Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Powers of Mind Makeover

Far too many of us are struggling to live in a world that's different from the one that holds our precious memories. We are trying to navigate our way  through the widespread anger, deception, racism, and greed that has distorted our vision to see clearly what's happening to us.

While we stumble in the darkness of our minds, others are providing the toxic lights to guide us further from the power within. We follow them because we have accepted spiritual powerlessness in ourselves.

Similarly, in our blind quest for spiritual fulfillment, we are willing to listen to those who have the most people following them. We are victims of social popularity and societal acceptability. So whatever we hear that's popular, we support it without truly understanding what it means to us.

We respond to life according to how we acquire information. Some of us get our information from television. While others get it from computers, newspapers, and word-of-mouth. Regardless of how we get our information, we need to take the time to understand it.

Many of us have basically lost the capacity to think for ourselves. We have inhaled too much toxic information from others, and this has lulled us to sleep.

Whenever we desire to wake up and think for ourselves, someone attacks us for saying something that is unpopular. Our society wants us to all act politically correct. Unfortunately, most of us don't feel like acting politically correct all the time.

Some of us desire to see beyond the constant dosages of toxic beliefs and values victimizing our minds. And in our quest for individualism, we have become social pariahs.

Nevertheless, if we desire to free ourselves of toxic beliefs and values causing us to lose ourselves in a sea of correctness, then we must search for the Powers of Mind that's dormant in our consciousness.

Many of us seek power in spirituality or religion. While others seek it in wealth, status, and accomplishments, because we have been taught that power exists outside of us.

Regardless of how many spiritual enlightened individuals have told us that power is within us, we just cannot accept this as truth. We feel this way because of the toxic blinders distorting our Powers of Mind.

It's important for us to know that to find Powers of Mind we must unlearn what we have been taught as it applies to power. We must be willing to feel the pain of change and have the courage to extricate our minds from the toxic beliefs and values.

Powers of Mind is as real as consciousness. It is our unconditioned or intuitive consciousness. It is spirituality in its purest form. And it is found only in our individual minds.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Transformation of the Victim Mind

Power is an inherent attribute of awareness. Our consciousness reflects this awareness of being according to the way we value ourselves.

Most of us desire to transform our victim minds, and embody enlightened ones. The problems we face in doing this are daunting, because we are victims of our beliefs and values. 

Many of us believe we are not worthy of great power. We are the ones suffering from the victimization syndrome.

We have devalued our power according to society's definition of power. This means we believe power exists in others, in places, and  in material possessions. And contrary to our own inner-mind feelings and perceptions, we seek solace in the dungeons filled with the illusions of toxic beliefs and values.

Regardless of how hard we try, many of us cannot seem to get off the victim road. We live in constant conflict with our desires for enlightenment. This conflict imperils our minds to accept toxic beliefs and values as conditions for our existence.

Similarly, some of us don't believe our minds are toxic. We haven't yet reach the starting point of accepting responsibility for the conditions in our lives. We are still tricking ourselves into believing toxicity is a myth   that applies only to the victims who are homeless, downtrodden, and the addicted eunuchs of alcohol and drugs.

For those who are willing to change, there is Powers of Mind. The current conditions in our lives are reflections of our beliefs and values. When we change how we think about our power, we change the way we think about our conditions.

We must remain cognizant that all we will ever need to overcome our problems is Powers of Mind. We must not mistake Powers of Mind for the toxic mind conditioned by our parents, society, and our experiences to perceive life from the prism of victimization. That's not what it is.

Powers of Mind is spiritual enlightenment. It is the part of us that's greater than victimization. It is the awareness of being that is greater than the mind. It is in a nutshell, our unconditioned or intuitive consciousness.

Moreover, it is not the sub-consciousness  mind that Psychologists and Psychiatrists provide treatment. It is not sub to anything. It is the essence of our I Am.

Some of us have discovered that Powers of Mind is all the transformative  power we need to express our enlightenment. We are the ones the world find difficult to accept.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Powers of Mind Transmutation

Many of us desire to overcome the current conditions in our lives. We desperately search for answers in money, status, fame, and religion. We want to know where we can find power.

Many years ago, the Alchemists said they could turn lead into gold. They told stories about how they had discovered the secrets of transmutation. Most people found their stories incredulous.

Similarly, many people today believe it's incredulous when they hear some of us say that this secret power of transmutation is actually in all of us. We have the power to transmute ourselves from powerless victims to enlightened sages.  This power is called Powers of Mind. 

Whenever we desire something, regardless to what it is, we have the power to express it. This process of conception and expression only requires faith in our Powers of Mind. And for it to work for us, we cannot have any doubts.

All creations come from this process. Regardless to the magnitude of our problems, they must submit to Powers of Mind. And the less doubts we have about Powers of Mind, the greater our awareness of being enlightened.

Many of us doubt Powers of Mind because we have conditioned our minds to think and act in a certain manner when we are faced with seemingly insoluble problems. This distortion is responsible for our awareness of being powerless or victims of our beliefs and values. .

When we become aware of Powers of Mind, we know that our awareness of being is determined by our beliefs and values. This means we must focus our energies on understanding and removing the toxic beliefs and values responsible for the illusions distorting our reality.

Nevertheless, with this new awareness of being flowing within our consciousness, we are now in the position to create new, enlightened beliefs and values. This means we must trust our Powers of Mind to bring forth the changes we desire to see in our lives.

The moment we desire to change the current conditions in our lives is the moment Powers of Mind becomes available for our use. This is not a secret. It is not endowed to the rich and famous or the sages and spiritual gurus. This power is in all of us.

Powers of Mind is the source of mind transmutation. We not only can turn lead into gold, but transmute a victim into an enlightened person. We have no limitations with this power, except our doubts.

"I am always one with my beliefs and values."