Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Enlightenism Mind

The Greater Power is discovered in Enlightenism: the unconditioned Consciousness within you. When you discover this Consciousness for yourself, you will know that all power comes from within. This means the Greater Power in you can overcome what you think about the conditions defining your current Awareness-of-Being.

Many find it difficult to accept this great power within. They are too mesmerized by the magnitude of the  challenges rendering them powerless. So it's easy to believe you cannot overcome that which you created.

Nevertheless, the power to accept yourself as the Greater Power must originate within a Consciousness that's cleansed of toxic beliefs and values. This Consciousness must be fertile and receptive to creating and accepting seeds of Enlightenism.

One of the primary reasons you cannot wake-up is your unwillingness to plant new seeds that give you power and clarity. It's your unwillingness to let go of actions designed for the maintenance of a toxic Awareness-of-Being that prevent you from discovering and using your Enlightenism mind.

When your unwillingness to change is dissolved, you can go beyond the toxic duality of past regrets and future projections for achieving a better life. Similarly, the willingness to change comes from a strong desire to do whatever it takes to cleanse your mind of toxicity.

Meanwhile the goal of Enlightenism is clarity, power, and freedom. The goal of change is to overcome what others taught you. Both goals require a toxic-free mind that accepts you are greater than your current Awareness-of-Being.

The transformation of your toxic mind into one with clarity and power begins when everything around you loses power over you. When this happens, you condition your mind with the clarity to perceive a life beyond your current Awareness-of-Being.  You can then see that which is hidden from you.

Similarly, with the dissolution of duality, you condition your mind to live exclusively in the present moment, This conditioning provides you with the clarity to perceive the past as non-existent and projections of the future as illusory.

The Enlightenism mind is one that produces clarity and the Greater Power to overcome toxic obstacles. This is the Consciousness that is achieved when you're free of the toxic duality causing you to try and perceive the past and future as expressions existing in the present.

It's important to know that the Enlightenism mind is the power to create: "A New Way to Think and Live."

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life."

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Creating a Healthy Mind

Enlightenism is a paradigm shift in Consciousness. It is a "New Way to Think and Live" for those overcome by toxic beliefs and values.

The goal of change is to overcome what others taught you.  This requires a healthy, toxic-free mind: One that accepts itself as the creator of your Awareness-of-Being.

Many desire freedom from toxicity, but few ever attain it. If you want freedom from toxicity, then you must be willing to rid your mind of the toxic proclivities denying you freedom.

Unfortunately, wishful thinking will not get this done. Freedom requires a change in the way you think and live. This change must come from a clear and healthy mind that you create. In other words, others cannot create a healthy mind for you.

Similarly, the stigma of victimization and powerlessness mires you deeply in pain and suffering. These beliefs and values condition your mind to accept the sense-certainty of what others taught you.

This conditioning process causes you to accept toxicity and to believe there's  no other way to think and live. Well, Enlightenism is that new way to think and live. It is a modern day philosophy with the formula to unlearn and unravel the layers of toxic beliefs and values you're afraid to confront.

Enlightenism exposes toxicity as an illusion. When you shine the light of Enlightenism on toxicity, you clearly see it for what it is, an illusion. Unfortunately, this illusion determines all your toxic interpretations about what's happening in your life.

Nevertheless, it's your interpretations that confirm the sense-certainty of the beliefs and values you're using to affirm victimhood. And intrinsic in these beliefs and values is the toxic notion that this is the only way for you to think and live.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism removes everything preventing you from accepting that you are whole, perfect, and complete. It's from this Awareness-of-Being that your interpretations become one with Enlightenism and you create "A New Way to Think and Live."

"Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

Friday, March 13, 2020

Letting go of Toxicity

There are some things you're  unwilling to let go. And without realizing it, it's your unwillingness to let go that keeps you mired deeply in toxicity.

You have the power to let go of your beliefs and values about others -- people, places and things -- and embody a new way to think and live. This new way requires you to unlearn toxic beliefs and values.

When you begin the unlearning process, you will undoubtedly be reluctant to let go of  people you like as well as your cherished possessions. Even though many of your problems come from the toxic relationships you have formed over the years with people and possessions -- friends, lovers, children, home, automobile, education, wealth, religion, and so on -- are the things you must detached yourself from. And detach not so much in a physical sense, but in Consciousness.

Some relationships  need to end. They cannot be fixed by you.  If you truly desire to free yourself from toxicity, then you must spend your time working on yourself rather trying to change others.

Nevertheless, the anticipated  pain you expect from severing these toxic relationships are illusory.  It's your toxic beliefs and values reminding you of your obligation to try and fix others lives and neglect your own.

Whenever you let go of your toxic beliefs and values, you feel like someone without a home. This is the way you feel when you leave the only home you can ever remember. Toxicity is where you feel at home with your race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

Toxicity taught you all that you know about yourself, others, and the world. It is your philosophy of being, your sanctuary from fears of the unknown, and it provides you with a way to think and live.

Regardless of what you think of yourself today, you still accept that it's you. Even if you're feeling depressed, overwhelmed by problems, and imprisoned in toxic relationships -- personal and professional -- it's still you. And the you that you are aware of being have hope your life will get better.

Your hope is conditioned on past experiences and observations of others with similar problems. This perspective limits your vision of change to illusory experiences and observations, and to what  others taught you about life itself.

For those that desire to change, there is an alternative to toxicity and the toxic way of life. You can let go of this lifestyle and choose to embark on "A New Way to Think and Live."

Similarly, you have the inherent power, without permission from others,  to change your own Consciousness. For this to happen, you first must be willing to let go of your toxic beliefs and values. You also must be willing to let go of your current Awareness-of-Being that's afraid to change.

This new way to think and live comes from the Enlightenism philosophy that accepts the Greater Power existing within you as unconditioned Consciousness. This power, after it's discovered by you, provides you with the clarity to know you can choose to accept that you're born whole, perfect, and complete, In other words, before others taught you how to live in a toxic world, you were colorless, faceless, and formless.

Meanwhile, you can  move from your home in toxicity, that's fully-furnished with toxic beliefs and values, into a new Enlightenism home that's fully-furnished with clarity, power, and freedom. This is the home where you dine on beliefs and values that provide you with "A New Way to Think and Live."

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life."

Saturday, March 7, 2020

How to use Enlightenism to Overcome Coronavirus Fears

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs and values, many feel our faith is being tested by the coronavirus. It seems that each day we're slipping away from long-held beliefs about God, faith, and divine protection, and falling into the depths of cowardice, panic, worry and fear.

The never-ending news reports predicting the spread of the coronavirus are causing us to believe in the inevitability of our becoming its next victim. So now we're waiting and hoping for the news report that says, "There's no need to worry, we have everything under control."

For many, we're wondering why we're afraid in the first place. Somewhere, deep within us, some now feel spiritually exposed for abandoning their faith in God and placing in it medicine to protect them from unknown calamities.

Nevertheless, at least we now know that our faith in medicine is greater than our  faith in God. .  This awareness of ourselves confirms the work we must do to restore our wholeness.

Perhaps we have always been playing with ourselves when it comes to our faith in God or divine power. There's a thin demarcation  between faith and rational responses to our fears about  pernicious viruses.

It's important to understand that the distinctions between the two are nothing more than interpretations. The interpretations are based on what others taught us about the power of faith and medicine to protect us from calamities.

Most have already concluded that we obviously don't have the faith to move a mountain. That's why we have resigned ourselves to create things to move it for us.

Nevertheless, there's a new way to think of faith rather than the one others taught us. This new way is Enlightenism:  a 21st philosophy based on  "A new way to Think and Live."

When we accept Enlightenism Consciousness as the Greater Power, we reclaim our power of having been born whole, perfect, and complete. And it's within this Consciousness that we discover how to free ourselves from sense-certainty.

Enlightenism exists as unconditioned Consciousness that's available if we choose to discover it for ourselves. This power specifically addresses the unique suffering of the one who discovers it.

Enlightenism provides the powerless with the power of : Imagination, Embodiment, Acceptance and Action. These are the tools, when woven together, that provide us with the clarity and power to overcome calamities and protect us from infectious illusory beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, by using the Enlightenism formula, we can let go of our fears of the unknown calamities and accept ourselves as the Greater Power and say: "I am Greater than the I that I created." In other words, before science and medicine, there is Consciousness. And when they no longer exist, there will still be Consciousness.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"