Friday, June 20, 2014

Desires for Enlightenment

The power to desire is the foundation for creativity. We desire to overcome the current conditions in our lives. We desire to achieve success. We desire to have enlightened minds. And we continue to have desires ad infinitum.

"The desire to change is a powerful force that you must reckon with if you want to change the way you think, act, work, and live. The undercurrent of power producing your desires connects you with a much higher power. 

"If you search for this power, it will not only transform your life, it will lead you to your unconditioned, uncluttered, intuitive consciousness: a place where all things are possible. Unfortunately, far too many people believe this consciousness exists outside of them." --Seeds from the Ashes


"I acknowledge that for me to change my beliefs and values, I must first be willing to enter into self-discovery."  --- National BYE Society

The desire to change is the first step in the self-discovery process. Self-discovery means the desire to understand the development of our beliefs and values. In other words, the willingness on our part to examine our own lives without the aid of others.

It's important for us to know that our thoughts and desires can exist without language, education, religion, and so forth. We can desire things instinctively or at the animal level of awareness. Unfortunately, even at this basic level, our desires are toxic.

Similarly, the more toxic our minds become, the more our desires become complicated, confused, and pernicious. This is the toxicity that produced the current conditions in our lives.

Moreover, this is also the starting point for us to begin our work by acknowledging that we are responsible for the beliefs and values that created the conditions in our lives. Regardless of where we are in life, we are solely responsible for doing the work to enlighten our minds.

When we assume responsibility for the conditions in our lives, then we are prepared to begin the inward journey of self-discovery.  This is a journey all enlightenment warriors must make. It is the narrow, less traveled road that's brightly illumined with clarity.

On the enlightenment road is Powers of Mind. When we decide to enter into self-discovery, we discover this great power within us. This is the power we need to assist us with understanding how to identify and overcome the toxic beliefs and values distorting our clarity to perceive the limitless power within us.

"The self-discovery process empowers (enlightens) you to go beyond the boundaries imposed on you by family, friends, and society. It leads you into another level (realm) of consciousness where you will face the challenges of establishing new, more complete relationships with other people." --Seeds from the Ashes

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Awareness Beyond Toxic Beliefs and Values

We are always one with our beliefs and values. Whatever we believe is who we are in that moment. However, for many of us this awareness of being is problematic.

It is problematic for many of us because we have embodied toxic beliefs and values causing us to believe we are inferior to others. This is the toxicity we are constantly using to reaffirm our dependency on others to  guide us to enlightenment.

Similarly, our toxic minds prevent us from becoming aware of the options we have to make enlightened decisions. Most of our destructive behavior comes from our unawareness of having other options.

This limited clarity causes us to create our own powerless conditions. We become victims of our self-created toxicity.

Nevertheless, we do have the Powers of Mind to create a new awareness of being. That is, we don't have to remain powerless to our toxic beliefs and values.

Many of us don't use our Powers of Mind because we don't know how to use it. We think it's unreal or fanciful. And since it's invisible energy, like atoms or electricity, we don't believe it can work unless we see it in action.

Many of our fanciful beliefs and values deprive us of our creative powers. We believe real power only exists among the stars above us. And regardless to the number of enlightened individuals that tell us this power is within our minds, we just cannot seem to grasp this information.

In many instances, we don't understand how to transform invisible thoughts and images into visible ones. We have forgotten how the laws of creativity work in our lives.

Powers of Mind is the essence of creativity. It is the invisible creating the visible. It is the awareness of being that can become whatever it desires to become. It is the awareness of life beyond our toxic beliefs and values,

Unfortunately, too many of us have become lost in the abyss of societal acceptability. We have become blinded by our toxic beliefs and values.

This blindness causes us to stumble and fall as we navigate the toxic terrain of victim consciousness.  And in our blindness, we cannot remember that our awareness of being existed before we became victims of the toxic beliefs and values in this society.

Some of us who have discovered Powers of Mind to be our awareness of being know that we are greater than all of our creations. We know that the  beliefs and values that created this society are merely expressions of others' thoughts and ideas.

This means we have the power to create a more enlightened society. The inward journey to our enlightenment begins with the acknowledgement that enlightenment exists in our Powers of Mind.

This is the path of the enlightenment warrior. "I am that which I know that I Am."

Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Lives Depend on Powers of Mind

We always greater than our results. When we settle for the temporal accolades from our results, we become complacent with egoism and illusions of fame.

Many of us continue to be victimized by our illusions. We remain  inextricably tied to the self-destruction of our own minds.  This self-destructive process is the reality we seek to maintain.

The good news today is that we don't have to live in this self-destructive process. The wonderful thing about Powers of Mind is that it is limitless. And with this power as our source of light, we don't have to remain in perpetual servitude to others. We can follow our own Powers of Mind.

Many of us find it very difficult to wake up our minds. This is the first priority of real change.  When we decide to wake up, stop procrastinating, and give ourselves credit for having power independent of others, then we free our minds to discover Powers of Mind.

Regardless of our current awareness of being, it's a struggle for our minds to remain imprisoned with toxicity. Although our minds are immersed in toxicity, we continue to feel the power of our desires pleading with us to listen.

"The desire to change is a powerful force that you must reckon with if you want to change how you think, act, work, and live. The undercurrent of power producing your desires connects you with a much higher power. If you search for this power, it will not only transform your life, it will lead you to your unconditioned, uncluttered, intuitive consciousness: a place where all things are possible.Seeds from the Ashes

We cannot allow our minds to remain limited to toxic beliefs and values. The search for Powers of Mind begins with our silent desires.

These desires come to us daily. They are filled with the prescriptions to satisfy or overcome whatever problems we believe are overwhelming us. 

At some point in time, we must feel the need to stop living powerless minds. This is the point when, if we have clarity, we are able to understand the desires in our minds.

During our awakening, we are aware that Powers of Mind is the clarity that guides us on our search for our unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness is the beginning and end of all of our conceptions and the results we cherish so much.