Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Power to Overcome Toxicity

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

There's a place in our consciousness where clarity exists. We must make the inward journey to discover this clarity. The inward journey is the path that goes beyond the distortions, deep into the scary regions of our Consciousness where unrelenting pain, regret, anger, and powerlessness exist.

Many become too frightened and discouraged to make this journey. For those who have made it, they warn us to remain vulnerable, open-minded, and willing to trust that unconditioned Consciousness is who we are without toxic distortions.

There are many who  have begun the journey, but few have been able to go far enough to discover the light of clarity. We give up too soon. We rely too heavily on our acquired knowledge from the  classrooms, seminars and so on to guide us.

Meanwhile, this dependency on others thwarts our work and causes us to stop and look for familiar interpretations to confirm we're on the right path. Unfortunately, we forget this is a journey that requires self-acquired knowledge.

Self-acquired knowledge comes from the intuitive Consciousness of Enlightenism. It is beyond the scope of rational interpretations. We attain this knowledge by unlearning and depending on others' beliefs and values.

The journey within Consciousness leads to the beginning of our Awareness-of-Being: Who we were before we became aware of being the person we are now.

Similarly, we do need some clarity to begin our journey. This clarity comes from visualization and imagination. It empowers us to visualize a person that doesn't exist and create one from an image that expresses our Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete.

Nevertheless, we must first learn to trust visualization as self-acquired knowledge. This requires a change in our trust and distrust relationship.  The change is accomplished by reversing the trust-distrust relationship.

When we reverse the trust-distrust relationship, we inevitably trust the intuitive Consciousness of Enlightenism as self-acquired knowledge and the Greater Power. We then let go of our trust in the sense-certainty of others' interpretation of knowledge and clarity.  

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Going Beneath the Problem

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

When we stop allowing our problems to victimize us, then we can focus on understanding their causes. For every problem we have, there is a cause. And for every cause, there's a solution.

Unfortunately, we cannot create a solution for our problems until we understand their origins or basic causes.  In other words, we need to understand what's behind the causes. Why am I an addict, deeply in debt, and so on? These answers come from the ultimate cause, which is our Awareness-of-Being. This is the source of our problems.

Our Awareness-of-Being is changeable. There is a power within us that's greater than all of our Awareness-of-Beings. This power is the unconditioned Consciousness of Enlightenism. It is whole, perfect, and complete. We discover this power on our inward journey through the miasma of toxic distortions concealing its existence from us.

Those who desire to discover this great power must be willing to stop living in a cesspool of illusions. These illusory beliefs and values have imprisoned us in a web of  sense-certainty: A place where we accept others interpretations of the Greater Power.

This type of victimization is difficult to overcome using traditional logical and rational remedies. We must recondition our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we're greater than logic and its sensory interpretations of the Greater Power.  We're now ready to begin our inward journey and go far beneath our problems until we reach the depths of clarity and power.

Many are afraid to make the inward journey. They're too terrified of what they will discover. So we begin  imagining all types of things that we don't want to deal with. We believe some of them are deeply personal and could affect our current relationships.

If we dredge them up, they could disrupt our lives. These are our secrets, the source of our pain. They represents all the bad things we're trying to leave behind.  And for many, it's best to leave them alone and continue to search for external solutions.

Nevertheless, if we desire to know the origins of our problems, we must unearth the hidden beliefs and values. This requires us to feel deep pain and suffering. In other words, to achieve freedom we must go through the essence of our pain.

Regardless of our reluctance to make the inward journey, we must make it if we desire freedom from the lack, limitation, and struggle that are contained in all of our problems. This requires unlearning and reconditioning our Awareness-of-Being to accept itself as the Greater Power.

Similarly, lack, limitation, and struggle produces worry and self-doubts about the existence of unconditioned Consciousness within us. Whenever we feel any lack in our lives, we automatically limit our powers to overcome it. We then drown our Awareness-of-Being in a sea of doubts, fears, and worries.

Nevertheless, after we choose to make the journey, we must be willing to accept that our Awareness-of-Being is the source and solution to our problems. Our focus must be on creating a new Awareness-of-Being rather than focus on solving conditional  problems of addiction, anger, failure, debt, and so on.

Regardless of the current condition of our Awareness-of-Being, there is an alternative to the lack, limitation, and struggle we feel. When we believe and accept that our Awareness-of-Being has the power and clarity to overcome lack, limitation, and struggle, then we will have gone beneath the problem and discovered that the solution is Enlightenism .

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Warning: Toxicity is Deadly

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

Toxicity is a slow, painful, unnoticeable death of our Awareness-of-Being. We're so accustomed to modeling our lives after others that we don't notice the unnoticeable changes occurring within our Consciousness.

When we live with toxicity all our life, we don't know how addictive we are to it until we try to stop using it to define our Awareness-of-Being. The moment we decide to change our addictive lifestyle is the one that opens the Consciousness to accept a new alternative. This is the awakening that we're not only addicts, but victims of toxicity.

Nevertheless, the toxicity game is a deadly one. And if we desire freedom from it, we must change our beliefs and values. Regardless of our cravings to be like others, we have the power to overcome what others taught us about Consciousness.

Our Awareness-of-Being has ignored toxicity all our lives. Furthermore, we believe that since everyone we know is living with it, then it must not be too harmful. We are blinded by our distortions.

Unfortunately, we forget that toxicity is comprised of  "beliefs and values that have a deleterious effect on one's power to distinguish between an illusion and the Greater Power of Enlightenism."

Similarly, in our forgetfulness, we also forgot that we used toxic beliefs and values to create our Awareness-of-Being. This conditioning of the mind causes us to believe if the majority are benefiting from toxicity, then it's acceptable to us.

It's only when we stop being like others that we feel uncomfortable with ourselves. That's when we feel like we're being disobedient. This is the desire within reminding us that the Greater I is the unconditioned Consciousness of Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is without a doubt a power we must discover for ourselves. And for those seeking this power, we first must desire it, then have the courage to make the inward journey that leads to Enlightenism.

On our inward journey, we commit ourselves to overcoming toxicity. Many who make this journey frequently believe toxicity is harmless or not really anything, but a word.

Meanwhile, we can kick the habit of depending on daily fixes of toxicity to make it through life. We can now become creating a new Awareness-of Being with beliefs and values from our unconditioned Consciousness.

This Consciousness-cleansing process begins with a clear desire to overcome toxicity. All that is required of us is to believe and accept that the Greater Power is within our Consciousness.

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"