Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Path to Power

 "You have the power to help yourself with Enlightenism."

The greater power exists within you as Unconditioned Consciousness. For you to use this power, you first must create a new System of Thought that is diametrically different than the one used to victimize you. 

When you think about power, you need to look no further than your Consciousness. The new System of Thought originates in your Consciousness. This is the System of Thought that leads you to Enlightenism.  

Enlightenism is a paradigm shift in Consciousness. It is a 21st Century philosophy you can use to create a new way to think and live. 

Enlightenism is a clean, clear, and usable philosophy. To attain this power you must first cleanse your mind of toxic victim beliefs and values. In other words, you must unlearn what you have learned from others. 

Many trapped in victim consciousness believe that the path to power comes from seeking wealth, status, education, and so on. 

The more you seek power from these illusory beliefs and values the less power you have to create a new System of Thought. You must be willing to let go of the System of Thought that produces victims.

Today, more than any time in our lives, we need the power to help ourselves to overcome victimization. This power is available to you to now in the Unconditioned Consciousness within you. 

Meanwhile, you can use this Consciousness to condition your mind to accept a new Awareness-of-Being. And with this new Awareness-of-Being, you will no longer believe that you are a powerless victim.

"You have the power to help yourself with Enlightenism."