Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Path to a New Freedom

Regardless of what we think of our current conditions, the desire for freedom remains a constant possibility. Unfortunately, this possibility is distorted by our unwillingness to understand that freedom exists in our Awareness-of-Being, not in people, places, and things.

After years of enslavement in toxicity, we still cannot envision a toxic-free Awareness-of-Being. We constantly self-medicate ourselves with illusions that acclimate us to believe freedom is impossible.

This self-induced slavery creates illusory desires consistent with the societal machinations on spirituality and religion. We then seek solace in searching for a freedom that doesn't exist in traditional spirituality and religion.  Unfortunately, these external pursuits  encapsulate our minds with beliefs of  resignation, failure, and confirms our powerlessness  to recondition our consciousness to accept a new Awareness-of-Being.

Those who have the desire to understand consciousness, soon realize we can  recondition it to accept toxic-free beliefs and values. And we can accomplish this feat by letting go of our dependency on the sense-certainty of societal interpretations of freedom. Nevertheless, for this desire to express freedom, it must originate in our intuitive-unconditioned consciousness.

Similarly, to achieve this clarity, we first must overcome what millions in our society believe about freedom and its value-comparisons to billions of others on the planet. We must now understand that freedom is not achieved by less government interference in our lives. It is achieved by less dependency on the sense-certainty of societal interpretations.

Part of our illusory romance with freedom exist because we cannot conceptualize an ideal freedom. Whenever we try, we end up imagining it existing in a place, people, or thing. In other words, we rely on what we were taught: we need external interactions to express freedom.

Nevertheless, when we understand our consciousness is clarity, power, and freedom, then it's easier to imagine the unknown Awareness-of-Being existing as whole, perfect, and complete. This state of consciousness is where we discover freedom of mind. .

Meanwhile, for those who desire freedom of the mind, we can attain it by first understanding how our consciousness impacts our Awareness-of-Being.. When we do this, we discover how easy it is to recondition our  consciousness with new beliefs and values.

"Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly