Friday, July 28, 2023

How to Create a Free Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

Self-acquired intuitive knowledge is Consciousness of Truth. Self-acquired intuitive knowledge is also the Consciousness that is greater than human knowledge. 

The truth about us is that we are born free of societal labels. Others -- parents and society -- teach us to believe we are of a certain race, color, and so on. And when we accept these beliefs, we nurture them into a powerless mindset. 

Powerlessness is not caused by God but by toxic beliefs. Toxicity affirms our trust in societal labels. The greater our trust in societal labels, the less we trust intuitive consciousness.

When we are blinded by toxicity, we lack the clarity to perceive a power that's greater than toxicity. The darkness from toxicity overwhelms the mind with doubts about who we are. The doubts are responsible for the distrust we have about ourselves.

We learn to trust ourselves again by unlearning toxicity. When we unlearn toxicity, we achieve the light from intuitive consciousness that reveals the truth about who we are without labels. This light is the clarity that guides us on our intuitive consciousness journey.

A free mind is created by self-acquired intuitive knowledge. Intuitive knowledge frees the mind of toxicity and the sense-certainty of societal labels.  When our minds are free, we are unstoppable in achieving our goals. Our imagination is free to express the limitless new ideas in Consciousness. 

Intuitive knowledge is different from sense-certainty knowledge. With intuitive knowledge we teach ourselves to live with labels-free minds. Our minds are free of victimhood and powerlessness. 

A free mind express only the power and clarity from intuitive consciousness. Victimhood and powerlessness cannot exist in a free mind because there's no darkness for them to hide. 

Nevertheless, many powerless individuals dream about having free minds. They, unfortunately, cannot achieve this mindset. So, their dreams die in toxicity. 

Now is the time to stop dreaming and start working towards creating a free mind.

A free mind is achievable by everyone with a mind. All that's required is for you to unlearn toxicity and embrace self-acquired intuitive knowledge. The power we have been dreaming about is achieved with a free mind. 

A free mind exists only in Consciousness. We must use the intuitive knowledge from this Consciousness to create a new way to think and live. 

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Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Unstoppable Power of a Free Mind

Self-acquired knowledge is unstoppable power. We are greater than what others taught us to believe about ourselves.

We are not divinely created powerless, but with the unstoppable power of free minds. The more we believe in others, the more we believe in their power. After a while, we believe we must seek power from them.

When we rely on others to teach us about acquiring power, we continue to search outside for power. We focus on pleading and begging others to share their power with us. It is only when we decide to focus on achieving power from ourselves that we search within our minds for the power. 

When we search in our minds for power, we discover something alien to what others taught us about power. We discover self-acquired knowledge. The knowledge we were born with.  

Self-acquired knowledge exists in a special place in our minds. It's a space cleansed of others' beliefs and values. 

When we perceive ourselves without toxic descriptions, we understand how to let go of our dependency on others. We stop pleading with them to teach us how to achieve powerful minds. We also stop analyzing their behavior and stop trying to make them act the way we want them to.

Working in the mind is a lonely adventure with remarkable rewards. Our minds contain so much untapped knowledge and power. Things that are unimaginable to toxic minds.  

We are unaccustomed to having powerful minds that are greater than the powerless ones we have been using all our lives. Yet this is what you discover with self-acquired knowledge.

When we quiet our minds of outside chatter, we experience the knowledge that we were born with powerful minds. This is our awareness of being someone different than what others taught us to believe. We are now experiencing the death of powerlessness. 

Powerlessness must die in order for self-acquired knowledge to work in the mind. When the powerless victim dies, we can birth self-acquired knowledge.  

In other words, we must cleanse the mind of powerlessness and replace it with beliefs created by self-acquired knowledge. The light from self-acquired knowledge makes it uncomfortable for powerlessness to exist in us. We are shining too much light for powerlessness to hide.

We know with self-acquired knowledge that powerlessness is comfortable living in darkness. So, when we remove the darkness, there's no place for powerlessness to exist. 

The powerless mind doesn't die easily. Powerlessness continues to search for light in others. 

We must cleanse the powerless mind daily with self-acquired knowledge.   Self-acquired knowledge is the only way to stop us from searching for power in others. 

The truth is that we are born whole, perfect, and complete. We are born with powerful minds and unstoppable power. No one can stop us from expressing our power, except our toxic beliefs.

When we discover this immutable truth about power, we have acquired self-acquired knowledge. We have acquired the unstoppable power of a free mind. 

Self-acquired knowledge reminds us to never forget we are born with powerful, unstoppable minds.  

Read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes" to learn more about Enlightenism and Self-Acquired Knowledge.

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