Saturday, September 3, 2016

Discover How Enlightenism is an Alternative to Toxicity

How do you free yourself from toxicity? 

All of us were born into toxicity. For most of us, this is difficult to really accept. We place so much faith in the beliefs and values taught us by our parents and society.

We feel uncomfortable in questioning what they taught us. It feels like we are degrading them for teaching us how to become human beings.

Whenever anyone suggests that our parents and society are responsible for teaching us toxicity, we automatically become defensive. We don't want to hear it.  Rather than face this truth, we would prefer to believe that they did the best they could raising us.

Nevertheless, what we were taught by others are now our own beliefs and values. We are descendants of toxic beliefs and values. And whether we like it or not, this is all that we know..

Similarly, it is our current awareness-of-being that's perceiving life from the prism of toxicity. Unfortunately, what we actually perceive is distorted by our beliefs and values. So we never see ourselves and others the way we are, but the way we have been taught.

In toxicity, we have been taught to perceive ourselves according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, education, and status. These are the beliefs and values that imprison us into an illusion created from toxicity.

Meanwhile, the depth of all of our suffering and unhappiness come from our beliefs and values. This dependency upon human knowledge to determine what works best for all of us only imprisons us into a dungeon of illusions.

The surgical-like skill that detached us from our original awareness-of-being enlightened caused us to marvel at the wonderment of the surgery rather that the aftereffects of lifelong pain and suffering.

Some of us who have worked to free ourselves from toxicity have discovered that before you free yourself of toxicity, you must first fully understand it. This means you must determine, on your own, that you are in an illusion solidified by your toxic beliefs and values.

Enlightenism is found within you. However, you cannot discover Enlightenism by continuing to depend on toxicity. While the desire for Enlightenism is felt in toxicity, it exists outside of toxicity.

Similarly, the other realm of consciousness, your unconditioned consciousness, is where you will find Enlightenism. It is the colorless, faceless, and formless consciousness that is greater than all of your awareness-of-beings. This consciousness is simply you without toxicity.

Who are you without toxicity?  You are an awareness-of-being that's free of all societal labels. You are the source of your own power. This means you are the creator of all your awareness-of-beings. .

This unknown existence in you is real. It is Enlightenism; your unconditioned consciousness. It is what connects you to all life. With this power, you transcend all your awareness-of-being powerless.