Friday, December 14, 2018

Spiritual Freedom

Do we really have spiritual freedom? Are our choices limited by our beliefs and values? Unfortunately, for many, it's difficult to imagine, much less accept, that we don't have spiritual freedom.

Everything we know about spirituality comes from a prepared buffet of religious choices. Each one purports to be spiritual freedom that connects us to the Absolute Power, God, or the Greater Power.

Some of us believe that with Enlightenism, we can connect to the Greater Power on our own. In other words, our spiritual freedom is not limited to the choices created by others' beliefs and values.

We acknowledge that our freedom comes from our clarity to accept ourselves as being born whole, perfect, and complete. And, upon our birth, this awareness-of-being was altered by others who taught us about race, color, gender, religion, age, status, and education.

Spiritual  freedom is the clarity to understand that spirituality and consciousness are the same. This means when we are praying or seeking solutions for our problems, we are actually seeking to connect with our inner power to give us the clarity to do the work ourselves.

Nevertheless, until we awaken to this great truth of inner power, our current awareness-of-being is our only source of clarity.  For us to create a new awareness-of-being, we must unlearn the beliefs and values responsible for our current problems. This new awareness-of-being must be created from non-toxic beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, to achieve spiritual freedom, we must first unlearn the illusory beliefs and values preventing us from accepting our unconditioned consciousness as whole, perfect, and complete. This is all the clarity we need to understand that spiritual freedom exists only within our consciousness.

To learn more about this Spiritual Freedom philosophy, please click the Image on this page and read the book "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Monday, December 10, 2018

New Beginnings

In the process of New Beginnings, the victim in us fights for survival each time we desire to do something different. Whenever we seek change, the victim in us cries for others' approval of our actions. Unfortunately, it's this dependency on others that fosters deep-seated doubts about letting go of toxic relationships.

Nevertheless, there are times in our lives when we must begin anew. Whenever we feel this way, we must be willing  to let go of toxic relationships and create new, non-toxic ones. These are the times to trust our actions and stop asking others for their approval.

Regardless of the intensity of our desires for change, by holding on to what others have taught us, make us victims of their beliefs and values. All that we know about relationship-building come from beliefs and values absolving us of personal responsibility for the outcome of our relationships..

Whenever we begin new relationships, we enter into them without first having done the work to cleanse our minds of the toxicity from the last one. Unfortunately, this awareness-of-being prevents organic change. Nevertheless, our awareness-of-being continues to think of change or a new lifestyle from a toxic perspective.

In other words, we don't really know how to start over. So we continue to believe new experiences are actually new beginnings in consciousness.

Meanwhile, we continue to change our relationships with people rather than our awareness-of-being. The purpose of changing our lives is the recognition that new beginnings must come from a new, toxic-free, awareness-of-being.

The following passage from the book of Enlightenism assists with illuminating "New Beginnings":

     "The first and last ingredient of the formula is to live and embody your awareness-of-being. The sole purpose of Enlightenism work is to create a new awareness-of-being. This new awareness-of-being must be as toxic-free as possible. You now have the clarity to understand that your awareness-of-being determines not only what you think of yourself, but your actions."

                                                              "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Power to Overcome Self-Victimization

Today, I affirm: "I am greater than the I that I created." 

Many of us don't believe we have self-victimized ourselves by depending on others' beliefs and values. We're in denial that a victim epitomizes  societal labels of race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

To free ourselves from self-victimization, we first must understand that it begins with our awareness-of-being. We are aware of being such and such a person, however, we forget how we became this person.

Our work in Enlightenism is focused on unlearning and unmasking the beliefs and values we used to create our awareness-of-being. We are reconditioning our minds to free ourselves from the beliefs and values taught by our parents and society.

Similarly, we are debunking the sense-certainty of their beliefs and values. And as we do, we are discovering a new perspective on power and clarity. This new perspective unravels the puzzle of overcoming victimization.

The more we remain dependent on others for our power and clarity, the more we search for freedom within the sense-certainty of societal beliefs and values. This blind search, with flickering lights of toxic interpretations, moves us deeper into the abyss of toxicity: A place where victims live.

Nevertheless, the victimization process is as effortless as learning the ABC's. This means we're too busy learning the information to think about its impact on our lives. In other words, we don't concern ourselves with the origin of the language or that it was created by others, because we're happy with our mastery of the information.

Meanwhile, this mastery of the information has conditioned our minds to believe we are of such and such race, color, and so forth. We are now immersed in a toxic illusion devoid of light and clear consciousness. The darkness from the illusion prevents us from overcoming what others have taught us.  This makes it seem impossible  to discover a new perspective of ourselves existing without dependency on others' beliefs and values.

When we discover that we have self-victimized ourselves, we're now ready to accept Enlightenism as the power we need to create a new awareness-of-being.

       "It's important to know that you cannot transform toxicity into power without first desiring it to happen. You must constantly remind yourself over and over again that Enlightenism is real and it exist within you. And you are the only deterrence to its expression in your life. 
     "Whenever you forget that you're whole, perfect, and complete you also doubt the existence of Enlightenism within you. It's your doubts that keep you imprisoned in toxicity. They come forth in your life whenever you forget you're the creator of your awareness-of-being. When this happens, you must constantly self-motivate to continue your work, regardless of sensory interpretations." 
                                                          "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Formula for Achieving Greater Power

Consciousness is the key that unlocks the door that leads to our Greater Power. This Greater Power is the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.
When we believe what others teach us about the Greater Power existing outside of us, we accept this information as sense-certain. In other words, we accept others  interpretations  because we haven't achieved the clarity to refute them.

Many powerless victims of toxicity desire to wake-up, but don't know how. Unfortunately,we don't believe we have the power to wake-up on our own. So we continue hoping for others to discover a way for us to wake-up.

Today, a formula has been tested and proven to work successful on awakening us to accept the Greater Power as existing within. The formula was tested over a fifteen years trial period on an African-American male, who desired to change his life.  

The results of this study in consciousness is shared in the book "Enlightenism." The book describes how the formula works best on a cleansed toxic-free mind.

Similarly, we must first be willing to unlearn what others taught us about ourselves and the world. We then must do the work to create a new awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

When we do the work to unlearn what our parents and society taught us, we achieve the clarity to go beyond our dependency on their beliefs and values. We can then go to a deeper level of consciousness where we exist as colorless, formless, and faceless. To achieve this level of awareness, we must first unlearn toxicity or our sense-certainty of others beliefs and values.

     "Unfortunately, change is what causes many people the greatest trepidation. For those trained to believe in toxicity, change represents the unknown, unbelievable, and unproven power.

     "For most people, change, particularly enlightened and self-empowered change, is considered the enemy of toxicity or the status quo. It forces you to accept responsibility for the conditions in your life and environment. Yet the way to your enlightened consciousness requires a willingness to unlearn toxicity. This means your commitment to Enlightenism must be greater than your commitment to toxicity."
                                                    "Enlightenism" by Brother Malcolm Kelly

Friday, October 12, 2018

Kanye West's Dilemma for Blacks

Kanye West's support for President Trump has plunged Blacks into an unexpected dilemma. Many of the black political pundits and intelligentsia don't consider him a reputable or knowledgeable person to express problems and solutions for Blacks. In other words, they believe he's uneducated, uncouth, and expresses himself in a manner that embarrasses many Blacks,

He is reminiscent of Fannie Lou Hammer: A civil rights icon fighting for acceptance of Blacks into the Mississippi delegation at the 1964 Democratic convention. She, like Kanye, felt and expressed the raw pain of being Black in this country. Some historians claim that most Black civil rights  leaders didn't want her to have a public platform, because she lacked the  education and  sophistication to speak on behalf of Blacks. The primary distinction between Ms. Hammer and Kayne is she was  expressing concerns that Blacks supported, while  Kanye is expressing concerns to someone most Blacks dislike.

We have become accustomed to smooth-talking Blacks, who by their education and class make us feel good about racial progress.  They allow us to participate in intellectual gymnastics and apathy. They incite us to claim our victimization by gossiping about  judicial injustices, police brutality, racism, Black on Black crime and so forth.  Their eloquence and erudition lull us into an illusion where we forget millions of Blacks don't talk, act, or live similar lifestyles as they do.

Whenever we hear someone like the raw, unfiltered Kanye speak, we don't know how to label him. Some of the Black Intelligentsia  called him a "Cultured Negro," "a sell-out," "crazy," and so forth. Instead of attacking Kanye, why not thank him for opening our eyes to see and hear what Blacks have to say who are not considered to be politically savvy.

Nevertheless, his willingness to break with the black, monolithic-Democrat voting block is in many ways courageous. Regardless of  our opinions of him, he verbalizes his beliefs in a manner that's similar to how many inner-city Blacks talk to each other about overcoming victimization.

Those who believe they are qualified to speak for Blacks should also think about the Kayne-effect that's absent in their lives. In other words, Kanye, without his wealth, symbolizes millions of Blacks publicly silenced and unable to share their pain, feelings, and desires to overcome victimization.

Similarly, at this point in our lives, we should have achieved the clarity to understand that Kanye is a Black man. He has felt, and continues to feel, the pain of being a Black man in this society. And while his political and social beliefs are anathema to most Blacks, they are his and we can listen to them and understand he represents a sizable number of Blacks that we claim we're fighting for their equality and freedom.

Meanwhile, when we live outside of ourselves trying to fit into a toxic environment, we tend to forget we have embodied massive dosages of other people's information, which distorted our organic awareness-of-being. The desire to change is the awareness to know that "waking-up isn't popular."

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Unlearning Victim Beliefs and Values

Are we doomed to live and die in an illusion? The answer is yes, unless we discover how to free ourselves from the limitations of human knowledge.

We define this freedom as  Enlightenism: the clarity to know  we're living in an illusion. This is the awareness-of-being where we have the power to stop struggling for our freedom and accept it as consciousness.  

Nevertheless, the more we struggle within the darkness of human knowledge, the more we distrust  there's a Greater Power within us. When we embody years of toxicity, we accept what we have been taught as sense-certainty.

Similarly, after awhile, we don't question the information. We just embody it as sense-certain or the truth.

When the victim desires to free himself or herself from illusory beliefs and values, it becomes apparent that we must recondition our minds with toxic-free beliefs and values.

This awareness of being personal responsible for creating and overcoming our problems is the beginning of the process for unlearning victim beliefs and values. Unlearning doesn't mean forgetting what we have been taught, it means detaching ourselves from the  certainty of the information.

When we detach ourselves from toxicity, we clearly know what we have been taught can be changed. Unfortunately, this change happens only when we acknowledge we have the power to change our beliefs and values.

It's easy to forget that acceptance of ourselves as powerless victims come from beliefs and values. These are the beliefs and values that confirm our sense-certainty about truth, divinity, power, clarity, and so on.

We discovered in our search for freedom that it exists in unconditioned consciousness. This Enlightenism consciousness is available to all who seek to use it. Those who do, can use it to create a new person or awareness-of-being

      "Regardless to what you have been taught by others, you are the cause and effect of the conditions in your life. You are always causing things to happen in your life even when you're unaware of the effects from your causes.

      "There are times in your life that you believe your actions are not true expressions of the person you believe you are aware of being. During those time, you believe your actions don't represent your intentions. This happens, particularly, during the times when you incur debt, pain from relationships, and regrets from angry outbursts."
                                       From the book of "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Overcoming the Victimized Mind

We are born into a world created by others. From our birth, and throughout our lives, we are taught beliefs and values that we use to create our awareness-of-being. It is from this awareness-of-being that we act, interpret, judge, and defend what we have been taught.

The desire to free ourselves from the sense-certainty of what we have been taught must be a cleansed one: One that is free of toxic distortions. In other words, our desires for freedom must begin with understanding how we created our awareness-of-being. This is the understanding required for us to create a new, completely different, awareness-of-being.

When we identify our awareness-of-being as victims, we imprison our desires and actions to accept ourselves as powerless to overcome what we have been taught. The freedom from victimization is achieved when we overcome our current beliefs and values.

A few of us have acted on our desires to overcome victimization. Our desires and actions are expressed clearly in The Book of Enlightenism. Enlightenism contains the formula for overcoming our current awareness-of-being and the power to create a new one. We accept this new one as the unconditioned consciousness within us that expresses itself as whole, perfect, and complete.

     "The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula. It is this desire that motivates you to begin your work to discover Enlightenism by creating your first visualization. The goal of your visualization is to free yourself from the pain you're unwilling to tolerate.

     "To achieve this freedom, you must listen to, and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you. When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones and unleash the timeless power of Enlightenism within you. These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to free your mind from the clutches of toxicity.

     "One of the primary misinterpretations about how to change your life is believing that it takes too long, and you don't have enough time and power. When the desire is strong enough and the commitment firm, then you always have enough time and power."
                                                 "Enlightenism" authored by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Power for Overcoming Victimization

Regardless of the pain in our lives, we can do something about it. We can change the beliefs and values responsible for it.

Our pain is directly connected to our actions. Our actions are directly connected to our beliefs and values. Our beliefs and values are directly connected to our Awareness-of-Being.

The solution for overcoming pain is discovered in our awareness-of-being, which is the essence of my book on "Enlightenism." The book describes a formula for creating a new Awareness-of-Being.

This formula was created by a transformed, cleansed, and reconditioned victimized mind. This means it comes from someone who knows and understands that the origins of our pain come from the beliefs and values in our Awareness-of-Being.

All that we have been taught by others came from others. All that we teach ourselves come from an Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete. In other words, when we overcome our dependency on others, we begin the work to create a new person.

The greatest challenge we face is to stop depending on others to teach us about power and clarity. If we desire power and clarity, we must achieve it on our own. This discovery transcends abstract spiritual concepts of deities and of the universe as a thinking being,

Similarly, if the American slaves had discovered that their consciousness was the cause and effect of the conditions in their lives, then they could have freed themselves. This concept of freedom applies today to those who are in abusive relationships, imprisoned by various addictions, overcome by racial and spiritual illusions, and wasting away in penal institutions.

The powers of the Enlightenism mind is present for all to see and use who are willing to believe in things not taught by others, but discovered by you.

This excerpt from my book, "Enlightenism," has helped me through the pain, the dark, lonely days when it seemed like I couldn't make it, When I had no one to listen to, I turned my attention to myself; the one experiencing the pain.

     "During moments of forgetfulness, you forget you're producing effects in your life that are identical in every detail to your Awareness-of-Being. After a while, and with years of mindless actions, it's easy to forget that your mindless, seemingly innocuous actions, are representations of what you think of yourself. When you experience unpleasant conditions in your life, you forget you created them, not someone else. These are times when we try to shift the blame to others and unforeseen circumstances."
     "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Please click the Enlightenism image on this page and get the book for yourself. If you're in pain, I guarantee the insights will assist you with overcoming the pain on your own.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Powers of the Enlightenism Mind

The desire for freedom begins with the recognition that you're a victim. A victim is "One who perceives himself or herself powerless to overcome the conditions in one's life without depending on others for guidance. One who relies on the teachings and beliefs and values of others to define one's purpose for living"

We are living in a time period where power is being redefined as Enlightenism. This greater power is what we need to stop believing in victimization or believing we're powerless to overcome the societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

Regardless of the conditions or the magnitude of our problems, we have the power to overcome them. The power to overcome is the recognition of ourselves as the creators of our problems, not their victims.

It's impossible for a victimized mind to free us from toxicity. Toxicity means: "Beliefs and values that have a deleterious effect on one's power to distinguish between an illusion and the Greater Power of Enlightenism."

Our freedom must come from an awareness-of-being that's free of toxicity. One where we can imagine and accept ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete. This means we first must work on cleansing our minds of toxicity.

The work begins with our relinquishing denials of victimization. Victimization is not a bad word or one relegated to specific races or classes of people. Its meaning goes beyond these toxic interpretations.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is the ideal of consciousness, not the search for consciousness but its discovery. In other words, Enlightenism is the clarity you experience when all memories of victimization have been removed from your beliefs and values.

     "Regardless of what others say or think about you, you must be committed to changing the way you think and act. It will probably take your spouse, friends, relatives, co-workers, and family members some time to recognize the changes you are making in your life..

     "Nevertheless, you must remain firm in your resolve to trust Enlightenism to guide you in making clear decisions. And, as sure as day follows night, your new actions will produce a new person in the world. This new person will personify your new awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete."
                                                                         "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

You can purchase "Englightenism" by clicking the Image on this page or from your local bookseller.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Death of Victimization

Even though it was a long time coming,  we can finally affirm the death of victimization. After a painful, long-suffering, and toxic existence devoted to infecting our minds with contagious illusions, Enlightenism has finally snuffed out the life of Victimization.

We're now free to cleanse our minds of toxicity without fear of reprisals from others. Our work begins with restoring trust in ourselves. This is a key component of the Enlightenism formula that's available to assist us with unlearning toxicity.

Similarly, our new understanding of the origins of our victimization provide us with the clarity not to return to our former victim lifestyles. We know that the illusory interpretations of spiritual and social power were based on the interpretations of others who were trying to escape from their own pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, we accepted what we were taught and, like our teachers, became victimized by toxic beliefs and values. We believed, as they did, that we couldn't free ourselves from the fate of living our lives as victims. Fortunately, we no longer have to live in the dungeon of victimization they created for us.

For years, as loyal victims, we have defended the beliefs and values responsible for our  victimization. We felt a deep sense of pride in our ability to  interpret historical information describing others as the sages of power and clarity. We were content being less than others as long as we believed what we had been taught was the truth.

Now that the truth has been exposed as an illusion, we must discover the truth about ourselves. We must answer the question for ourselves about "Who am I?"

Some of us have discovered that Enlightenism is the power to overcome victimization. This discovery clarified for us that our awareness-of-being is the source of our power. I describe these clarified insights in the new book "Enlightenism."

     ",,, These four freedoms are discussed in greater detail in later chapters in the book. There's a tendency by many Enlightenism neophytes to distrust the four freedoms. This new approach for creating and awareness-of-being may be difficult for you to believe because it seems so easy to do.

"Nevertheless, for you to create a more powerful awareness-of-being, you first must be willing to unlearn the toxic beliefs and values causing you to believe in powerlessness, victimization, and oppression.

     "Unfortunately, change is what causes many people the greatest trepidation. For those trained to believe in toxicity, change represents the unknown, unbelievable, and unproven power."
                                                          "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cleansing the Victimized Mind

Some days it's difficult to believe and accept ourselves as the greater power. These are the ones when we feel victimized by problems of lack, limitation, and struggle.

Many of us have conditioned our minds with toxic beliefs and values that render us powerless to overcome our problems. We have become so victimized by societal definitions that we believe it's fruitless to trust our minds to unlearn the information responsible for our problems.

Similarly, as victims of others' beliefs and values, we believe the way out of pain and suffering is contained within the spiritual, psychological, and historical interpretations, which rendered us victims in the first place. It is from this victimized perspective that we search for power by depending on the teachings from others.

Nevertheless, there are some of us who are unwilling to accept ourselves as victims of the beliefs and values of others. We have discovered Enlightenism as the Greater Power within our minds. We are now committed to cleansing our minds of victim beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, the work to cleanse the victimized mind begins with understanding how our minds became victimized by others' beliefs and values. We must now stop defending toxic beliefs and values as the truth about who we are.

The societal truth exists only within our awareness-of-being. This means our beliefs and values determine the truth according to our awareness-of-being. Unfortunately, it is from this self-created awareness-of-being victims that we search for the truth with victimized minds.

Similarly, there is a new holistic philosophy of Enlightenism that cleanses the mind of victimization and dependency on toxic reference points in history for our clarity. This new philosophy is described in clear, concise, readable language in the book "Enlightensim."

The following excerpt from "Enlightenism" describes a formula for "Cleansing the Victimized Mind."

      "When you can no longer tolerate the never-ending pain, this is the moment to focus on the mindfulness required to change your beliefs and values. You begin this work by understanding how you frequently act without any clear connection to the person you're aware of being. These actions produce results that appear to have no connection to you. They seem to have magically created themselves to appear as pain in your life.

     "For you to understand the creator of your actions, you first must know that the person you're currently aware of being is the creator. The vision you're working to express into the world is inextricably tied to mindfulness. This understanding of causation information is crucial to your work to remain mindful of the beliefs and values you're using top create a toxic-free awareness-of-being."


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Overcoming the Victim Mythology

We are not victims. We can only become victims by conditioning our minds to accept ourselves as such. We are all born in consciousness whole, perfect, and complete.

There's an exciting book of Enlightenism Insights that describes a way to overcome victimization and its ancillary pain. The book's formula for overcoming victimization is written in plain and simple prose: You must free yourself from your toxic-victim self.

The origins of victimization began with our birth into an already established world. We are taught by our parents and society to trust their beliefs and values, which will result in our having successful lives.

Regardless of their intentions and desires for us to achieve success, we embodied the pain from their own victimization. Their visions for success was distorted by the beliefs and values used to accept what others taught them. This means victimization is generational.

Nevertheless, if we want to change, then it's incumbent on us to unlearn this information and create a new awareness-of-being. The desire for change must be stronger than our willingness to trust others.

Similarly, our desires for change must be clarified ones: Ones free of victimization and powerlessness. Our desires for change must have their origins in our awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

This is the awareness-of-being where we understand that we are the creators of our minds. We create ourselves from beliefs and values that we use to define ourselves and others.

When we can accept ourselves as the creators of our victimization, then we can accept complete responsibility for our current awareness-of-being. This is the level of clarity we need to begin our work to overcome the victim mythology others taught us.

     "The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula. It is this desire that motivates you to begin your work to discover Enlightenism by creating your first visualization. The goal of your visualization is to free yourself from the pain you're unwilling to tolerate.

     "To achieve this freedom, you must listen to, and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you. When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones and unleash the limitless power of Enlightenism within you. These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to free your mind from the clutches of toxicity."
                                                          "Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cleansing the Suicidal Mind

The recent celebrity suicides focused attention on one aspect of suicide: the physical loss of life. There is another aspect that goes unnoticed and is rarely, if ever, publicized as the cause of death of thousands in this country. These deaths are caused by victimization of the mind.

Victimization is a disease of the mind caused by toxicity. It distorts our awareness-of-being so we accept ourselves as powerless victims.  This distorted awareness-of-being resigns us to live as victims and depend on others to tell us how to live our lives.

When we live as victims for extended time periods, we stop searching for solutions to free us from toxicity. We continue to express anger, self-hatred, racism, and other pernicious mind disorders that will ultimately result in our inner-mind deaths.

Nevertheless, since we are all born into a distorted world, we all suffer from the same victimization and suicidal behavior. Our lost of  the life where we are whole, perfect, and complete goes unnoticed.

Similarly, we believe our  toxic lifestyles represent the pursuit for happiness and power. There are no recognizable symptoms that we are in danger of killing ourselves. So when we become completely victimized, we don't notice that we're no longer whole, perfect, and complete.

When we reach this stage in our lives, we become desperate for others to help us overcome our victimization. Unfortunately, societal treatment programs don't understand that we are dead. So they offer solutions to keep us alive physically.

Meanwhile, when we began to trust ourselves to heal our minds from its suicidal behavior, we discover the most effective treatment program is the one within us. It provides us with solutions to overcome our dependency on others and refrain from accepting ourselves as victims.

     "Similarly, Enlightenism, unlike some other traditional self-help books on spirituality and inner-mind power describes solutions for overcoming your specific pain. I tried many programs that didn't work, because they didn't  present solutions for overcoming the pain from my beliefs and values in societal definitions of race, color, religion, gender, age, education, and status. I was too deeply rooted in these beliefs and values to believe I had the power to overcome them on my own.

     "It's important to understand that accessibility to Enlightenism requires a cleansed mind. You gain access to this great power by accepting yourself as a creator. This is the awareness-of-being you achieve after you unmask toxicity and perceive it as an illusion. You cannot enter into Enlightenism with toxic beliefs and values from your former awareness-of-being. Your new awareness-of-being contains its own beliefs and values.

     "Enlightenism describes the causal connection between your beliefs and values and your awareness-of-being, Your understanding of this this causal relationship is essential to your work of creating a new, toxic-free awareness-of-being. Everything flows from y9our awareness-of-being. It is the cause of pain and the liberation from it."
                                                               "Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly, 2018 
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Friday, May 25, 2018

Winning the War Within

Our Guides -- parents and society -- taught us how to fight things outside. They believed our obstacles came from people in positions of power. And our goal in life was to be strong and overcome life's challenges by accepting ourselves according to their teachings.

It's easy to forget they were wrong. The real fight is with the beliefs and values defining us by race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

Meanwhile, as Enlightenism practitioners we have created a new education system to overcome what our Guides  taught us. Some may find it difficult to embrace the Enlightenism system because, on the surface, it seems we're attacking our parents for doing the best they chose to do to properly raise us.

Nevertheless, when we go beneath the surface, to the causal level, we clearly understand this is not an attack on our parents or society, but a self-awakening experience.  It's only when we go beneath the pain that we understand the origin of our pain.

Similarly, our daily war with illusory beliefs and values keep us in a state of denial about who we are. We also cannot accept that the war we're waging against external illusions is a losing cause.

The illusions exist because we give them life with our beliefs and values.. In other words, we're fighting with ourselves to confirm an awareness-of-being created from illusory beliefs and values. 

Some 21st Century Enlightenism practitioners have armed ourselves with new beliefs and values to win the war within. We are disarming our toxic enemies one belief at a time.

We have armed ourselves with clarity and powerful insights from "Enlightenism" a new book that describes solutions for winning the internal war against  illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle. The following excerpt from the book is provided as armor to wear in the war to free ourselves from victimization and powerlessness.

     "The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula. It is this desire that motivates you to begin your work to discover Enlightenism by creating your first visualization. The goal of your visualization is to free yourself from the pain you're unwilling to tolerate.

     "To achieve this freedom, you must listen to, and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you. When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones and unleash the limitless power of Enlightenism within you. These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to free your mind from the clutches of toxicity.

     "One of the primary misinterpretations about how to change your life is believing that it takes too long, and you don't have enough time and power. When the desire is strong enough and the commitment firm, then  you always have enough time and power."
                                                             ---" Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Doing the Work to Wake-up

If we accept that we are the beginning and ending of everything in our lives, then it follows that we are responsible for creating and solving our own problems. Many powerless victims may find this statement strange, because of a history of believing others should take care of them by solving their problems.

When we're unwilling to recognize and accept responsibility for creating the problems in our lives, we  continue searching for solutions from those anointed by society as  problem solvers. In other words, we focus on changing them rather than ourselves.

Similarly, we cannot become creators until we define a creator for ourselves. It's unfortunate, but many individuals don't know how to define a creator, much less accept ourselves as creators. Most of us have been taught to believe creators only exist outside our comprehension.

Nevertheless, if we continue to accept what others taught us about creativity and great power, then we will undoubtedly remain victims for the rest of our lives. It is this victimization that prevents us from waking-up and discovering that the Greater Power of Enlightenism is within.

Meanwhile, when we stop focusing on solving problems outside, then we can devote more time to unlearning what others taught us about creators.  Enlightenism is our freedom from the illusions. It is our way out of pain and suffering. It is what prevents us from permanent victimization.

This change in awareness requires work and a commitment to self-awakening to the Greater Power of Enlightenism within. All changes within this consciousness are expressed through a cleansed awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

We can all benefit from the insights in a powerful new "Enlightenism" book that describes a formula for self-awakening power. This book breaks with victimization and powerlessness by presenting workable solutions for overcoming the pain in our lives.

           "To develop your mind to express great power, you must first repair the estranged relationship between your illusion-ridden mind and your freethinking mind. Anyone who has become victimized by the illusions feels powerless to think of himself or herself as being greater than the illusions. The illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle are very powerful when they interfere with your actions to change the way you think and live.

         "The moment you conquer the illusions in your life, you immediately change the way you act. These new actions reflect a new person. This type of behavior is similar to what some people say is being 'born-again.' And in a certain sense, at least consciously, you are birthing a new person into the world. The new person you are creating will no longer think of himself or herself as a victim of unforeseen circumstances. Once you free your mind of the illusions, you will be able to see clearly where you are going."
                                                          ---"Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Formula for Overcoming Racial Victimization

We are victims of what others taught us about who we are and who we can become. The deleterious beliefs and values from others have imprisoned us into an already created awareness-of-being where we perceive life from the prism of this awareness-of-being.

Many have tried to free themselves from this prison by possessing a strong faith in their toxic beliefs and values. Some have even resorted to trying to separate their faith from their core beliefs and values defining them by race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

When we discuss faith we narrowly define it to only one of the labels, which is religion. We forget that we have faith in our race, color, education, and so on. And unbeknown to us, we express this faith without realizing we are doing it.

Nevertheless, there is a way out of this prison. The way is found in a formula created from the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

This formula contains the power to reinterpret faith as a tool to free yourself from dependency on others to teach you, It is the clarity to understand how your awareness-of-being became aware of being a powerless victim.

Many of us are in a complete state of denial about the origins of our beliefs and values, We fight to defend the truthfulness of our beliefs and values about our racial identities.

In other words, we accept our racial identities as the way to free ourselves from racism. And try as we may to free ourselves from this racial quagmire, we continue inexorably on our journey searching for answers from the prism of a racial awareness-of-being.

Meanwhile, there is a powerful quotation in my new book, "Enlightenism," that eloquently describes the path that frees us from the pain caused by embodying societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

        "When you live in a toxic environment for too long, you learn to accept pain as a natural part of life. Since you live among others affected by varying degrees of pain, there's really no reason to search for solutions within you. So you learn to tolerate pain by accepting yourself as its victim."

       "The decision to wake-up from the toxic nightmare where you're being chased by the ghosts of lack, limitation, and struggle is one only you can make. You must decide for yourself to wake-up and choose to travel on the path that leads out of toxicity or continue on the one you've traveled all your life."
                                                                      ---- "Enlightenism"  by Malcolm Kelly

Monday, March 26, 2018

Master of Your Mind

Are you willing to become a master of your mind?

If you desire to unmask toxicity and accept yourself as the Greater Power, then I recommend a must-read book that reveals a formula for achieving this power.

The new book Enlightenism is a 21st Century holistic philosophy that describes a power that's greater than societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status. This powerful book is written from an awareness-of-being of accepting ourselves as a creator of the pain in lives as well as the liberator from this pain.

Enlightenism is scheduled for release on April 02, 2018. Before its release, I am sharing some excerpts from the book that describes its value as a self-awakening power.

     "When I began my work in consciousness, I wondered if I could ever overcome what others had taught me about power and my worthiness to possess it. This inquisitiveness led me on a journey through the deepest realms of consciousness within me. I felt like so many others who sought solutions to overcome their pain but didn't know where to look.

     "My first instinct was to do what I had always done and ask someone to tell me what to do. I didn't think of myself as being powerful or knowledgeable to solve my own problems. It's a powerless feeling to want power and not know where to find it. This is why I'm writing Enlightenism, because there's a need for us to know how to solve our own problems.

     "If you're willing to stop tolerating the pain from societal definitions in your life, then it's important to first understand who created the pain. The book's main thesis is to unravel misinterpretations about who is responsible for the pain and problems in your life."

For those who desire a way out of pain, I am confident this book will r greatly enhance your life.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Enlightenism: 21st Century Power For Overcoming Toxicity

"I am greater than the I that I created."  "Who are you aware of being?"

When we feel powerless, it's difficult to believe we are the greater power. During moments of intense pain, we try to seek refuge in a toxic sanctuary.

It's during the dark hours of pain that we desperately want someone to tell us what to do. That's when we feel an intense urge to blame others for our pain. Regardless of how much we try to accept personal responsibility, we cannot seem to believe we're responsible for our own pain.

When we hear others encouraging us to accept personal responsibility, the words are hollow, meaningless to us. All we can think of when we hear them is our powerless awareness-of-being.

Personal responsibility is the key action for waking-up to accept ourselves as both the creator and liberator of our pain. When we can accept we are the creator and liberator of our problems, we can do something about changing our beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, to accept ourselves with power, me must become responsible for giving ourselves power. This transformation of mind comes from accepting ourselves as colorless, faceless, and formless. This is the awareness-of-being that frees us from toxicity.

Meanwhile, many individuals find it difficult to wake-up and free themselves from dependency on others for power. They have become too dependent on the societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status. These are the beliefs and values responsible for the lack, limitation, and struggle in our lives.

Similarly, whenever we accept ourselves by societal definitions, we perceive the world from the prism this awareness of being.  This is the awareness of being where we learn to struggle and succumb to powerless beliefs and values.

The more comfortable we are with our toxic awareness-of-being, the less likely we are to wake-up and free ourselves from struggling to become someone overcome with self-blindness. Our freedom comes from the awareness that we need to discover a way to become self-enlightened.

Some of us have discovered a way to free ourselves from societal definitions. There's a new holistic philosophy that's changing the way powerless people think of themselves. This new philosophy is Enlightenism. It differs from traditional definitions of enlightenment, because it addresses 21st century solutions for achieving greater power.

Enlightenism is the clarity to free ourselves from societal definitions. With this clarity we stop struggling to live in toxicity and fighting for freedom with a powerless awareness-of-being. The greater power of Enlightenism is discussed more fully in my forthcoming book, Enlightenism.

"One of the primary misinterpretations about how to change your life is believing that it takes too long, and you don't have enough time and power. When the desire is strong enough and the commitment firm, then you always have enough time and power.

"To take the first step to change your life, you must first believe you can do it. This belief in yourself confirms to you that you have the time and power to do it. It's important to remember that time is a relative term used to place you in a niche of complacency and mediocrity. Your life is only time-based because of your beliefs and values on permanence. 

"When you are creating a new person from Enlightenism, time has no power over you. It doesn't matter how old you are today or what type of condition you are in, you are still alive, which means you can change your awareness-of-being."
                                             ----"Enlightenism" Scheduled Release Date: February 2018