Monday, February 23, 2015

The Consciousness to be Born-Again

We are born with our unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness is all the power we will ever need to express an enlightened awareness-of-being.

For us to be born-again, we must first understand what this seemingly impossible concept means. Obviously, we cannot actually be physically reborn in the same form as we possess now. So this has to mean a spiritual or consciousness rebirth.

When we become aware of how to use our unconditioned consciousness, then we understand that this rebirth in consciousness begins with our awareness-of-being dependent on others' beliefs and values. In other words, we become aware of how we created ourselves based on what others taught us.

Similarly, many of us continue to believe what others (parents and society) taught, and continue to teach, us about being born-again. They continue to teach us that being born-again is a ritual used to consummate our declaration of faith. 

Consequently, we continue to delude ourselves about this process. We now believe that all we have to do is make a declaration of faith,  participate in a ritual, and suddenly our lives are transformed from the beliefs and values taught us by others.

Meanwhile, after this process, if we continue to examine ourselves, we will discover that our beliefs and values are  basically the same. The primary difference is that we now believe this is a new, transformative experience, which requires us to try and control many aspects of our behavior. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that this information was in the world before we were born. 

As long as we are relying on the beliefs and values taught us by others, we are still powerless to them. This means we are still  perceiving ourselves with societal labels of race, color, gender, religion, class, and so on.

So what's the solution for rebirth? We have been provided the answer over and over again by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and others. Unfortunately, most of us still don't know how to do it.

Nevertheless, being born-again begins with our consciousness. We must accept that within our being is unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness begins and ends in itself. It is not dependent on societal beliefs and values for its purpose. 

The process of reuniting with our unconditioned consciousness is transcendence. In other words, we lose our current awareness-of-being (beliefs and values) and discover another one (enlightened beliefs and values). This means that the current one has to pass away in order for the other one to appear.

At the deeper levels of this consciousness, we must be willing to let go of the toxic beliefs and values from our parents and others. We must become our own teachers by understanding how to use our unconditioned consciousness.

We will discuss this further in future blogs.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spiritual Changes Beyond our Current Awareness-of-Being

Most of us are fixated on who we are now, and what we hope to become in the future. We are constantly trying to change our current awareness-of-being into something else. We desire to reach a spiritual apogee  that's much greater than our current one. 

The more we try to change our current awareness-of-being, the more we dislike the current one. Our efforts lock us into a cyclical nightmare of daydreaming about the past, and its glorious fun days, to hoping we change to someone better in the future. 

It's unfortunate for us that we have been taught by others to believe we are always spiritually incomplete. This incompleteness drives us to try and change something we cannot see or touch.

Nevertheless, after years of searching for spiritual awareness, most of us discover that it's far more difficult  to change our spiritual awareness-of-being than our career or status. We also discover that spirituality is invisible, and therefore exists only in our individual beliefs and values.

Many of us think we have reached a spiritual apotheosis by simply saying it's so. After we do a few meditations, say a few prayers, and attend a few religious meetings, we believe we have elevated ourselves to a higher level of spiritual awareness.

We begin to emulate the spiritual motions of those whom we believe are more spiritually developed than us. In other words, we try to impress others by our outwardly spiritual gestures.

Similarly, some of us who are aware of the relationship between spirituality and consciousness understand that consciousness and awareness-of-being is one. And this means we don't try to impress others or seek their approval for our  acceptance of consciousness as being the only spirituality we can ever know.

When we open our consciousness to perceive ourselves without our current beliefs and values, we understand that spirituality is just another word from the  beliefs and values we were taught by others.This means it's changeable.

Meanwhile, our spirituality is not sacrosanct. For most of us, it exists in the beliefs and values that we received from our parents, society, and experience. And our reliance on what others taught us distort whatever theosophical perspective we can discover that will define it's true meaning.

Spirituality, like enlightenment, exists in its pure form only in our unconditioned consciousness. This means it's not found in the teachings of others.

The path to our unconditioned consciousness is one illumined by our Powers of Mind. This is the consciousness that contains within itself a limitless number of awareness-of-beings.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Overcoming Spiritual Mediocrity

 Most of us, who believe we are powerless and poor, are victims of our own spiritual mediocrity. We're in this state of awareness because of our beliefs and values about the current conditions in our lives.
Spiritual mediocrity means we're comfortable being like others. It means we don't want to be different from others, because of our fears of ostracism.  And it also means that we shape our awareness-of-being to fit  with what others are doing to achieve enlightenment.

Similarly, our current awareness-of-being imprisons us as victims to the current conditions in our lives. We believe the conditions in our lives have a reality or existence without their creator. We have forgotten that we are the creators of everything in our lives.

We give power to the illusions expressing themselves as problems in our lives. We endow them with greater powers than their creators. And after awhile, we (creators) become powerless to our  creations (problems).

Nevertheless, our illusions are nothing more than expressions of our beliefs and values. They change whenever we, their higher power, change our beliefs and values.

Most spiritual poor and powerless people have faith in a higher power because it gives us hope. We have been taught by others to believe we're  powerless because we don't have faith in this power. So we pray, meditate, and attend religious worship services to assist us with strengthening our faith in a higher power that's outside of our consciousness. 

For many of us, we never achieve the necessary faith to transmute our powerless beliefs and values into ones of enlightenment. So we continue to search vainly for something that we already possess.

The search for enlightenment is an inner one. One that begins and ends in consciousness. It is the awareness-of-being that's greater than spiritual mediocrity.

Meanwhile, there is a way to change our current awareness- of-being; it is Powers of Mind. Powers of Mind, in its pure form, is unconditioned consciousness.

The narrow road of unconditioned consciousness, the one that exists off the crowed one of spiritual mediocrity, is within our consciousness. It is not found among those hoping that one day they will hear the right sermon, speech, or meet the right person who can transform their lives.

When we realize that our enlightenment is not found in another person, we will know that it already exists in us. And with this realization comes the awareness that we must be reborn in consciousness to use this power.

To be reborn again simply means letting go of the toxic beliefs and values and becoming consciousness-of being one with our unconditioned consciousness.   Consciousness is nothing more than awareness-of-being without the awareness-of-being something defined by toxic beliefs and values.

The road to enlightenment is one that many of us desire to be on, but few are willing to let go of the toxic baggage (beliefs and values) preventing us from entering onto it. The higher power we pray to is in our own unconditioned consciousness.This power is not found in another person, but in each of us.

Meanwhile, when we decide to stop accepting ourselves as victims of spiritual mediocrity, we can open our consciousness to discover the vast power existing in each of us. And with this power, we can no longer accept our awareness-of-being powerless or victims of others' beliefs and values.

Monday, February 9, 2015

"Living in an Enlightenment Energy Field

We are greater than our current state of awareness. Our greater power comes from transmutation. This is the power to transmute our lives from deplorable conditions of pain and suffering into a higher spiritual quality of enlightenment.

Most of us don't truly believe in transmuted power. We think it applies only to the alchemy beliefs from the past. This is not the case.

We have the power to enter into an energy field where transmuting exists. It is in this energy field where we learn that transmutation of our toxic beliefs and values into enlightened ones is a consciousness process.

This consciousness process actually exists beyond our current memory banks filled with toxic beliefs and values. It is at this level where we learn the difference between our mind and consciousness. These are two distinct entities that are independent of each other. At least insofar as clarity and power.

We have the power to transmute the invisible to the visible. In other words, we can transmute our powerless lives into ones fill with expansive power and clarity simply by imagining it so.  As it was said, "call things which are not seen as though they were."

Nevertheless, until we decide to let go of our current awareness-of-being, created from toxic beliefs and values, we cannot enter into the enlightenment energy field. This is the field where we discover how to transmute the invisible into the visible,. and conversely, the visible into the invisible.

Most of us have forgotten how to use clear, untainted , imagination. We have become complacent with what we know about ourselves and others. And it's this complacency that prevents us from uniting with our unconditioned consciousness in the enlightenment energy field.

Similarly, we have self-doubts about the existence of an invisible power in us. We cannot see it or touch it, so its existence is questionable.

Yet it is always present in the enlightenment energy field. And whether we recognize it or not, this invisible consciousness remains unchanged, unmoved, and unresponsive to what we have been taught about ourselves and others.

For us to travel into another time continuum, one that changes our spatiotemporal perspectives on existence, we must be willing to be reborn again, not in the popularized sense used by many today, but in the spiritual or enlightenment awareness found only in our unconditioned or enlightened consciousness.

When we are reborn in enlightenment, we are no longer dependent on toxic beliefs and values to interpret ourselves and others. We're able to perceive ourselves and others without the toxic labels created by others for our use. We will have transitioned in consciousness from one world to another one.

We are the resurrection and life of all our beliefs and values. When one awareness-of-being passes away, we have the power to resurrect a new one. In other words, when we stop believing we are powerless, we have the power to create an entirely new person.

"If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, then a psychological state can produce a physical fact." This is expressed symbolically as: (If A, then B. If B, then A). In other words, in the enlightenment energy field, where we are one with our unconditioned consciousness, consciousness expresses both psychological and physical states of awareness.

Regardless of the current conditions in our lives, we have within us an enlightenment energy field. This power can overcome all the conditions created from our toxic beliefs and values. And with this power, we don't have to remain powerless.