Friday, July 30, 2021

What is the Truth?

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

The truth about who you are comes from your beliefs and values. Your beliefs and values come from others. Unfortunately, your beliefs and values can easily cause you to believe you're a powerless victim when you're not.

The inexhaustible powers of the mind can free you of toxic beliefs and values. When you decide you've suffered enough, it's time to trust yourself. 

Many suffer because we believe we don't have the power not to suffer. We weren't born to suffer, we were taught beliefs and values that caused suffering. 

When we condition our minds with toxic beliefs and values, we make suffering a part of our reality.  When this happens,  you can choose to create a new way to think and live.

The changes we seek are discovered on the inward journey. It is on this journey we discover we are born whole, perfect, and complete.  

Similarly, we discover we were born to be free and powerful.  Fortunately, we can remain in this Consciousness if we are willing to let go of the belief system causing us to suffer. This is all that's required of us.

The daily practice of positive thinking will result in a new mindset. This new self-empowerment mindset is all you need to free yourself of toxic beliefs and values. 

"When you have done the work to create a clear, toxic-free vision of a new person, you can command your body and thoughts to work together effortlessly, even when facing overwhelming obstacles.  

"This type of creative action comes from an awakened mind: One conditioned by Enlightenism to overcome societal definitions of race, color, religion, age, gender, education, and status.

"There will be times in your work when you may waver in your commitment to Enlightenism.  These are the times when your work to free yourself from toxicity may appear as taking blind action.

"Unfortunately, blind action frightens most of us.  It is, however, what you must do if you desire to strengthen your trust in Enlightenism." 

    Insights from the book Enlightenism.  

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Price of Power

 There are moments in our life that alert us to do something different. These moments appear during moments of intense doubts and worries about seemingly insoluble problems. 

Regardless of how hard we try, we can't seem to prevent them from reminding us of the need to achieve greater power.    Unfortunately, many ignore these insights.  

Today, there's a formula to overcome the doubts and worries causing you to feel like a powerless victim. This is the Enlightenism formula for creating a new way to think and live. You can use it to change your life.

If you haven't heard of this formula, let me tell you about it and how it can work in your life. Unlike many formulas, this one addresses the root causes of self-doubts about the powers of the mind. 

Enlightenism is a paradigm shift in Consciousness. It is the power that's greater than the one victimizing your mind to believe you're a powerless victim. 

"Enlightenism is a 21st Century holistic philosophy that describes a power greater than societal definitions of race, color, gender, religion, age, education, and status. 

"When I began my work in Consciousness, I wondered if I could ever overcome what others had taught me about power and my worthiness to possess it. 

"This inquisitiveness led me on a journey through the deepest realms of consciousness within me.  I felt like so many others who sought solutions to overcome their problems but didn't know where to look.

"My first instinct was to do what I had always done and ask someone to tell me what to do.  I didn't think of myself as being powerful or knowledgeable to solve my own problems.

"It's a powerless feeling to want power and not know where to find it.  This is why I am writing Enlightenism because there's a need for us to know how to solve our own problems."

      Insights from the book "Enlightenism."

Meanwhile, the price of power is to let go of others' beliefs and values and create your own. This will allow you to affirm daily: "I am greater than the I that I created." 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Miracles of the Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

You have the power to empower the mind to create miracles. This power of the mind comes from a clear Consciousness.  

Why struggle for freedom when you already have it. The miracle of freedom is available to those willing to work for it. 

The miracles from Enlightenism come from the Greater Power within you. This power has no limitations. Its purpose is to be available for you to use whenever you need a miracle in your life.

Today, millions in this society need a miracle to overcome the sense-certainty that others know what's best for you than you do. Enlightenism is the miracle approach to traditional philosophy. This is a major departure from traditional interpretations about miracles and where they come from.

There is an unlearning process that precedes all miracles. 

"This unlearning process doesn't mean forgetting what you have learned, but releasing your attachment to the certainty of the information. In other words, you are unlearning by learning to depend on and trust Enlightenism.

"I describe this 'born-again' process as unlearning powerlessness and learning how to use imagination to create a new person.  While this unlearning process may appear to be impossible, it is much easier than you think."

Nevertheless, the power of clear visualization must come from a mind cleansed of the sense-certainty of the beliefs and values of others. Visualization and imagination produce miracles. 

"Similarly, when you trust yourself, you inevitably trust your ideas. For you to effectively use Enlightenism, you must remain committed and confident that the vision you're creating will be toxic-free. 

"This strong, unshakeable commitment, and equally strong confidence in Enlightenism, are all you need to stop depending on others for your power.

"This awakened state of awareness is the mindfulness to ensure that your mind remains vigilant and clear as you enter the uncharted parts of your consciousness that are free of lack, limitation, and struggle.

"This is the awareness-of-being where you discover you're one with Enlightenism. It's the freedom to accept yourself as whole, perfect, and complete.  

"You are now aware of the clarity and power you possessed before you conditioned your mind with toxic beliefs and values from others."  Enlightenism, by Brother Malcolm Kelly

With the power of Enlightenism, you can produce miracle-like results in your life.