Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Powers of Mind Liberation

I am free, because I conceive myself as free.

The freedom we seek in people, places, and things only add to the toxicity already existing in our minds. We must always be mindful that our powers are  greater than our self-created illusions.

Many of us continue to struggle everyday with doubts about who we are, and what are our purposes? These are questions for individuals who find themselves lost in the illusions. When we dwell in the powers of the illusions, we cannot envision the powers we have to live freely with clarity and purpose.

The search for enlightenment begins with our desires to free our minds of the illusions preventing us from seeing ourselves and others clearly. When we open our minds to receive clarity, we no longer have questions about who we are and our purposes. We have answers.

The truth about the illusions controlling our lives is one known by only those who have done the work to free their minds of them.  The world and all that is in it is governed by its own creations. 

In other words we are born into an already created world ruled by its illusions of power. And it is this world of illusions that we begin to live and question our identity or power.

Powers of Mind is not a slogan, but a way of life. It is the inherent power of being. We can exist without being something. Unfortunately, when we imagine ourselves being something, in this case humans, we forget that we created our own awareness.

For us to escape or liberate our minds from the illusions, we must be willing to imagine ourselves with the powers to do so. We cannot have any doubts about this power. We must have a strong, unwavering conviction to our Powers of Mind.

I am free, because I conceive myself as free.

My Powers of Mind is not bound by its creations or limited by its imagination. So today, I claim my liberation from my illusions.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Embracing our Moments of Clarity

 Some of us want to change, but we don't trust our own Powers of Mind.

The more we deny our Powers of Mind, the more we struggle with our authenticity. And when we deny who we are, we confirm our unwillingness to accept ourselves in the present moment.

In other words, we know that we can never exist without confirming our own existence. This means the self-images we have created of ourselves confirm what we think about ourselves and others. This is happening now, not in the past or future times.

Similarly, the enlightenment we believe that only exists in the future is waiting on our clarity to reveal itself to us. Unfortunately, we're currently unable to believe this power already exists in our minds. So we continue to search for its existence within the illusions causing us to doubt our true Powers of Mind.

For us to discover enlightenment, we must free ourselves of the toxic beliefs and values causing us to search outside of our minds for power. The search for power is found within our Powers of Mind. It cannot be found in another person or thing.

Nevertheless, even with our toxic beliefs and values, we are able to experience moments of clarity. Even though these moments are infrequent and of short duration, we do know that they exist in our minds. This is our confirmation that regardless of the circumstances in our lives, we have within us the Powers of Mind to overcome all problems.

During our moments of clarity we briefly forget that we are overwhelmed by problems. We feel there's a way out from our problems. And this way is provided by our own Powers of Mind.

Meanwhile, many of us ignore our moments of clarity because we eschew the consequences of being perceived different by others. We have become too accustomed to living in the darkness of our illusions to trust our Powers of Mind

Similarly, it's difficult for most of us to even admit we are living in darkness. We believe we can achieve enlightenment by relying on our toxic beliefs and values. After all, we believe all that we can ever know must come from others.

When we learn to trust our Powers of Mind, we will know that our toxic beliefs and values are responsible for the illusions currently expressing themselves as enlightenment. We will also realize that we have not been taught to trust ourselves independently of the beliefs and values used by others to govern our lives.

Powers of Mind exists in all of us. It is found in the clarity that empowers  us to know  toxic beliefs and values cannot produce enlightenment.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Creating Images of Enlightenment

What would we do if we could give ourselves a complete make-over?

Many of us have created images of ourselves that devalue our worthiness to express great power. And in this devalued state of mind, we constantly seek powers outside of our minds to change ourselves. In other words, we seek power in things we believe will transform us into the people we daydream of becoming.

The problem with seeking power from other people is that we are perceiving ourselves and others from a self-created victimized and toxic mind. It is from this toxic perspective, filled with limitless distortions,  that we make judgments about who we are, and how we compare to others.

It's important for us to know that when we seek to change ourselves by relying on toxic beliefs and values, our changes remain reflections of our distortions.  In other words, we are not really changing ourselves, but creating more layers of illusions separating us from our Powers of Mind.

Similarly, the changes we seek require us to work on our minds. This work requires our willingness to let go of the toxic beliefs and values responsible for the  distortions causing us to devalue ourselves. It's important for us to remember that this letting go process means letting go of everything.

When we become committed enough to our Powers of Mind, we're able to clearly understand how the letting-go process works. It doesn't mean letting go of people and things, but letting go of the beliefs and values we are using to define our relationships with them.

Nevertheless, when we discover the existence of Powers of Mind, we are already well into self-discovery. So many of the things preventing us from perceiving ourselves with esteem and power are revealed to us in their true reality. This awareness mitigates the power we give to others and things.

Powers of Mind is the gateway to enlightenment. It's the key that unlocks the door to our unconditioned consciousness. This is the power we use to remove the toxic beliefs and values and replace them with enlightened ones. And in doing so, we are actually creating a new person.

The process for creation is a simple one that begins and ends in our minds. We first imagine the unimaginable, and then we embody it by making it a part of our new beliefs and values. We then give form to the unimaginable and express it as our new image.

Now we must maintain our conviction in a form that only we can see.  We need this unshakable conviction to assist us with the work necessary for this image to make it through the time interval that's ruled by our lingering toxic beliefs and values.

 Our convictions to our images or creations are the source of all creation. Creation is the invisible expressing itself as the visible. The known of Powers of Mind becoming to the unknown, the known.

Meanwhile,  it's important for us to constantly remind ourselves that Powers of Mind exist in all of us. And with this power, we can create images of ourselves with power.