Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Power That's Greater Than Toxicity

 "Who are you aware of being today?"

 Most of us never fully understand  the source of our power. When we think of power, we believe our toxic beliefs and values represent the only power available to us. And if there's any other power, it must exist in another realm of consciousness that's unavailable to us.

We have conditioned ourselves, by depending on toxic beliefs and values, into powerless individuals.  This acceptance of ourselves as powerless becomes the prism that we perceive the existence of ourselves and others.  Unfortunately our perceptions of what is, is distorted by what is not, which represent our illusion.

It is our inability to understand that we're living in a man-made, make believe world that distorts what we think of ourselves with power. The realness of the illusion limits our imagination to create a new perspective of ourselves with power.

Many of us are unaware of the process we used to conditioned ourselves into powerless beings. We thought it was a growth process: One where at each level of absorption of toxicity we were increasing our level of power. It never occurred to us that the opposite effect was happening to us. 

The learning process for creating powerlessness seems innocous to us. We accept the toxicity and, over time, we claim it as our own. In other words, we become individuals born of toxicity.

Similarly, we give very little, if any, thought to the information defining us according to our race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status. We accept ourselves according to what others taught us.  And most of us believe it's  impossible for us to ever perceive ourselves without our societal labels.

Many of us stop searching for inner-power and accept inner-power to mean what others had taught us about it. In other words, it exists in us in a manner that we believe is something achievable only by believing it actually exists outside of us.

Our beliefs in inner-power are merely distortions from our toxicity. Toxicity had already taught us to think of ourselves as powerless. Consequently, we had been taught to believe authentic power existed in the universe far above us. This spacious existence outside of us only reinforced our powerless beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, when we decide to let go of our dependency on others, by unlearning what they taught us, we will inevitable enter into a new process of change that leads us to Enligthenism,   Enlightenism is a born-again holistic philosophy that represents a new way to think of power.

Enlightenism, is the colorless, faceless, and formless unconditioned consciousness in you that is greater than the toxicity you're currently using to seek power. It is the end of all of your searches for power and fulfillment.

Many of us don't believe in the existence of something outside of the toxic world. We are comfortable living in toxicity and accepting ourselves as powerless. The thought of a power in us that's greater than what we have been taught by others is lunacy.

For us to free ourselves from toxicity, we first must recognize that we're in toxicity. The process for achieving freedom is affected by what we accept as our awareness-of-being. All change and transformation is determined by our awareness-of-being.

When we condition our awareness-of-being into a powerless person, we then believe power can only exist outside of us. And in this delusional state of awareness, we forget that Enlightenism exists within us.

Meanwhile, if we continue to unlearn our toxic beliefs and values, then we will discover that Enlightenism is the power that's greater than toxicity.