Thursday, January 3, 2019

Enlightenism Resolutions

I am the Enlightenist. "I am Greater than the I that I Created"

Today, I affirm that I will not continue to play mythical games with myself. I no longer accept myself as a powerless victim. I will not blindly accept others' beliefs and values as absolute truths.

I am the Enlightenist. I trust myself to make decisions for myself. I live free of toxic judgments about people, places, and things. I affirm my worthiness in this day to accept that I am whole, perfect, and complete.

I am the Enlightenist. I have clear desires that are consistent with my Awareness-of-Being. My Awareness-of-Being contains within it the Power of Creation and Expression.

I am the Enlightenist.  No force or person can prevent me from accepting my Awareness-of-Being. My purpose is clearly defined by my Awareness-of-Being.

I am the Enlightenist. I see clearly that I am the beginning and end of all my actions. There are no obstacles to prevent me from expressing my purpose in life.

I am the Enlightenist. I don't allow others to decide my actions. I trust my Awareness-of-Being as the Truth of who I am.

I am the Enlightenist. I accept my responsibility to eat healthy foods. I accept my responsibility to participate in daily physical and mental exercises.  

I am the Enlightenist. My power comes from my clarity. My clarity comes from Enlightenism.

I am the  Enlightenist. I am free of failure and success. I seek neither, nor accept either.

I am the Enlightenist. My journey is known only to me. I am the one who knows the way, the truth, and purpose of my life. I travel unseen within the illusions.

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