Monday, June 25, 2012

Freedom from Confusion

Even on our good days, some of us continuously struggle with our beliefs and values. They keep us constantly searching for things -- money, power, fame, and respect -- to make us feel good about ourselves.

It seems the more we search for things outside of our minds, the more we embrace our beliefs and values. This makes our search for enlightenment or clear mind an outside one, because we want to know how we fit in with the outside world.

On our inexorable search outside of our minds for clarity, we move further away for our consciousness of enlightenment. The further we go from our essence, the more we rely on our existing beliefs and values to provide us with the clarity to perceive ourselves and the outside world without distortions.

One of the greatest calamities that we face in our lives is the loss of self; our unconditioned mind. In the darkness of our minds, we only see what our beliefs and values tell us we're seeing. We are blinded by the darkness, which prevents us from perceiving ourselves as already possessing completeness.  

Most of us find it too  difficult to accept our completeness, because our current beliefs and values confirm our incompleteness. And it's our lack of awareness of our completeness, I AM, that causes us to perceive ourselves as needy, unworthy, and incomplete. 

When we become overcome with self-condemnation, we want to change something about us to make us more acceptable to the outside world. Unfortunately, the beliefs and values telling us to change are dulled by toxicins.

Each time we condemn ourselves, we destroy some of the power we have to revalue our lives. And we also further denigrate our perceptions of power by diminishing the I AM in our minds. In other words, the I AM we are aware of being becomes helpless, powerless.

The I AM is the awareness that I AM always greater than what I am aware of being. It's the unconditioned consciousness in our minds, which has no limitations and exists as just being. It doesn't have to be anything to exist within our minds.

Unfortunately, whether we are aware of it or not, we are always expressing our awareness of I AM. On some occasions, we believe I AM poor. I AM rich. I AM ill. I AM black, brown, yellow or white. I AM successful or a failure. I AM all that my beliefs and values allow me to be.

Similarly, whether we like it or not, the I AM power we believe is outside of our minds is actually in our minds. We can never separate ourselves from this limitless power, even as we conceive ourselves to be less than the power inside our minds.

Our powers of mind free us from self-condemnation and powerlessness. We are free to detach ourselves from historical machinations designed to confuse us about who we are. This is the freedom that's required for us to go beyond our current beliefs and values, which are responsible for the confusion.

The powers in our minds can free us of the distortions causing us live in the world's darkness. We can enlighten our minds simply by accepting that we are responsible for our beliefs and values. It's not the world and its leaders that are responsible for our confusion about ourselves and the outside world, it's our beliefs and values.

We must remain mindful of our awareness of being to know that others are powerless to free our minds. This is something we must do for ourselves. There's no mystery to the way we think and live. We are always expressing who we are according to our beliefs and values.

Whenever we accept that everything we currently know came from our Guides -- society, parents, and life experiences -- we place ourselves in the position to free our minds of this knowledge. And to accomplish this freedom, we cannot use the same beliefs and values responsible for our confusion.

Nevertheless, for us to free our minds, we must unlearn or remove the beliefs and values causing the confusion and our suffering.  And in our doing so, we must be willing to face the problems we are busy running from while collecting things to conceal our pain and suffering.

This search must be to the deeper parts of mind where the pain and confusion exist. There, in the midst of our pain and suffering, we must have the courage to feel the pain as part of our beliefs and values, and then understand and accept it as our own creations.

When we sit with our minds in complete silence, we clearly know there's no amount of money in the world that will remove the pain from child abuse, self-condemnation, rape, abandonment, shame, and the anger of feeling economically and socially defecated on by others. Our pain and suffering are personal.

Meanwhile, the secret to unleashing the powers in our minds is a simple one. All that is required of us is our willingness to let go of the beliefs and values causing us to seek freedom outside of our minds or from another person.

We also must be willing to accept that no other person in this world is greater than who we are in this moment. This requires us to take the action ourselves to remove the toxic belifes and values responsible for our confusion.

When we can accept the realization that all of the power in the universe is in our minds, then we can become one with the power responsible for creating the universe. 

So stop looking for another person to do for us what we already have the power to do for outselves.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Truth as we Know It

Our consciousness is the only truth we will ever know. And without our consciousness, there is no truth.

Many of us are confused about our consciousness. We frequently forget that our consciousness exists in our minds. It's not something separate from our beliefs and values; it is our beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, many of us believe in the existence of a universal truth. We cannot accept that our consciousness is all that we have to live our lives. So we believe that a greater consciousness exists outside of us that is holding everything together. And we define this consciousness as God, the Creator, Allah, and by many other names.

Many of us even tell ourselves and others that we have established personal relationships with this consciousness. We talk about voices talking to us, visions, and so forth to validate our claims of having a personal relationship. And most of us accept these pronouncements from others, as well as from ourselves, as being universal truths.

Most of our lives are spent trying to mesh our own interpretations of the truth with this universal truth, which we know very little about. In our quest to make our truths congruent, we  have forgotten how the beliefs originated in the first place; from our beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, without becoming deeply involved in philosophical propositions, most of us understand that the real truth exists without our beliefs and values. It is what is without human distortions. Some describe this as forms existing without interpretation.

The truth about who we are exists only in the beliefs we have embodied as true expressions of ourselves and the world. For example, we identify with race, gender, religion, class, and so forth, and this identification determines the truth about who we are, and how we interpret the outside world.

Today, as we seek to understand our purposes, we search for this truth with the same beliefs and values that's concealing it from us. We have forgotten that the search for the truth is an inward one. The clarity we seek exists in our minds.

Similarly, the more we search outside of our minds for this universal truth, the more we condemn ourselves for not finding it. It's important for us to remember that all the great ones we have read about told us to look for this glorious  power within our minds. And that it cannot be found in another person.

The more we embrace negative perceptions of the truth about our power, the more we succumb to the distortions that we believe represent the truth.

Unfortunately, many of our beliefs and values are nothing more than make-believe things we accept as truths. We don't  personally know any of the people we have been taught or know anything about their accomplishments. We accept what we have been taught as true and build from this point.

In other words, we accept what we have been taught about others' historical accomplishments like we accept mathematical axioms. We assume they have already been investigated and proven to be valid or true. Unfortunately, people and their accomplishments are not as easily verifiable as axioms.

The inward search for the truth begins with understanding our powers of mind. This means our understanding of the power we have to search for universal truths within our minds. We have powers in our minds to create new definitions about race, gender, religion, class and so forth.

To understand our powers of mind, we must be willing to free our minds to travel beyond our current beliefs and values. And to know we don't have to rely on yesterday to determine what we can do today.

Many of us have been taught to use prayer and meditation to still the mind and clear away the distortions concealing our powers. However, some of us forget that when we pray and meditate, we are working on our minds. We are communicating with our unconditioned consciousness to assist us with claiming the power we were born with.

Some of us find it's too  difficult to accept that all powers exist in our minds. We want it to exist outside of us. So we continue to search for others to give us the enlightenment we already have within our minds.

As the great ones told us thousands of years ago, The Kingdom of Heaven is within the mind. And before that, another enlightened one told us the truth to free the mind from suffering is within the mind itself. And whether we believe it or not, it is the only truth we will ever know.

Whenever we reach the clarity of mind to stop devaluing  or condemning ourselves, we will clearly know that the truth exists only in our minds.

And when we accept that all power comes to us from our mind, we will have discovered the glorious truth we have read about others possessing.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Illusions of Hope

Some of our illusions are more harmful to us than others. One of the more pernicious ones is hope. It's pernicious because it prevents us from living in the present moment, and from accepting ourselves as complete.

Hope is one of the numerous illusions produced by our beliefs and values that distort our perception of ourselves and the outside world. And it's this distortion of powers of mind that cause us to believe our present conditions are worse than what they really are.

At some point in our lives, we all hope things will get better. Sometimes we just feel powerless. We daydream by creating fanciful images of a better future. This is all part of the mind game played out everyday by our beliefs and values.

Whenever we rely on hope, it means we believe we don't have the power to obtain the things we desire to possess in our lives. And by our reliance on hope, we diminish the powers of mind to produce the things we desire.

In other words, we stop working on discovering the power in our minds and beginning  hoping for miracles to make us feel good about ourselves.   And regardless of how much we hope our lives will get better, we still must empower our minds to do the work to make it so.

Some of us hope that the world will change and people will all get along with each other. While some of us hope everyone will be able to get a job, own a home, and live the ideal dream. Yet it is this hope to change things outside of us that's responsible for our illusions.

Whenever we gain enough clarity in our minds, we can clearly see that there's nothing right or wrong with the world. What we perceive as right and wrong come from our beliefs and values.

Our judgments about ourselves and the outside world are nothing more than interpretations produced by our beliefs and values. In other words, we are using illusions to interpret illusions.

There is a reality that exists independently of our beliefs and values. This is the reality we cannot see because it's distorted by our beliefs and values. It's a reality that everything is all right in world.

There are no great problems facing us, except those produced by beliefs and values. Our minds  manufacture problems to inextricably tie us to the illusions expressing themselves as realities.

This causes us to establish spiritual and moral principles, which are products of our beliefs and values, to assist us with interacting with the outside world.

After we play the outside mind game for awhile, we begin to accept less in our lives than we are capable of producing for ourselves. This limited perspective of ourselves cause us to desire things we see others possessing.

It's rather obvious that from these beliefs and values we begin to hope. So our hopes become desires for things outside of us. This means we can stop hoping for things by searching within our own minds for our completeness.

We were born complete and perfect to express what we need to do on this journey. We have in minds the blueprint for everything we will ever need on this journey.

We just have to learn how to know that we are, for example, apple trees and not orange trees. And to be who we are, we don't need to compare ourselves to others.

So today we bury hope and resurrect the powers of mind. All the power we need is in our minds. And when we discover this wonderful truth, we will no longer have to hope to get better. We will know that we are already complete, but we can't see this in ourselves because of our beliefs and values.

All power is in our minds. This is where prayer, meditation, faith, hope, and our interpretations of ourselves and the outside world exist.