Friday, May 25, 2018

Winning the War Within

Our Guides -- parents and society -- taught us how to fight things outside. They believed our obstacles came from people in positions of power. And our goal in life was to be strong and overcome life's challenges by accepting ourselves according to their teachings.

It's easy to forget they were wrong. The real fight is with the beliefs and values defining us by race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

Meanwhile, as Enlightenism practitioners we have created a new education system to overcome what our Guides  taught us. Some may find it difficult to embrace the Enlightenism system because, on the surface, it seems we're attacking our parents for doing the best they chose to do to properly raise us.

Nevertheless, when we go beneath the surface, to the causal level, we clearly understand this is not an attack on our parents or society, but a self-awakening experience.  It's only when we go beneath the pain that we understand the origin of our pain.

Similarly, our daily war with illusory beliefs and values keep us in a state of denial about who we are. We also cannot accept that the war we're waging against external illusions is a losing cause.

The illusions exist because we give them life with our beliefs and values.. In other words, we're fighting with ourselves to confirm an awareness-of-being created from illusory beliefs and values. 

Some 21st Century Enlightenism practitioners have armed ourselves with new beliefs and values to win the war within. We are disarming our toxic enemies one belief at a time.

We have armed ourselves with clarity and powerful insights from "Enlightenism" a new book that describes solutions for winning the internal war against  illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle. The following excerpt from the book is provided as armor to wear in the war to free ourselves from victimization and powerlessness.

     "The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula. It is this desire that motivates you to begin your work to discover Enlightenism by creating your first visualization. The goal of your visualization is to free yourself from the pain you're unwilling to tolerate.

     "To achieve this freedom, you must listen to, and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you. When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones and unleash the limitless power of Enlightenism within you. These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to free your mind from the clutches of toxicity.

     "One of the primary misinterpretations about how to change your life is believing that it takes too long, and you don't have enough time and power. When the desire is strong enough and the commitment firm, then  you always have enough time and power."
                                                             ---" Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Doing the Work to Wake-up

If we accept that we are the beginning and ending of everything in our lives, then it follows that we are responsible for creating and solving our own problems. Many powerless victims may find this statement strange, because of a history of believing others should take care of them by solving their problems.

When we're unwilling to recognize and accept responsibility for creating the problems in our lives, we  continue searching for solutions from those anointed by society as  problem solvers. In other words, we focus on changing them rather than ourselves.

Similarly, we cannot become creators until we define a creator for ourselves. It's unfortunate, but many individuals don't know how to define a creator, much less accept ourselves as creators. Most of us have been taught to believe creators only exist outside our comprehension.

Nevertheless, if we continue to accept what others taught us about creativity and great power, then we will undoubtedly remain victims for the rest of our lives. It is this victimization that prevents us from waking-up and discovering that the Greater Power of Enlightenism is within.

Meanwhile, when we stop focusing on solving problems outside, then we can devote more time to unlearning what others taught us about creators.  Enlightenism is our freedom from the illusions. It is our way out of pain and suffering. It is what prevents us from permanent victimization.

This change in awareness requires work and a commitment to self-awakening to the Greater Power of Enlightenism within. All changes within this consciousness are expressed through a cleansed awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete.

We can all benefit from the insights in a powerful new "Enlightenism" book that describes a formula for self-awakening power. This book breaks with victimization and powerlessness by presenting workable solutions for overcoming the pain in our lives.

           "To develop your mind to express great power, you must first repair the estranged relationship between your illusion-ridden mind and your freethinking mind. Anyone who has become victimized by the illusions feels powerless to think of himself or herself as being greater than the illusions. The illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle are very powerful when they interfere with your actions to change the way you think and live.

         "The moment you conquer the illusions in your life, you immediately change the way you act. These new actions reflect a new person. This type of behavior is similar to what some people say is being 'born-again.' And in a certain sense, at least consciously, you are birthing a new person into the world. The new person you are creating will no longer think of himself or herself as a victim of unforeseen circumstances. Once you free your mind of the illusions, you will be able to see clearly where you are going."
                                                          ---"Enlightenism" by Malcolm Kelly

Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Formula for Overcoming Racial Victimization

We are victims of what others taught us about who we are and who we can become. The deleterious beliefs and values from others have imprisoned us into an already created awareness-of-being where we perceive life from the prism of this awareness-of-being.

Many have tried to free themselves from this prison by possessing a strong faith in their toxic beliefs and values. Some have even resorted to trying to separate their faith from their core beliefs and values defining them by race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

When we discuss faith we narrowly define it to only one of the labels, which is religion. We forget that we have faith in our race, color, education, and so on. And unbeknown to us, we express this faith without realizing we are doing it.

Nevertheless, there is a way out of this prison. The way is found in a formula created from the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism.

This formula contains the power to reinterpret faith as a tool to free yourself from dependency on others to teach you, It is the clarity to understand how your awareness-of-being became aware of being a powerless victim.

Many of us are in a complete state of denial about the origins of our beliefs and values, We fight to defend the truthfulness of our beliefs and values about our racial identities.

In other words, we accept our racial identities as the way to free ourselves from racism. And try as we may to free ourselves from this racial quagmire, we continue inexorably on our journey searching for answers from the prism of a racial awareness-of-being.

Meanwhile, there is a powerful quotation in my new book, "Enlightenism," that eloquently describes the path that frees us from the pain caused by embodying societal definitions of race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

        "When you live in a toxic environment for too long, you learn to accept pain as a natural part of life. Since you live among others affected by varying degrees of pain, there's really no reason to search for solutions within you. So you learn to tolerate pain by accepting yourself as its victim."

       "The decision to wake-up from the toxic nightmare where you're being chased by the ghosts of lack, limitation, and struggle is one only you can make. You must decide for yourself to wake-up and choose to travel on the path that leads out of toxicity or continue on the one you've traveled all your life."
                                                                      ---- "Enlightenism"  by Malcolm Kelly