Saturday, September 28, 2019

Going Beyond Toxic Illusions

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

If we can't see clearly, then we must rely on others to guide us. They lead us on a journey where we become blinded by toxic illusions, which limit our power to see or hear insights that empowers us to guide ourselves.

Many are lost in the struggle to free ourselves from toxicity. We have encapsulated ourselves into a myopic nightmare where we feel overwhelmed by past experiences and future expectations. Even though our pain is severe, we just don't know how to free ourselves.

Similar, we have been in this toxic nightmare for so long that we have learned how to accept it as reality. We believe this awareness is the only reality available to us. This type of thinking has rendered us powerless to trust ourselves to change what we think of ourselves.

Whenever we reach the point in our lives that we're ready to change, then the desire itself begins the process for change. This single, unfettered desire for freedom catapults the Consciousness to begin the inward journey that leads to Enlightenism.

Some  discovered  on the inward journey that  our Awareness-of-Being was responsible for our powerlessness. In other words, we're powerless because of the beliefs and values we were using to define ourselves.

It was on the inward journey that our focus for change shifted to understanding and changing our Awareness-of-Being. We understood that regardless of our problems, we have the power to change them, and that all change begins in Consciousness.

Consciousness, in its natural state, is whole, perfect, and complete. We perceive it as colorless, faceless, and formless.  We can condition our Consciousness to accept whatever we teach it. This means we can teach ourselves to believe we are prisoners of toxicity or we can condition it to accept that we are the Greater Power.

Nevertheless, when we recondition our Consciousness to accept that it is the Greater Power, we can create a new, toxic-free, Awareness-of-Being that reflects this power. Our new Awareness-of-Being will be created in the image of its Creator, which is whole, perfect, and complete.

This new Awareness-of-Being represents change without toxic references. We are now expressing change in a manner unknown to those in toxicity. In other words, we stop judging change by using a toxic criteria.

Meanwhile, when we stop depending on a toxic criteria to interpret our changes, we accept that our actions are coming from an Awareness-of-Being that has cleansed itself of toxicity. This Enlightenism  Awareness-of-Being has its own criteria for expressing change. It is the  clarity to know that without toxic distortions, we are colorless faceless, and formless.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Un-Abused Self

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

Regardless of the magnitude and duration of the abuse from others and ourselves, we can do something about it. We can go to a toxic-free Consciousness that's free of abuse. This Consciousness is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is found on the inward journey. The inward journey is traveled by those seeking freedom from toxicity. It is on this journey that we discover the clarity to perceive ourselves without toxic distortions.

When we decide to unravel toxicity and begin the inward journey, we clearly see it as an illusion. And the more we unlearn toxicity, the less fear we have of it. When we stop being afraid of toxicity, we attain the clarity to accept ourselves as having the Greater Power.

When we accept Consciousness as the Greater Power, we're willing to heal our abused Awareness-of-Being. We understand that our Awareness-of-Being determines the level of our abuse. And this is where we must focus our work.

In other words, what we think of ourselves determines our abuse level. The greater our abuse, the more work we're required to do on the inward journey.

Nevertheless, our freedom of abuse requires a commitment to overcome toxic beliefs and values. We must first be committed to freedom before we can discover it for ourselves. This must be an unwavering commitment  to remain on the inward journey, regardless of sensory interpretations.

Many struggle with the commitment to overcome toxicity. Some distrust the existence of Consciousness, while others seek ways to give-up and return to toxicity to be with our loved ones.

Similarly, when we feel that we are waking-up, we attempt to use sensory interpretations to understand what's happening to us. We forget that our sensory interpretations were developed from the sense-certainty of what others taught us.

Meanwhile, with Enlightenism we can overcome sense-certainty. Enlightenism provides the clarity to accept that we were born whole, perfect, and complete. And that our Consciousness is colorless, faceless, and formless. This is the Awareness-of-Being that's free of abuse.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Enlightenism Makes the Unknown Known

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

Far beneath our problems lies a realm of Consciousness that's greater than our problems. However, to reach this Consciousness, we must be willing to let go of our current Awareness-of-Being.

In those dark moments, the ones when we're alone, doubtful, and fearful of failure, we have the opportunity to see what's really bothering us.  If we choose, we can see the cause of the confusion about who we are during the difficult times.

All problems have a beginning and end. There's a cause for the beginning, which is also the one responsible for the end. Even though we seek others to blame, we are always responsible for creating and solving our own problems.

Whenever we  feel overwhelmed by our problems, it's time to take the inward journey to Enlightenism. Enlightenism is a simple expression of clarity and power from unconditioned consciousness, which is the Greater Power.

Regardless of our doubts about the Greater Power existing as Consciousness, we cannot ignore how we feel during the difficult times. We know that we're accustomed to believing there's a power that's greater than our current Awareness-of-Being. Many believe this power exists outside.

The Greater Power of unconditioned Consciousness is unknown to those in toxicity. We know of this power from what others taught us, but we don't know really know what it is. To really know this power we must make the inward journey that leads us to it.

On the inward journey we learn to unlearn what others taught us about the Greater Power. The unknown is actually the known to those on the inward journey to Enlightenism. What's unknown to us in toxicity is known to us in Enlightenism. What's denied in toxicity is revealed  in Enlightenism.

Meanwhile, we can  remain victims of our beliefs and values, or we can decide to make the inward journey and create some new, toxic-free ones. On this journey we learn how to make the unknown known to our current Awareness-of-Being.

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"