Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Removing our Illusions

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow are determined by what we think of ourselves and others. Time exists only in our beliefs and values. It's reality is confirmed by our minds.

The only existence we have comes from our minds. The past, present, and future time continuum was created by our minds to measure our existence. And it's this time continuum that's responsible for our regrets, happiness, and optimism.

While our minds travel in time all the time, we never go anywhere without our minds interpreting what we see and experience. And unfortunately our minds can only interpret things based on our beliefs and values. In other words, we see and experience the world based on what we have been taught by others.

Since many of us believe most, if not all,  of the information we have been taught by others, we remain in the darkness of their teachings. And this causes us to believe what we see and experience is actually reality. So it follows that enlightenment is an illusion.
Many illusions-advocates believe that everything outside of the illusions is make-believe. And since we have not used enlightenment to navigate the world, it is something magical, surreal or can never be achieved.

Fortunately, we can change what we have been taught by others. We have within us our Powers of Mind. This is the power to create things -- beliefs and values -- not yet seen by the world.

Similarly, our Powers of Mind empowers us to be reborn with enlightened beliefs and values. This rebirth process enlightens our minds to live in this world but not be born of its beliefs and values.In other words, we live in this world, but our minds are not created by it.

Some of us believe remaking ourselves is make-belief; something designed for only philosophical discourse. It's too complicated for us to truly understand, much less accomplish this seemingly impossible goal.

The work of changing our minds, by unlearning what others have taught us, is daunting and wrought with fears. Many of us desire to know more about existence, but we're afraid to challenge our beliefs and values.

Moreover, our fears of the unknown lead us to people who teach us shortcuts for discovering the enlightenment already in our minds. Many of us become committed to the shortcuts and forget that the shortcuts come from the illusions we are working to free ourselves.

Similarly, when we desire to extricate ourselves from the shortcuts, we seek approval from others before taking action. We want to know if it's okay to unlearn what we have been taught by others. In other words, we want the illusory supported institutions to approve our Powers of Mind.

Nevertheless, we must overcome our fears and accept our Powers of Mind as our guide to the enlightenment already existing in our minds. And this means we must stop believing the world can give us enlightenment.

Meanwhile, with our Powers of Mind we can envision or imagine ourselves as formless, faceless, and colorless. We are then able to accept this awareness as our true existence.

This who we are without the illusions or distortions we are using to define ourselves as powerless.  In other words, this is who we are in our enlightened state of consciousness.

Powers of Mind is enlightenment without illusions. This limitless power exists in all of our minds. And it's uncluttered form, it perceives life from a formless, faceless, and colorless perspective.

So let's commit ourselves to removing the illusions causing us to worship our form, face, and color. This commitment begins with self-awareness of the existence of Powers of Mind.

Remember:  We are greater than the illusions we are using to define ourselves.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Accepting Powers of Mind as our Guide

Regardless of how we feel today depends on our commitment to our beliefs and values. It's our beliefs and values that are responsible for how we feel about ourselves and  others. In other words, we feel a certain way based on the illusions in our minds.

Whenever we limit ourselves to believe that our illusions are real, we limit our power to perceive the world from the prism of clarity.  Unfortunately, most of us see the world from the prism of distortions. This is the prism responsible for the distrust we have of our own minds. 

During our search for enlightenment, many of us seek guidance in the words and deeds of others. The more we rely on others to guide us to the enlightenment in our minds, the less we trust our own  Powers of Mind. And by distrusting our Powers of Mind, we are constantly searching in darkness for the lost kingdom of enlightenment in our minds.

Most of us were taught to search for this great Powers of Mind in others. And after we embodied these beliefs and values, it followed that we would elevate others and devalue ourselves.

This reliance on others to define enlightenment and lead us to it is responsible for our toxic beliefs and values. Moreover, our commitment to this process of self-discovery moves us further from the enlightenment in our minds, and closer to the toxic beliefs and values we are trying to overcome.

The closer our relationship with our toxic beliefs and values, the greater our dependency on others. Unfortunately, this symbiotic relationship prevents us from thinking of life outside of the illusions.

Meanwhile, many of us believe we cannot discover enlightenment without Guides from our illusions. In other words, we believe someone has to lead us to the enlightenment that already exists in our minds.

Whenever we rely on others to lead us to enlightenment, we must believe they have already discovered it in their own minds. This would mean to many of us that they had cleared their minds of toxic beliefs and values, and were no longer plagued by questions and doubts about enlightenment.

Nevertheless, most of us have never met anyone with an enlightened mind. This means someone with a totally fulfilled, problem-free mind that's perceiving the world without distortions created from illusions. In other words, a person who has overcome the beliefs and values taught him or her by others.

Similarly, if we accept that we have never met someone with an enlightened mind, then it follows that there's no one able to guide us to the enlightenment in our own minds. So we have to do the work to become that enlightened mind.

We begin our work by trusting our Powers of Mind. By trusting Powers of Mind we're able to understand how we are who we are now. This frees us from the illusions, and allows us to perceive ourselves with power. This small amount of clarity is sufficient enough to guide us deeper into our minds, beyond our existing toxic beliefs and values.

Some of us have resigned ourselves to never acquiring our freedom from our illusions. We have tricked our minds to believe clarity exists outside of our minds. And it's this trickery that causes us to search outside of ourselves for Guides to lead us to the enlightenment in our own minds.

Powers of Mind exist only in our individual minds. We discover it by going beyond our existing beliefs and values. And the deeper we go, the greater our clarity to perceive ourselves with limitless power.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Playing Mind Games With Ourselves

 Today, it's difficult for many of us to separate reality from illusion. We have conditioned our minds to believe that our illusions are real, and we must accept this reality as our truth.

We spend most of our time trying to make sense of the changing illusions deceiving us about the power we have in our minds. This inner-mind struggle causes us to constantly seek ways to overcome the illusions expressing themselves as realities.

The fight for control of our minds begins with accepting responsibility for what's in our minds. This means having the awareness to understand that we cannot continue to blame outside forces -- people, places, and things -- for our problems.

Furthermore, when we stop blaming outside forces for our problems, we have the clarity to understand that we are responsible for our own beliefs and values. This awareness provides us with the power to differentiate between our illusions and what's actually happening in our lives.

Similarly, when our minds are overcome with toxic beliefs and values, we're unable to accept responsibility for our unemployment, home foreclosures, debts, and emotional and psychological frailties. At this point, our clarity is clouded by the powers of our illusions. So it's easy for us to believe that what's happening in our lives is caused by something or someone other than ourselves.

The truth about who we are is found in our Powers of Mind, not in our toxic beliefs and values. Unfortunately, our beliefs and values are responsible for our unwillingness to use our Powers of Mind. In other words, we are more comfortable struggling with our illusions than with liberating them from our minds.

Nevertheless, when we tire of being powerless and obtain the courage to face our illusions, we will discover their true creator. This epiphany will enlighten our minds to understand the responsibility we must bear for creating unemployment, home foreclosure and debt in our lives. 

Meanwhile, when we use our Powers of Mind to go deeper into our illusions, we achieve the clarity to understand that we are the creators of our own illusions.. And as their creator, we are responsible not only for their actions, but for removing them from our minds.

When we decide to stop playing the blame-game with our minds and use our Powers of Mind, we begin to place ourselves in situations that don't create suffering in our lives. We become mindful of the types of employment we seek, the relationships we develop, and the consequences of buying things we might not be able to pay for at some point in our lives.

Mindfulness is an essential part of Powers of Mind.  It illumines our minds to assist us with understanding our insatiable desires for things to make us happy.

Powers of Mind enlighten us to perceive ourselves with power rather than accepting ourselves as powerless.