Monday, September 26, 2011

Understanding Inner Power -- Part 2

Every time we decide to blame people and circumstances for our problems, we move further from ourselves and the power we have within us. Many of us believe this inner power can do all sorts of things that we're unable to do for ourselves.

Similarly, some of us believe our inner power is our secret weapon we use to free us from difficult situations. Regardless to our various interpretations of this power, for most of us it's real.

So if it's real, what is it really.

Some of us believe inner power is simply our unconditioned consciousness. The consciousness that remains free of the illusions distorting who we are without our beliefs.

It is the state of awareness where we are colorless, faceless, and formless. And it is from this awareness, we are able to truly liberate ourselves from the toxic beliefs responsible for our suffering. 

For us to move beyond the intellectual gymnastics of comparing unconditioned consciousness with innate ideas, we must first feel we are something other than what we currently believe ourselves to be.

And to a larger degree, we must know that creativity or intuitiveness provides us with the introspection to know that it's possible to go beyond the limitations of our current beliefs.

Many people believe this inner power is our Creator existing within us. It really doesn't matter what we believe about this power, what really matters is how we use it to overcome our suffering. After all, whatever it is, we believe it's somewhere within our minds.

All of our actions come from what we think, which comes from our mind. Prayer and meditation are acts occurring in our minds. In other words, we are using our minds to connect our thoughts to power source we believe can assist us with our problems or challenges in life.

Meanwhile, some of us begin to equate prayer and meditation as solutions to our problems rather than tools we use to gain the clarity and courage we need to act.

All of our power comes from our mind or the consciousness that's aware of itself as a mind. So all of our work must focus on liberating the mind of the toxic beliefs causing us to believe we are powerless or victims of life itself.

When we do the work of liberating our minds of the toxic beliefs, we provide ourselves with the freedom to use our inner power or unconditioned consciousness to create a new person.  This the essence of being reborn again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Understanding Inner Power

When believe our problems are insurmountable, too difficult for us to solve ourselves, some of us turn to prayer or meditation for assistance. At the deepest level of our suffering is the cause of our suffering: our actions.

Some of us believe inner power is a magical place within us where we can go whenever we dislike the results we are creating in our lives.

So to understand inner power, we must first understand ourselves prior to having our minds conditioned to think and act according to the ways others want us to think and act. In "Seeds from the Ashes," we understand the true nature of inner power and how it resonates within each of us.

Here are some cogent tips from "Seeds from the Ashes" to assist us with understanding inner power:

"Each day the morning sun brings with its light your vision to change. Within the sun's rays is the solution for all your problems. This day contains a bountiful supply of creative ideas sufficient to solve any problem you are facing.

"The question for you is: Do you treat these ideas with contempt, disdain and familiarity because they come to you so freely?

"Try, try, try, but you will quickly discover that an unhappy person cannot ignore his or her desires to change. They are too powerful for those besieged with lack, limitation, and struggle to ignore.

"Your desires exist to serve you and only you. They are the essence of your life. Without desires, you would cease to exist as a viable person. They represent your spiritual DNA.

"If you feel weak spiritually and materially, it is because you are manifesting weak and unfocused desires. If you feel strong and powerful, it is because you are manifesting strong and focused desires.

"During moments of great despair in your life, you will find a plentiful supply of strong desires willing to step forward and lead you out of your despair. You must be willing to allow these desires into your life and treat them as your warriors.

"Like all great leaders, you need strong warriors to follow you into battle; however, they need you to guide them.

"The power to change exists only within your mind. You truly are what you think. If you think you are weak and powerless, you act like it. If you think you are strong and powerful, you act thusly.

"Your thoughts express themselves within your desires. If you have no desires, it is because you have ignored your thoughts.

"Today is the moment you make the decision to change your life. You want to do it now rather than putting it off for a later time. By acting now, you take the first step toward proclaiming your worthiness to express greatness."

For us to clearly understand inner power, we must liberate our minds from the toxic beliefs causing us to believe we are powerless to solve our own problems.

We'll continue our discussion on inner power in our next blog.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Self-Imposed Obstacles

When we finally decide to do something about changing our behavior, we awaken the desires in us to become actively engaged in our actions. Now they want to do something different from the boring work of creating lack, limitation, struggle, low self-esteem, fear, anger, and so forth in our lives.

This new awakening that occurs in our lives every time we want to change brings with it the energy, the power, and the knowledge of expression. This gives us the courage to take action.

At the moment of change, when we're feeling jubilant, energetic, and courageous, we also awaken the illusions of self-imposed obstacles, which, up to this point, have been the dominant forces in our lives.

And as we can see from the insights in "Seeds from the Ashes," they are formidable foes.

" When you discover you are responsible for the problems in your life, you also know that to overcome those problems you must remove the obstacles that keep you tied to them.

"You discover the obstacles in your life by examining the cause of your problems.

"As the creator of everything in your life, including the obstacles expressing themselves as lack, limitation, fear, doubt, and struggle, you are also responsible for removing them from your life.

"You can develop a plan, a strategy, and a commitment to achieving success.

"The thought of achieving success is a daunting one for someone who believes he or she is powerless. When you confirm your poverty, you confirm the lack in your life.

"When you confirm your obstacles, you confirm the limitation in your life. When you confirm the fears in your life, you confirm the doubts in your life. When you confirm the struggle in your life, you confirm the powerlessness in your life.

"These beliefs become the bases for your self-imposed obstacles, while your new actions become the bases for you to achieve a new way to think and live."

We are always present in all of our actions. This makes us responsible for creating them and for taking the actions to change them.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eliminating the Victim Mind

'Your memories of the past prevent you from seeing today clearly."

Some of us want to change our lives without entering in to self-discovery where we must take the time to uprooted the toxic weeds (thoughts) choking the life out of our desires.

Today presents us with another opportunity to do something about how we're feeling about our present living conditions. And regardless to whether we believe we are victims of our own thinking or not, none of us has achieved the required enlightenment that provides us with the insights where we don't have anymore questions.

So, in keeping with enlightenment recipes for the mind, let's take a peek in "Seeds from the Ashes" and see what's cooking today.

"The desire to change is a powerful force that you must reckon with if you want to change the way you think, act, work, and live. The undercurrent of power producing your desires connects you with a much higher power.

"If you search for this power, it not only transform your life, it will lead you to your unconditioned, uncluttered, intuitive consciousness: a place where all things are possible. Unfortunately, far too many people believe this consciousness exists outside of them.

"Nevertheless, the desire to change is the first step in the self-discovery process: a process you use to examine your life and develop an action plan to change it.

"The self-discovery process empowers you to go beyond the boundaries imposed on you by family, friends, and society. It leads you into another level of consciousness where you will face the challenges of establishing new, more complex relationships with other people.

"The moment you feel overpowered by illusions of poverty, unemployment, failure, addiction, and fear is the moment for you to discover why you feel this way. For many, the way to begin is by acknowledging that they have a problem. 

"It's a problem to be treated with a sense of urgency, similar to the way you would treat a cancer spreading through your body. If it's left untreated, you can expect pernicious results.

"The time it takes to change your life is your time, not someone else's time. You cannot turn your challenges over to seminar leaders, spiritual deities, or political leaders, because they do not have the power to change your life. They can talk about the resources that you can us to assist you with overcoming your problems.

"They tell you success stories, make promises, and extol you to believe everything will be all right. However, after awhile, you will realize that it is you who know exactly what's bothering you and what you need to do to solve the problems you are facing.

"When you become uncomfortable with your life, you will seek a way to change it. Most people seek ways to change their lives when they become uncomfortable with their present situation.

"The greater your discomfort, the stronger your desires to change. So ask yourself: Are you ready to change today, or will you wait until tomorrow? The answer depends on the present intensity of your desires.

"If you are truly unhappy with your present condition, then you are ready now to take the first step to change.

During moment of great despair in your life, you will find a plentiful supply of strong desires willing to step forward and lead you out of your despair. You must be willing to allow these desires into your life and treat them as your warriors.

""Like all great leaders, you need strong warriors to follow you into battle; however, they need you to guide them."

The toxic beliefs victimizing our minds are the illusions we accept as reality. When we remove them, we are able to see clearly enough to create a new reality.