Saturday, April 27, 2019

Achieving Spiritual Clarity

For as long as I can remember, I believed I was destined to live according to God's will. This meant,  that before I was born, God had determined my purpose, including the extent of my lack, limitation, and struggle. God also chose my parents, spouse, children, career, and so on to assist me with expressing my divine purpose. .

Similarly, since God knew everything I would do before I did something, God also determined whether or not I would become an addict, criminal, minister, or choose some other lifestyle. And whether I liked it or not, this was the way God created me to live.

Even though I frequently fought with myself to overcome this spiritual edict, I discovered  there was no escape from my actions. Regardless of my free-will actions, they could always be interpreted as being consistent with my divine purpose. In other words, if I became an alcoholic, this was part of fulfilling my purpose.

Similarly, whatever happened to me, it happened because God created me to undergo these experiences in order to fulfill my divine purpose. If one is born a slave, it's God's will. If one is born a slave-owner, it's God will. These are the interpretations many use to remain victims of spiritual misinterpretations about the Greater Power.

Whenever we limit ourselves to believe others' interpretations of divine creation, we become victimized by their interpretations.  That's why the victim in us, the consciousness of lack, limitation, and struggle, seeks freedom, but accepts victimization. We lack a perspective that's free of toxic beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, even after having embodied these beliefs and values, there are moments in our lives when we have brief glimpses into clarity. During these moments, we feel our toxicity disappear. This is our intuitive consciousness letting us know we can unlearn others' interpretations denying that we were born whole, perfect, and complete.

It is important to understand spiritual misinterpretations about the Greater Power, and ask ourselves if we're willing to address spiritual clarity from a new perspective that gives us power over our own lives.

How do we begin the process to achieve spiritual clarity? We begin by relinquishing the fear of our unconditioned consciousness. This empowers us with the courage to examine the origins of the beliefs and values defining our awareness-of-being. We then understand the glimpses into clarity come from this consciousness..

When we  accept the Greater Power as unconditioned consciousness, then we accept that our own consciousness is the  spiritual clarity we need to overcome others' interpretations about our divine purpose.

           "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Thursday, April 18, 2019

A New Perspective for Spiritual Freedom

Is our freedom achieved by spiritual faith or intellectual actions. Does spiritual faith determine our intellectual actions?

There are many today who feel powerless to overcome the difficult problems rendering them powerless. Most have given up on intellectual acumen and turned to spiritual faith for  magical solutions.

Whenever we feel powerless, it is caused by a lack of understanding of power. We have forgotten what it is, and how we can access it to solve our problems. If we don't understand power as consciousness, then we accept what others taught us about it.

Our Guides -- Parents and Society -- taught us to believe the Greater Power exists outside of our consciousness.  This information, regardless of intentions,  enslaved us to the sense-certainty of their beliefs and values.

Similarly, our reliance on the sense-certainty of others' teachings limited our consciousness to accept perspectives based only on these teachings. It's then difficult for us to imagine or envision a perspective that conflicts with this information.

Nevertheless, in spite of the difficulties of overcoming powerless beliefs and values, some discovered a new perspective of the Greater Power: One that accepts the Greater Power existing within as unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness, in its natural state of being, is whole, perfect, and complete. It is colorless, faceless, and formless.

Whenever we tire of being powerless, the desire for a new perspective becomes available to us. This desire, if cleansed of its toxic properties, will ultimately lead us to the path home, which is Enlightenism.

When we discover Enlightenism, we have the clarity and power  to create a new awareness-of-being. We can then be "born-again" in consciousness and create a new person that's free of toxic distortions and domination.

Meanwhile, the choice to seek a new perspective is available only to those who desire to overcome our dependency on toxic beliefs and values. If we're willing to make the commitment to become free of toxicity, then we'll know for ourselves that Enlightenism is a new perspective of spiritual freedom. 

When we know for ourselves that the Greater Power is unconditioned consciousness within us, we can then imagine a new awareness-of-being that's colorless, faceless, and formless. 

We encourage you to read the book Enlightenism for a greater understanding of this powerful new holistic spiritual freedom philosophy.

"Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Overcoming Stage 4 Toxicity

There are far too many of us dying from the effects of toxicity. We're in the final stage of succumbing to an awareness-of-being of permanent victimhood. We are living with stage 4 toxicity.

The primary symptoms from this toxic consciousness are effusive denials of its existence, unrelenting desires for personal avarice, overly dependent on religion and social programs for power, and the unwillingness to listen to perspectives that challenge these beliefs and values. Unfortunately, most are unaware they suffer from this pernicious condition.

We have forgotten that we were created whole, perfect, and complete. We have also forgotten the genesis of the beliefs and values responsible for our suffering

When we become acclimated to powerless living, we also choose to accept powerlessness and victimization as the only way for us to live. We have inoculated our consciousness to resist clarity, which prevents us from engaging in Enlightenism Living.

Victims of stage 4 toxicity have only faint passing thoughts of what it feels like to live outside of toxicity. We experience this with sudden bursts of happiness or glimpses of clarity while walking alone on the beach or some other solitaire place. These are the feelings that remind us of something greater, albeit unknown, existing within us.

 Regardless of the condition of our consciousness, whether it's stage 4 or not, we can recondition it with toxic-free beliefs and values. We can transmute a toxic awareness-of-being into a toxic-free one. (This transmutation of consciousness is explained in greater detail in the book, Enlightenism).

Meanwhile, it's important to remember how the transmutation process works in overcoming stage 4 toxicity. The process works basically like this:

1.  Acknowledge the effects toxicity have on  preventing you from overcoming what others taught you.

2. Developing an Understanding of how consciousness works.

3. A willingness to Unlearn toxic beliefs and values..

4,  Release your attachment to the sense-certainty of toxic beliefs and values.

When you can achieve these four goals, you will have discovered the process to cure stage 4 toxicity.

"Enlightenism" is a bold new book by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly