Monday, September 23, 2013

Powers of Mind Self-Enlightenment Revolution

We were not born with toxic beliefs and values; we were taught them by others.

Today, we have an opportunity to recreate ourselves with power. This new power is created from within our minds where it currently exists as a colorless, faceless, and formless being. It has the power to become many things, but it is always greater than the things it becomes..

Many of us are unable to discover and use this power because we're unwilling to challenge and overcome our current beliefs and values.  Even though we desire change in our lives, we don't want it to be a complete one. We believe we need to keep the beliefs and values we like and rid ourselves of the ones we don't like.

Our fears of the unknown self, the one that's free of toxic beliefs and values, are what prevent many of us from letting go completely of our self-developed egos. We find it to be frightening and wasting our time searching for an invisible power in our minds.

Most of us have already decided that our education, jobs, and religious commitments are sufficient as they currently exist. This commitment to toxic beliefs and values is so powerful that we even ignore the enlightened ones of the past. And by ignoring them, we divulge fickleness in our own toxic beliefs and values.

We cherry pick among our beliefs and values. Even though, we strongly believe that the enlightened Sages of the past had overcome their toxic beliefs and values by seeking clarity within their minds, we continue to cling to them, because of our fears of the unknown consciousness in our minds.

Similarly, it's important for us to realize that stagnant minds add to our unwillingness to express fecund minds and release the credulous attachment to what we already believe about ourselves and others. This is the process of moving from myopic ignorance to expansive self-awareness. 

Meanwhile, for us to condition our minds to move beyond its fears is an autodidact process. However, it's not autodidact with toxic beliefs and values, but from our willingness to use Powers of Mind.

We were not born with toxic beliefs and values; we were taught them by others.

Powers of Mind is the light within our minds that guide us to our intuitive-unconditioned consciousness, which is enlightenment. This power is activated whenever we decide to challenge, doubt or question what others have taught us.

With Powers of Mind we are able to discern the limitations of human creations. This means we can clearly understand that what we have been taught by others was designed to make or mold us into individuals who are dependent on what we have been taught.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Powers of Mind Knows the Truth About Why we are Here

I am whatever I believe that I am.

The truth about who we are is known only by our unconditioned awareness. This great, limitless power in our minds has the power to become many things. Yet it is always greater than its creations.

Many of us search for our essence in the visions of others. We work diligently to find ourselves in the toxic beliefs and values governing this world. And unfortunately, the more we try to find ourselves in the toxic beliefs and values of others, the more confusion and suffering we create in our lives.

We were not born with toxic beliefs and values; we were taught them by others.

Most of us find it difficult to believe we have Powers in Mind. We rationalize it away by our victimization from the toxic beliefs and values.

Similarly, we continue to believe power cannot exist in the minds of people who have been conditioned to live powerless lifestyles without realizing they are doing so. Unfortunately, this type of belief only sustains powerlessness, and the ancillary fanciful beliefs that authentic power can only be achieved in death.

Whenever we stop and challenge our beliefs and values, we are immediately faced with relinquishing our attachment to the toxic beliefs and values responsible for the way we think and live. Even though our beliefs and values are illusory, we continue to empower them with unprecedented powers.

Nevertheless, we accept our illusions, which come from our toxic beliefs and values.  as part of our powerless birthright. It is from this position of powerless that many of us search for power in things -- people, places, and systems -- that we seek to possess.

We were not born with toxic beliefs and values; we were taught them by others.

Meanwhile, many of us will benefit from our search for power in people, places, and things, because we will discover that all roads to power lead back to our minds. And that what we seek cannot be found in another person, place, or thing. It can only be found in our Powers of Mind. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Truth About Powers of Mind

I am that person I believe I am as long as I believe I am.

I am capable of being many things, however, I can exist without being any of them.

We worry about things outside of us, because we don't understand what's happening inside of our minds. Inside of our minds is the limitless power to imagine ourselves existing without worries. This inner awareness is Powers of Mind -- our unconditioned consciousness.

The unwillingness to believe that Powers of Mind exists in our minds inextricably tie us to powerlessness. And it is from this position of ignorance, or our unawareness of the power we already possess,  that we languish in darkness and ignorance about the truth in our minds.

To enhance our awareness to overcome the darkness in our minds, we must first imagine ourselves being another person. This new person must be empowered by us with the light to see through the darkness.

Similarly, this new person has all that we can imagine him or her to possess. Any limitations are created by the limits of our imagination. So it's important to spend the time imagining ourselves existing without our current beliefs and values.

The clarity we seek is defined in the questions and answers: Who are we aware of being? Who is this person? What are our attributes?

I am that person I believe I am as long as I believe I am.

I am capable of being many things, however, I can exist without being any of them.

The path to enlightenment begins with the awareness of Powers of Mind in our minds. This great power is in the minds of the poor, sick, drug and alcohol victims, social and political illusion chasers, religious zealots, and greedy capitalists.

Nevertheless, for them to discover this power, they must be willing to be reborn again with the clarity to change the images causing them to believe their current conditions are all they are capable of becoming. 

When we discover Powers of Mind, we know that our self-created illusions are caused by our toxic beliefs and values. And the illusions can only be overcome by the clarity from our Powers of Mind.

Being reborn with power is not a ritual, affirmation, or another illusion, but the power to know that we can experience enlightenment without the aid of another persons' beliefs and values. This type of awareness is a paradigm shift in the way we pursue power.

This new awareness of something greater than who we are currently accepting ourselves as being is Powers of Mind.  Powers of Mind is always free of others' beliefs and values.

I am that person I believe I am as long as I believe I am.

I am capable of being many things, however, I can exist without being any of them.