Saturday, September 22, 2012

Powers of Mind to Free us From the World's Power

If it's actually true that people are basically flawed by their own beliefs and values, then who can teach us about ourselves? How do we discover and unleash the untapped, unconditioned power in our minds?

Today, many of us seek power from outside sources simply because that's the way we were taught. Since day one, we have developed our minds to satisfy our Guides (parents, teachers, and ). In other words, we have developed our minds to conform to existing beliefs and values.

Many of us are taught to believe that our existence in the world is an accidental occurrence. It's simply a sperm fertilizing an egg. It can be any sperm and any egg; however, we have no say in where or how we are born into the world.

So, in the main, we are all accidental births, who can only know what others teach us. And whatever situation we are born into, we have to accept our fate from this starting point. Unfortunately, for many of us, these are the beliefs and values that keep us in a continual search for enlightenment in people, places and things.

The search for enlightenment is within our minds. It's not the mind defined by psychologists, spiritual sages and others, but the mind beyond what we have learned about ourselves from others. And it's the awareness that there's something, not yet discovered, in us that is greater than the current awareness we have of ourselves and the outside world.

Too many of us have been taught to accept our limitations or beliefs and values. And by doing so, confine our search for enlightenment within the scope of acceptable beliefs and values.

This means that whatever we do, it must fit in or conform to the broader beliefs and values of our society. Unfortunately, after we condition our minds to fit in with the prevailing beliefs and values, we become victims of the world's limitations.

Nevertheless, for us to change, we first must know how to change. And we must be willing to go beyond our current beliefs and values, which is frightening to most of us. We are frightened of the untapped powers in our minds.

Meanwhile, when we trick our minds into believing we have changed, we manipulate our beliefs and values to create illusions of change. This type of manipulation happens with people, things, and places.

Personal manipulation of our beliefs and values is the source of the illusions we embrace as change. While many of us never really change from our original beliefs and values, we interpret changes in relationships, careers, religions, and so forth as change.

We even believe we have changed when we overcome drug addictions or other deleterious addictions. We forget that we became addicted because of our need to satisfy our desires for pleasure. And when we stop one addiction, we turn our attention to satisfying others.

In other words, we might become addicted to money, politics, religion, and so on. We believe these new things will help satisfy our desires -- desires born from our original beliefs and values -- for enlightenment or empowerment.

So the answers we seek cannot be found in another person, but only within our minds. Nor can they be found in money, politics, religion, universities, and so forth. The answers we seek are found only in our minds, our unconditioned consciousness, which some of us call Spirit.

Whenever we think about Heaven or a similar place of eternal bliss,  we think about it as place that frees us from our current beliefs and values. WE will have reached a place where there is no deception. Well, that place is within our unconditioned consciousness, which is beyond the powers of our current beliefs and values.

We must clearly recognize that our enlightenment journey places us in conflict with the rest of the world. The world of illusions is holding steadfast to the beliefs and values we are working to escape from.

Nevertheless, it's this awareness of the inherent conflict between enlightenment and traditional beliefs and values that prevents most of us from ever truly discovering who we are. We are too afraid of the loneliness caused by the inner mind journey.

Yet most of us know, at least we know it rationally, whether we accept it or not, that the enlightened ones -- Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna and others -- actually did what we are afraid to do for ourselves.

Meanwhile, if these individuals were able to free themselves from their taught beliefs and values and express enlightenment, then we must do the same if we expect to achieve enlightenment. Anything less, means we will remain forever powerless in the darkness of other peoples' beliefs and values.