Sunday, March 30, 2014

Powers of Mind Gets us off the Powerless Path

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

Some of us like to talk about change, but not participate in it. We wail over and over again about our powerlessness.  We complain so much about our problems that we become powerless to solve them.

Nevertheless, if we truly desire to change our lives, then it begins with our understanding of this BYE Society principle: "I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life." And when we  understand and feel the power of this principle, we are able to change our lives.

When our minds are filled with confusion and doubts, we are unable to understand that the power to change comes from within our own minds. And if we desire to breakthrough the miasma of failure, then we must embrace inflexibility with our beliefs and values.

There is little value found in the darkness from the basement of our minds. We can only feed off of the self-pity and powerless from our toxic beliefs and values. This is the dwelling sanctuary of failure and powerlessness.
For us to go to the heights of our power, we must be willing to understand what we have within our minds, and be willing to swim out into the deep waters of the ocean. In other words, we have to stop wading on the banks of the ocean.

When we accept personal responsibility for creating the conditions in our lives, the light within us shines brightly on the power we have to create new beliefs and values. This light comes only from our Powers of Mind. It is the source of our enlightenment.

Meanwhile, the more we complain about the conditions in the world, the less time we spend on changing the conditions in our own lives. If we are unhappy with our current conditions, then it seems we would also be unhappy with the beliefs and values we used to create these conditions.

Regardless of the magnitude of our current conditions, we must have faith in our Powers of Mind. This faith comes from our awareness of being already endowed with enlightened minds.

When we have the sagacity to understand that we already have what we have been seeking in others, we will know that we are the cause and effect of the current conditions in our lives.

This awareness helps us with understanding how the universal laws of prayer, meditation, faith, and imagination work. We fully understand  the statement: "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them."

We must remember that in prayer and meditation, we have Powers of Mind in us. This means we enter into prayer and meditation with great power, not as powerless victims of our own creations.

So it's important for us to always remain mindful that with Powers of Mind we have the power to get off the powerless mind path and enter onto the enlightenment path.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Revolution of the Mind

"I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life."

Wake up to Powers of Mind, and understand that the vision of creativity comes from our minds. This means creativity comes from our beliefs and values. And if, for example, our beliefs and values are toxic, then we create toxic conditions in our lives.

Many of us try to forget that our reality comes from our beliefs and values. We make life-changing decisions from this perspective, and we rely on this foundation to assist us with overcoming problems in our lives. This is the consciousness we use to create and overcome worry, fear, doubt, suffering, and so forth.

Nevertheless, the responsibility to change is an individual one. We are responsible for our own lives and the conditions causing us to suffer. It's not God's responsibility to do for us what we can do for ourselves simply by changing the beliefs and values causing us to suffer in the first place.

Many of us are psychologically limited by our toxic beliefs and values. We find it difficult to even acknowledge our responsibility for creating our own suffering.

Our minds cannot comprehend the process we use to create the illusions of pain and suffering. And in moments of great pain and suffering, it's common for us to interpret this as something caused by outside forces.

In other words, our pain and suffering comes from our interactions with others. We forget that it's caused by our beliefs and values.

Who we are, and who we believe we are, depends on our understanding of consciousness. When we understand that our unconditioned consciousness is who we are, and our conditioned consciousness is who we believe we are, then we will understand consciousness.

Powers of Mind is the source or light to our unconditioned consciousness. It is free of toxicity and illusions. This is the clarity we seek in books, lectures, sermons, speeches, and so forth, rather than from ourselves.

Regardless of our convictions, this world is nothing more than our beliefs and values. We perceive it, and everything in it, according to our beliefs and values. This makes the world an illusion of our own creation.

Meanwhile, when we wake up the mind to discover Powers of Mind, we transform our illusions into different realities. We not only see clearly, but we understand clearly that we are the creators of the conditions in our lives.

Similarly, it doesn't really matter whether we accept this conclusion or not, we cannot escape from the beliefs and values we are using to live in this world. We are who we are because our beliefs and values tell us. And we remain in this state of being until we change our beliefs and values.

"I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life."

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Awareness Beyond Powerless

"I am whatever I imagine myself to be."  

The journey to enlightenment begins with the desire for enlightenment. And we begin our journey with the knowledge that we already possess enlightenment, but it is concealed by our toxic beliefs and values.

This is an inner-mind journey. We are searching within our minds for the Powers of Mind light to guide us through the darkness to enlightenment.

Similarly, it's our fear of darkness that makes us powerless. We are afraid to discover its source, which means we're afraid of ourselves. So, in a certain sense, we are powerless because we're inhibited by our beliefs and values from discovering enlightenment 

Many of us have inoculated our minds with disbelief, and become comfortable with powerlessness. We trust only what others have taught us about enlightenment.

This makes us willing participants, whether we're aware or not,  in victimizing our minds. Although many of us blame others for the current conditions in our lives, we are the ones who made all the decisions.

Regardless of our awareness, we are responsible for our own powerlessness. In other words, we are powerless because we choose to be.

Nevertheless, we can do something about our powerlessness. We begin by acknowledging that we are responsible for the current conditions in our lives. This acknowledgment opens the door to an enlightened  awareness of being.

It's important for us to know that whenever we accept our awareness of being as powerless, we place limits on our  power.  And when we believe we are powerless, we are powerless.

The transition from powerlessness to enlightenment is one of understanding -- understanding the development of our beliefs and values. This enlightenment process doesn't depend on others, but on our willingness to use our Powers of Mind.

Meanwhile, we must seek understanding of how we developed our beliefs and values. This means we must enter into self-discovery and understand that with Powers of Mind we have all the power we will ever need.

Unfortunately, many of us don't reach this awareness until our desires for freedom become greater than our acceptance of powerlessness. Nevertheless, now is the time for us to claim our power and begin the understanding phase of the enlightenment process.

"I am whatever I imagine myself to be."