Thursday, June 21, 2018

Overcoming the Victim Mythology

We are not victims. We can only become victims by conditioning our minds to accept ourselves as such. We are all born in consciousness whole, perfect, and complete.

There's an exciting book of Enlightenism Insights that describes a way to overcome victimization and its ancillary pain. The book's formula for overcoming victimization is written in plain and simple prose: You must free yourself from your toxic-victim self.

The origins of victimization began with our birth into an already established world. We are taught by our parents and society to trust their beliefs and values, which will result in our having successful lives.

Regardless of their intentions and desires for us to achieve success, we embodied the pain from their own victimization. Their visions for success was distorted by the beliefs and values used to accept what others taught them. This means victimization is generational.

Nevertheless, if we want to change, then it's incumbent on us to unlearn this information and create a new awareness-of-being. The desire for change must be stronger than our willingness to trust others.

Similarly, our desires for change must be clarified ones: Ones free of victimization and powerlessness. Our desires for change must have their origins in our awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

This is the awareness-of-being where we understand that we are the creators of our minds. We create ourselves from beliefs and values that we use to define ourselves and others.

When we can accept ourselves as the creators of our victimization, then we can accept complete responsibility for our current awareness-of-being. This is the level of clarity we need to begin our work to overcome the victim mythology others taught us.

     "The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula. It is this desire that motivates you to begin your work to discover Enlightenism by creating your first visualization. The goal of your visualization is to free yourself from the pain you're unwilling to tolerate.

     "To achieve this freedom, you must listen to, and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you. When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones and unleash the limitless power of Enlightenism within you. These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to free your mind from the clutches of toxicity."
                                                          "Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cleansing the Suicidal Mind

The recent celebrity suicides focused attention on one aspect of suicide: the physical loss of life. There is another aspect that goes unnoticed and is rarely, if ever, publicized as the cause of death of thousands in this country. These deaths are caused by victimization of the mind.

Victimization is a disease of the mind caused by toxicity. It distorts our awareness-of-being so we accept ourselves as powerless victims.  This distorted awareness-of-being resigns us to live as victims and depend on others to tell us how to live our lives.

When we live as victims for extended time periods, we stop searching for solutions to free us from toxicity. We continue to express anger, self-hatred, racism, and other pernicious mind disorders that will ultimately result in our inner-mind deaths.

Nevertheless, since we are all born into a distorted world, we all suffer from the same victimization and suicidal behavior. Our lost of  the life where we are whole, perfect, and complete goes unnoticed.

Similarly, we believe our  toxic lifestyles represent the pursuit for happiness and power. There are no recognizable symptoms that we are in danger of killing ourselves. So when we become completely victimized, we don't notice that we're no longer whole, perfect, and complete.

When we reach this stage in our lives, we become desperate for others to help us overcome our victimization. Unfortunately, societal treatment programs don't understand that we are dead. So they offer solutions to keep us alive physically.

Meanwhile, when we began to trust ourselves to heal our minds from its suicidal behavior, we discover the most effective treatment program is the one within us. It provides us with solutions to overcome our dependency on others and refrain from accepting ourselves as victims.

     "Similarly, Enlightenism, unlike some other traditional self-help books on spirituality and inner-mind power describes solutions for overcoming your specific pain. I tried many programs that didn't work, because they didn't  present solutions for overcoming the pain from my beliefs and values in societal definitions of race, color, religion, gender, age, education, and status. I was too deeply rooted in these beliefs and values to believe I had the power to overcome them on my own.

     "It's important to understand that accessibility to Enlightenism requires a cleansed mind. You gain access to this great power by accepting yourself as a creator. This is the awareness-of-being you achieve after you unmask toxicity and perceive it as an illusion. You cannot enter into Enlightenism with toxic beliefs and values from your former awareness-of-being. Your new awareness-of-being contains its own beliefs and values.

     "Enlightenism describes the causal connection between your beliefs and values and your awareness-of-being, Your understanding of this this causal relationship is essential to your work of creating a new, toxic-free awareness-of-being. Everything flows from y9our awareness-of-being. It is the cause of pain and the liberation from it."
                                                               "Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly, 2018 
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