Monday, February 27, 2023

Cleanse the Mind of Toxicity

 Trust the power in you to overcome the pain in you. Unlock your mind with clarity.

Change your consciousness, change your life.

Many are fearful of change. They have closed minds.  When we close our minds to new ideas, we're victimized by toxicity. 

Toxic beliefs are illusions passed to us from past generations. Generational victimization is an illusion masquerading as reality.  It is an illusion that you overcome with Enlightenism. 

I created Enlightenism to overcome generational victimization. I couldn't accept that we're divinely created as victims.  

I also couldn't accept the beliefs that we must endure intense pain all our lives. 

When we search for solutions within, we let go of the victim's belief system. We know others taught us to think and live as victims. 

When you're ready to search within the mind for solutions, you'll discover a new way to think and live. You discover Enlightenism. 

Self-discovery is the gateway to freedom. It is the consciousness that frees the mind of generational victimization.  

You must trust Enlightenism to guide you in self-discovery. Regardless of what you hear and see, you must trust Enlightenism absolutely.  

The pain you feel doesn't come from Enlightenism, but from your unwillingness to let go of toxic beliefs.  When you trust Enlightenism, letting go of toxicity becomes easier to do.  

Enlightenism illumines the mind to see that generational victimization is toxicity. Toxicity is the source of our pain. 

We don't have to live with toxic pain.  Enlightenism is a pain-free life.   

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "The New African-American Man" to learn more about Enlightenism.

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