Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reconditioning Our Mind With a New Power

Regardless of what we do, all roads lead back to us. We are the beginning and ending of everything that happens in our lives.

When we transform what we think of ourselves, then we transform our lives.. The conditioned self, the one we created from toxicity, perceives itself as powerless and then perceives others from a powerless perspective.

Nevertheless, we have the power to recondition our minds. We have within us the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being all the power we need to be "born again" into a new person.

Similarly,the struggle to accept ourselves as powerless, and to live in a permanent state of struggling for survival, prevents us from searching for an alternative power within ourselves. When we redefine power to be within our awareness-of-being, we give up our fruitless search for power in toxicity.

For us to redefine inner-mind power to reflect a new way to think of individual power, we first must discover that the power we're using  from the teachings of others is the cause of our powerlessness. This self-awareness of being that's based on our beliefs and values is the starting point to begin working to free ourselves from toxicity.

Some of us have discovered that the path to suffering and struggling begins with our acceptance of toxic beliefs and values. We found our awareness-of-being to be a social construction of a toxic self that's totally dependent upon others for our power.

During moments of intense pain and suffering, we try to escape from our feelings by placing our attention on a greater power that's outside of us. This power that we believe exists outside of us is an illusory web of complex distortions.

Most of us have faith in what we have been taught by others. We are so enamored by our faith in toxicity that we forget it's nothing more than human make-believe. Nevertheless, we believe toxicity is the source of our faith in a higher power.

Whenever we think of a greater power than ourselves, we think of it being outside of us. We believe this because that's the way our parents and society taught us.

Many of us find it difficult to accept that what we have been taught by others is actually responsible  for our powerlessness. So we continue to depend on our teachers to teach us how to free ourselves from life's struggles for a power that's greater than the one we're currently using.

Unfortunately, this information doesn't exist in toxicity. This means we must discover a new perspective, and a new alternative to toxicity, for our power. .

"Enlightenism is the greatest power that will ever be known to us."