Monday, March 26, 2018

Master of Your Mind

Are you willing to become a master of your mind?

If you desire to unmask toxicity and accept yourself as the Greater Power, then I recommend a must-read book that reveals a formula for achieving this power.

The new book Enlightenism is a 21st Century holistic philosophy that describes a power that's greater than societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status. This powerful book is written from an awareness-of-being of accepting ourselves as a creator of the pain in lives as well as the liberator from this pain.

Enlightenism is scheduled for release on April 02, 2018. Before its release, I am sharing some excerpts from the book that describes its value as a self-awakening power.

     "When I began my work in consciousness, I wondered if I could ever overcome what others had taught me about power and my worthiness to possess it. This inquisitiveness led me on a journey through the deepest realms of consciousness within me. I felt like so many others who sought solutions to overcome their pain but didn't know where to look.

     "My first instinct was to do what I had always done and ask someone to tell me what to do. I didn't think of myself as being powerful or knowledgeable to solve my own problems. It's a powerless feeling to want power and not know where to find it. This is why I'm writing Enlightenism, because there's a need for us to know how to solve our own problems.

     "If you're willing to stop tolerating the pain from societal definitions in your life, then it's important to first understand who created the pain. The book's main thesis is to unravel misinterpretations about who is responsible for the pain and problems in your life."

For those who desire a way out of pain, I am confident this book will r greatly enhance your life.