our beliefs and values. 

Conversely, the power to go beyond the darkest hour begins and ends in our Powers of Mind.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."