Monday, August 25, 2014

The Powers of Mind Messiah

Many of us have moments in our lives when we want someone to free us from our pain and suffering. During these moments when we are overwhelmed by our doubts about Powers of Mind, we begin to pray for a Messiah to rescue us from our own pain and suffering.

Whenever we feel depressed, mired deeply in hopelessness,  and believe life is too difficult for us, it's important for us to understand that these feelings are merely expressions of our current beliefs and values.  They are temporal creations of our awareness of being.

Nevertheless, even though they are temporal, our existence is defined by our awareness of being. And it's this temporal awareness of being that causes us to believe we are powerless and must seek assistance from outside of ourselves. This consciousness-of is responsible for our beliefs in a Messiah who exists  outside of our Powers of Mind.

For many of us immersed in a world of our own creation, we find it difficult to believe that the "Kingdom of God or Heaven" is within each of us. We continue, in spite of our beliefs in the Scriptures, to believe that this power exists outside of us. This means we search for it in people, places, and things.

Some philosophers have written about the power we have to play many different roles or create other awareness of beings. We become aware of ourselves in different images and forms according to our beliefs and values at that moment. Even though, this awareness of being is not the ultimate expression of our potentialities.

Those of us who have embodied awareness of being impoverished, wealthy, white, black, male, female, and so on are simply limited by our consciousness-of. We are imprisoned in the illusions we have created of ourselves.

For those of us who desire to overcome our illusions, by embracing Powers of Mind, we are able to experience moments of existence without awareness of being something. While these moments are rare and occur for only brief, fleeting moments, we feel them inside of us.

It is during these Powers of Mind moments that we recognize the essence of our potentiality. We perceive consciousness-of something greater than our current conditions of lack and powerless. Nevertheless, these are the times we get glimpses into another awareness of being unconditioned. These are our Powers of Mind moments.

When we are willing to accept responsibility for the nightmares in our lives, then we will begin the process of discovering our Powers of Mind. We will discover for ourselves this unconditioned consciousness that is consciousness-of itself.

This is the awareness of being we need to know  who we are without our societal beliefs and values. We have the clarity and sagacity to know that our power is not limited by religion and education. Nor is it dependent on others to express itself in our lives.

When we discover that Powers of Mind is the spacious awareness of being responsible for our existence in this world, then we will know that we were born enlightened into a world of darkness and suffering.

This is the power that a Messiah possess. And when we claim this power for ourselves, we will no longer believe it exists outside of us.

We will know clearly that which we pray for, and seek, already exists in our Powers of Mind.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Powers of Mind Perspective on Michael Brown's Death

At the heart of the senseless death of Michael Brown are the beliefs and values we have toward human life. Regardless of the societal labels of race, gender, color, status, and so on that we identify with, we continue to devalue human life based on these labels.

The conditions for Michael Brown's death began with our ignoring the fact that more people are killed each year in our cities than the combined total of American deaths from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This surge in self-hatred has contributed significantly to the way we place value on human life in our cities.

And at the core of our disinterest is the criteria  we are using to prioritize the value of human life. What makes us believe that one killing or death is more important than another one?

Many of us ignore or try to escape the carnage. While many others apply societal labels to the deaths. Yet, in the main, we have anesthetized our minds to accept inner-city violence and deaths as part of the social fabric permeating our inner-city neighborhoods. 

Nevertheless, Michael  Brown's death caused by policeman, Darren Wilson, is not just an inner-city problem, but an American problem. And we all, regardless of our self-adopted labels, are responsible for creating the conditions that caused Mr. Brown's death.

It's important for us to know that we were born into a society or world that was already established by beliefs and values. We were taught  by our parents, society, and from our experience how to embody these beliefs and values. And unknown to us, we were accepting beliefs and values that separated us from each other.

We now have the opportunity to wake-up our minds to at least understand how we developed ourselves. And to recognize that we cannot come together, because we have never been together. When we can acknowledge this fact, then we can  transform our minds with the clarity to overcome the illusions behind the labels.

Whenever we decide to change our traditional beliefs and values, we move further from our culture or from an established way of life. This means that others are going to think we have deserted them or moved out of "The Cave" into the light. Unfortunately, this is what we all must do if we desire to change how we think and live.

The process of change is difficult for many of us to understand. It doesn't occur in a vacuum. It is not an instantaneous awakening of the mind. It is a slow, methodical, and inexorable challenge to the beliefs and values most dear to us.

This is a journey we must make if we desire to transform our minds. We must be willing to face our fears on powerlessness. And have the willingness to lose our beliefs and values so that we can transform our minds with enlightened ones.

Our challenge is to awaken our minds enough to go beyond our current disquietude. We must work on our minds so that we understand and remove the beliefs and values we are using to judge people from different races and cultures.

Our awareness of being must be willing to go deeper into our Powers of Mind and discover the clarity to understand and remove the beliefs and values we're using to support Michael Brown and Darren Wilson.

When we decide to seriously discover and use our Powers of Mind, we will understand that all life matters. At this level of consciousness, we understand that our divisions, our anger, and our distrust come from the beliefs and values we received from our parents, society, and from our experience.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Power to Continue on our Path

There are times when we just don't believe we can continue on our journey. We want to stop, because the work seems fruitless and the rewards meaningless.

Somewhere on our journey we have forgotten that it's an individual one. The answers to all of our questions about who we are, and what we are doing here, are found in our Powers of Mind. This is the awareness we need to create a clear, effortless path for our journey.

During the development of our minds we learned how to live in this world according to what others taught us. We created for ourselves an awareness of being that defined us by skin color, race, nationality, gender, social and economic class, and our relationships to a Supreme being.

Most of us didn't ever seriously challenge this made-up information. We accepted this information as axiomatic beliefs and values.

In other words, the truth value had already been proven by others. So there's no need for us to waste our time questioning it.

When we accept societal information as verified fact or psychological realities, we can not create a new awareness of being that is independent of our foundational beliefs and values. So the search for a new awareness of being becomes fruitless for us by using this information.

It is important for us to know that the person we are aware of being now was created in our minds according to societal beliefs and values. This means we live in flux with the societal vicissitudes defining right and wrong behavior.

We become psychologically limited by the information. This creates  an identity crisis of our  awareness of being.: And it is from this awareness that we find the tribulations of life are devastating for most of us.

In our efforts to escape from our own toxic minds, we imagine all sorts of things to assist us with our work. It is during our imaginary exploits that we begin to cherish money and seek the "good life." This is also the time we begin to realize that we seem to be always seeking one more thing to assuage our thirst for fulfillment.

Nevertheless, our imaginary minds become even more toxic from our dependency on money and the "good life." Now we want even greater power. Some of us began to have epiphanies where God speaks to us. We even imagine God telling us of our new mission in life to save others from the world's tribulations.

Whenever we use  toxic beliefs and values to define a Supreme Being, we fall deeper into confusion and suffering.Most of us remain unaware of our descent  into a new, more pernicious, abyss of psychological toxicity.

This new awareness manipulates our minds to believe education, hard work, and adherence to religious tenets will bring us the completeness or fulfillment missing in our lives.This is the source of our epiphanies.

Many of us  use our minds and societal beliefs and values to give us the confidence we need to change our paths. Unfortunately, in many cases, we use toxic toxic beliefs and values to interpret our epiphanies.

Meanwhile, when we stop trying to use toxic beliefs and values to discover God and change the world, we will begin to understand that God exists only in the clarity of our Powers of Mind. This the path that leads us to the door that opens the portal to our Powers of Mind.