Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Transmutations Into a Fourth Dimensional Consciousness

 Regardless of our current state of affairs, we have the power to transmute these conditions into another realm of consciousness. Our awareness-of-being today must first transform itself into another person or another awareness-of-being before we're able to use our transmutation powers.

The illusions responsible for the conditions or problems in our lives are only expressions produced by our beliefs and values. In other words, our conditions are temporal images that exist only as long as we give them our power to exist.

Some of the salient illusions responsible for most of the conditions in our lives come from the societal labels we use to define ourselves according to race, color, religion, status, and so forth. However when we examine them more closely, we understand that what's happening in our lives is nothing more than interpretations from our beliefs and values. 

Nevertheless, even when we understand how the illusions are created, we empower them with an undeniable realness. For us to go beyond these definitions of ourselves, we must learn how to transmute them into enlightenment. This is the awareness-of-being necessary to see the illusions without relying on our toxic beliefs and values. 

Similarly, when we change our awareness-of-being, we also change the nature of our desires. Our desires now come from an enlightened awareness-of-being that's free of societal definitions. So, naturally, we desire a different concept of power for ourselves.

Meanwhile, this ontological mind awakening process begins and ends in our consciousness. We are the beginning and end of all our awareness-of-beings. We are powerless only because we have not discovered the Powers of Mind within our unconditioned consciousness.

Similarly, the person we are aware of being today is the one responsible for the current conditions in our lives. And it's this person or awareness-of-being that must die so that the new one can be born.

For us to discover the Powers of Mind necessary to transmute powerless beliefs and values into a new realm of consciousness, we must be willing to discover within ourselves the fourth dimensional consciousness. This is the power within us that remains free of the beliefs and values we received from our parents, society, and experience.

The fourth dimension exists without form, feeling, and three-dimensional spatiotemporal interpretations. This is the realm of consciousness that measures us, and our relationship with time and space, without relying on the man-made concepts of language, education, religion, success, failure, and so on,

The laws of transmutation are governed by our Power of Mind consciousness, which exists in the fourth dimension that is within all of us. The clearer our relationship with our Powers of Mind consciousness, the greater our powers of transmutation.

When we discover that within our Powers of Mind consciousness everything is possible. We were created in the image of unconditioned consciousness and endowed with the power to transmute powerless beliefs and values into enlightened clarity.

Nevertheless, it's important for us to realize that to discover our fourth dimensional consciousness we must be willing to let go of everything we have come to rely on in the third dimension. This means getting of the crowded road filled paved with illusions created from our of toxic beliefs and values.

Many of us are not yet willing to let go of what we have learned from our society. We continue to struggle with its concepts of power, while simultaneously seeking a spiritual relationship with the concept of a limitless power that's also created by society. In other words, our search for spiritual enlightenment is being sought from sources on the crowded road. 

For us to change our beliefs and values, discover how to transmute powerless beliefs and values into enlightened ones, we must be willing to get off the crowded road. We also  must be willing to break away from others -- family, friends, and so forth -- and discover something (enlightenment) that the world cannot give us.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Consciousness to go Beyond Violence

During the current wave of violence exploding into our lives with fiery gusts of anger,  most of us have become engulfed with fits of anger and disgust. We feel personally challenged by what's happening in our society.

It makes us feel like we're being personally drawn into an unwanted war of right and wrong behavior. This barbaric epidemic of violence threatens us to the point where we feel responsible for what's happening.

Those of us who are asleep in the darkness of our beliefs and values find it difficult to believe that we're somehow responsible for this nightmare. We're unable to recognize how our beliefs and values contribute to the collective beliefs and values of our society.

Many of us have forgotten how we inoculated our minds with massive dosages of denial when the media gave us sanitized, seemingly unrelated to us personally, but nevertheless reports on wide-spread violence in our inner-cities. . We can try to deny our moral culpability in what's happening in our society, but apparently our awareness-of-being places us directly in it.

Similarly, the violence we're witnessing now causes us to choose sides on the virtues of right and wrong actions. We make these choices based on our awareness-of-being, or our belonging to a certain group (race, religion, social, and so on) drowning in its own toxic beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, whichever side we choose, we cannot escape from our awareness-of-being that defines us by our beliefs and values. In other words, we think the way we do about the violence according to how we have conditioned our minds to accept toxic beliefs and values.

In times like the ones we're living in now, we must remain mindful that we interpret outside activities according to our beliefs and values. And most importantly that most of us have "bought into" the societal labels used to define our awareness-of being.

This conditioning of our minds limits our power to perceive life without the toxic distortions created by our beliefs and values. Fortunately, we have the power to change our beliefs and values and enlighten ourselves to go beyond violence.

Whenever we condone violence of any kind, it means we have moved further away from our Powers of Mind. And by doing so immersed ourselves in perspectives of powerlessness.

For us to change our participation, awareness or unawareness -- we must create a new violence-free perspective.  This awareness-of-being doesn't draw its sustenance from the collective consciousness of our society. It is our Powers of Mind consciousness, which is the  beginning and ending of all consciousness.

When we decide to create a new, violence-free perspective, we will clearly know that the power to change exists solely within our Powers of Mind. This is the level of awareness that allows the slave (powerless person) to become the master (enlightened Sage) of his or her own consciousness.

The consciousness beyond violence is found in our Powers of Mind. This source of power is always available for our use, regardless of what's happening around us.

Our beliefs and values define our reality.